Return of the GIANT Geckos!!

A very happy day here at the Zoo...we have Giant Geckos again!!

The New Caledonian Giant Gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus), AKA the "Leachie" from various islands off the coast of Australia. They greatly resemble the little crested gecko that you know and love, just SUPER-SIZED! Leachies need many of the same things as cresties, but can also eat small mammals and lizards as well. Just to put it in perspective for you, these guys can get over a foot long, making them the largest extant gecko in the world! They are very friendly...but the locals call them the "devil in the trees" for the growling noise they make. :-O

Mandy, Laura, and I dubbed them "Bubbles" and "Squishy" from Finding Nemo. So, everyone will have to come check them out because they are the coolest looking things EVER...especially after seeing little crested geckos for the longest time, haha. But if you are too far, of course we have some great pics for you...



Their new home!!

Even Garrett's little girl Kira was completely wowed by them...

How adorable!!

See you soon!

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This Summer at THE ZOO.........

If you are looking for something to do this summer...maybe something inside away from the heat...maybe something cheap...maybe something memorable...maybe something educational, but fun (and with a hint of terror, muahaha)....

Visit The Reptile Zoo!!

If you are on vacation, we would love to have you!! You can find info on us in the latest "Huntington Beach California Official Visitor's Map" under the "Activities & Tours" section. We are among the favorite places to visit for make sure to check us out! PLUS, we just got several new additions to the zoo...including snapping turtles, alligators, and rattlesnakes!

Also, we have just finished our first annual Hands-on Reptile Adventure Camp, and it was AWESOME!

Garrett, Juliette, Laura, and all involved definitely made it memorable, educational, and tons of fun for each and every kid.

There were activities in very informative well as hands-on interaction with fossil-digging, plaster molds, and many COOL reptiles. Campers got to learn about (and touch!) animals that we don't even show at our regular parties!

Not only that...but everyone got a special treat when Joel Almquist from Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary visited the camp with some of his many AMAZING critters.

Even the parents got involved in the excitement when they came to get their kids each day....hard not to when the kids rambled on about what they learned, saw, touched, and held. :-D

It was truly a week to remember for all these young, future-herpetologists. Thank you everyone who signed up and everyone who participated. Next year will be even BETTER!!

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Morph of the Month!!


Yay!  Beginning of the month and you KNOW what that means...Morph of the Month.  Every month we choose one special morph of Reticulated Python to be featured in our blog and tell you a little bit about it.  So, this month we have...........

Babies!  Here are baby Sunfire het Snows, Albino het Snows, as well as a beautiful Albino Sunfire het Snow right on top.

So, we are featuring the Albino Sunfire het Snow.  "Albino" meaning there is an absence of black in the pattern...and "Sunfire" meaning red is added (so it looks dark orange).  In the future, we will try breeding this beauty to hopefully create MoonGlow retics, which would be an absence of both black AND red.  There would be some yellow still, but only enough to give them an almost "glow-in-the-dark" look. 

Wish us luck!!   :-D

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Boa Babies!

Hey Guys!

We have had the most exciting day ever here at The Reptile Zoo!  The California Academy of Science came earlt this morning to take some photos of our amazing retics and to observe it's life and movement.  We got a bunch of really cute frilled lizards into the Reptile Zoo!  Laura and I had a meeting to plan lots of fun stuff for the summer (think VIP parties, snakes and movies, a scavenger hunt, Geo cashing, Buttons, stickers and maybe an employee calender?)  And then, on top of all that, a Boa had a ton of babies and we just so happened to get it all on video!

you really are missing out if you haven't come by The Reptile Zoo yet!  We miss you!  Dragon misses you, and you never know what might happen!

much love


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A New Baby!

Hey Guys!

Guess what hatched today that Jay DIDN'T breed?  Garrett and Ashely had their baby!  Congrats guys!  We can't wait to see little Kira!  Her photos are beautiful and we all just can't wait for you to bring her by!  If you guys didn't know already, Garrett is the guys who answer all your online questions about everything and he is the one who feilds all you emails too!  Make sure you guys all email Garrett at and tell him Congrats!

Mostly we would like to say thanks for bringing another member into the Prehistoric Pets family!  We love you guys so much!  If you need anything in the meanwhile, give us a shout!


Congrats Congrats!  Good Job Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

PS.... does this mean you guys aren't cooking us pancake breakfast tomorrow?  ummmmm, everybody else wanted me to ask......


Lots of Love and kisses to baby Kira from all of your family here at Prehistoric Pets!

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Parallel Thinking (between me & my monitor)

Here’s what I think in the morning when I get to work versus what Bumble Bee (our very precious sulphur monitor) thinks in the morning when I get to work, an inner dialogue so to speak…. 


Me—Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I get to see, my sulphur monitor this morning!  I missed him sooooooooooooo.

Him—OMG!  Not the loud thing, please not the loud thing.

Me—Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Bumblebee, who’s a good boy???

Him—It’s the loud thing, maybe she brought a food.

Me—Come give me a big hug!

Him—Hmmmmmm, I don’t smell a food, better investigate!

Me—Awwwwww, he loves me! 

Him—Well, I’m close enough now, and I still don’t smell food, curses, foiled again!

Me—Come here baby!  Let’s go play!

Him—Geeeeeez, I knew I got too close, now she’s picking me up like she does every day, and she squeezes me, and I have to wriggle around and try to climb up her head until she puts me down, and then she will give me a food.

Me—Are you hungry good boy?

Him—Of course.





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Here are a few or more wonderful things we have for sale here.!  If you have any questions about any of this please contact Garrett at

He can answer all your questions about everything and if there is something you want that is not pictured, Garrett can get it for you!  Just email him a description of what animal you want with all the details, and Garrett will make sure you get it!  He even does the deliveries and the shipping and the handling himself!

He can do anything and he can't wait to hear from you!


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