The First Captive Bred Sulfur Monitor is sold!

I won't tell you how much this little guy cost, but if you are interested please feel free to email Garrett at for pricing and shipping information!  Today, fresh out of the egg we sold the first captive bred Sulfur monitor ever!  Mike was super stoked with his purchase and will be taking this little guy home next week, being that he is a very new little baby, we want to make sure that he is eating and growing and happily adjusting to his life outside the egg! 

Congrats Mike!

See you next week to take your new baby home! 

Here are a few pics I snapped of the happy new owner and Jay and Vincent!

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7 Clutches in 2 days!

Hey Guys, This is going to be by far the hardest and longest blog I've ever written. Ok, maybe not the longest but definately the most technical blog I've ever written!!!! So, yesterday we pulled 5 clutches and 2 Clutches today!!!!!!!!!!! I saw we, but I really mean Jay, Tim and Garrett! That is a record I think anywhere, in the whole entire world! Unless there is some multi-faced snake growing factory way out in the middle of nowhere that I've never heard of in the world! In any case, we have more eggs here than than a big ol' chicken coop! And we are ever grateful! Here are the clutches we pulled Yesterday!!!! So many words to name each it's like ordering a fancy coffee drink! Clutch 1 (Retics) tiger double het albino titanium + suntiger double het albino titanium = Possible Results = --Sunfire Titaniums --Suntiger Titaniums --Sunfire Plutoniums Clutch 2 (Ball Pythons) pastel + bumble bee Clutch 3 (Ball Pythons) Normal + Fire Clutch 4 (Ball Pythons) Normal + Fire Spider Clutch 5 (Ball Pythons) Normal + Ivory And here are the clutches we pulled today! Clutch 1 (Ball Pythons) Normal + Lesser Clutch 2 (Ball Pythons) Normal + Lesser

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