Trading Up at Gecko Lofts


Here at The Reptile Zoo it's all about upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and the same is true for our animals! After spending 6 months at the "Crestie Condos" in Prehistoric Pets as young couples the crested geckos finally decided they wanted to start a family and really settle down. Luckily their friends the Leachies knew just the spot, "Gecko Lofts" at The Reptile Zoo.



The crested gecko families knew they couldn't go wrong with the suggestion from the Leachies. Bubbles and Squishy have been at the Gecko Lofts for over year now and enjoying the extra space along with their two cute new additions to the family. So with little hesitation they packed up their bags, gathered their furniture and moved from the Crestie Condos at Prehistoric Pets to the Gecko Lofts at The Reptile Zoo. It didn't take long for everyone to get comfortable and enjoy the sights and sounds of their new digs.




They've even started to blend in to their new environment. Can you count how many crested geckos are enjoying their new cage in the picture below?



Here's a close up shot of one of the crestie bellies. Check out their specially designed fingers for sticking on just about anything, including glass!



Next time you're at The Reptile Zoo be sure to check out Gecko Lofts and it's oh so cool residents!

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The safe side of the glass!

Ross is one of our most inquisitive Reptile Zoo guests!  He is about 4 years old and comes by at least once a month with either his grandmother, his mom, or dad, or whomever he can get to bring him here and he is definately one of our favorites!  He loves all of the animals here and has more questions and thoughts on all of the creatures than anyone else that comes by!  He is so much fun!  We love it when kids come to the Reptile Zoo, they are so clever and interested that it makes everything else seem dull by comparison!  Here is a great pic of Ross and one of our newer water monitors named Bumble Bee...  He practically jummped out of the cage to get to Ross who was luckily on the safe side of the glass!  Thanks so much Ross for brightening all of our days and putting big smiles on our faces!

Much love!



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