Surprise Babies!!!

Yesterday we found an awesome surprise. Two eggs in the Leopard Gecko cage by the photo booth!

So all you guys that come in all the time...your favorite geckos just had babies! No nestbox, no signs...but a really cool surprise. Check it out!!

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What you are missing!

Hey guys!

Wish you were here!  If you haven't been down to the Reptile Zoo yet to check out all the fun, here's what you are missing... and we are missing you!  Hope we get to see you all very soon so that you can come and enjoy all the fun here every single day!  We are always full of Jurassic Parties and super fun times!  See you soon!

much love




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Greg's Getting Married Today!

Well ladies, unfortunately it is my job to inform you that Greg is officially off the market!  Today Greg, one of our leads and most trusted staff members is getting married to his beautiful girlfriend Kira!  Congrats to you both!  We want to wish them both all the joy and wonderfulness a marriage can bring!  We hope today is great for you both under this fantastic California sky!  have fun in Hawaii on your honeymoon...take lots of pics and we will see you when you get back!

Love from all of us here at Prehistoric Pets!

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Here's what happened over the weekend!

Hey Guys!

We had an exciting weekend here at The Reptile Zoo!  Jurassic Parties all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Our Monkey tailed skinks had twins!  Awwwwwwwww, we have a whole bunch of new juvenile albino leopard geckos, just in time for Christmas!  The whole shop was filled with excitement and variety from open until close!  We love it when it's like that!  And thank you guys so much for coming to see us!

Oh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand if you are our Facebook friend and you like us, you can now check in when you come here to visit The Reptile Zoo and tag a friend one person gets in free!  It's all part of the  deals we are doing with facebook!  Check it out!!/prehistoricpets

True Love



Uncle Louie Rules!





good work Greg!

A proud new Momma

Ladies Man!

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A weekend of Fun!

Here's hoping everyone had a really fun weekend with families and loved ones and friends and pets!  I wanted to share with you all the fun we had here as well!  If you didn't get to make it by we hope to see you soon!  If you were here, maybe you are in one of the pictures below?  or maybe you will be in one of the pictures next time you visit?????  Make sure when you come to the Reptile Zoo you stop by the photo booth and say hi to me (I'm Savannah) and I will try and get some cool pics of you too!

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Greg & Savannah's Dinosaur Relocation Service!

Sometimes I feel like it's a shame to keep this big gigantic dinosaur we have all locked up in the Reptile Zoo, so Greg and I decided to take it ouside so that everyone could bask in his glory and awesomeness!  And it worked!  kids were outside taking pictures with Gigantaur all day long!  If you guys haven't seen him, please come by and take a peek!  I wish he would come to life like "Night at the Museum" but, ya never know, maybe when Jay gets back tomorrow he will have some magical berries from South Africa that will bring him to life, meanwhile, if you have a dinosaur that needs to be relocated, call Greg & Savannah's Dinosaur relocation service!  We will be pleased as peach to help!

much love!


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Breakfast with Snakes & Lunches with Lizards

You gotta be crazy to work in a place like this!  All of us here, from a variety of back grounds and places, coming together for the love of animals.  Perhaps we were all nerds before?  or maybe we have become that, who knows, but the cross section of people here never ceases to amaze me, the personalities are eccentric and diverse, making everyday more fun than the next.  a good friend of mine and old school gator wrestler from Florida once told me when I was a younger and trying to take over the reptile world that "I will never be as cool as the animals I work with" at the time I thought he was stupid, but in retrospect he was right, none of us are!

Because here's what we are without them........... 

much love


Juliette Brewer






a bunch of us



Emo Mandy

Tim Nishio


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The Bravery

Hey Guys!

It's a rainy Tuesday morning here in southern California but it is exciting inside the Reptile Zoo!~  Bubbles is, let's say, one of our more aggressive, biting and whipping tail type sulphur monitors.  He usually plays alone because he is happier that way aaaaaaaaaaand, so are we.  So today Bubbles had to be moved into a larger home because he is growing like a weed due to his voracious appetite, and who better to move the most aggressive monitor in the shop but the new guy, Vincent.  Greg went with him to supervise, hahahah, and it took a bit longer than it takes to move most monitors around here because Bubbles is a crazy monster but Vincent got the job done!  Good job Vincent!  We are happy to have you as a new part of our awesome team of reptile handlers!    Bubbles and all of us appreciate your contributions to the care and upkeep of the Reptile Zoo!

Here is the story in pictures!

much love!


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Picture Pages

Hey guys! 

This morning I have a lil writer's block so I took a bunch of pics for ya!  I'm sure something exciting will happen soon enough... mean while, enjoy!

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Greg got a Burm Bite!


It happens all the time on accident, but not usually when there is a camera around, so today is you lucky day guys!  A snake bite in action!Greg was trying to feed this guy today when she made the mistake of thinking Greg's hand was the dinner! 

Kudos to Greg for sitting there patiently while I took these photos! 

You are awesome! 

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