Leopard Gecko Eggs!

Hey Guys! Here's an exciting Reptile Zoo story! This morning, right when we opened the Reptile Zoo it was full of kids! They were holding and playing with our pets when all of a sudden someone yelled, "HEY ARE THOSE WHITE THINGS EGGS?" and sure enough, right there in one of our display cages were 2 perfect leopard gecko eggs! I can't even believe how fast that happened! I had just been in the cage 2 seconds before! That, my dear reptile friends is the true miracle of life! Amazing! We set the eggs up as swiftly as possibly and now we just sit back and wait for them to hatch! It's all so very exciting! much love xo.........................Savannah

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Volunteer Fridays


Do you love reptiles and have a bit of extra time on your hands?

Well here’s your chance to join our team at Prehistoric Pets: The Reptile Zoo. We are now looking for outgoing volunteers to help educate and interact with guests in our hands-on exhibit on Fridays at The Reptile Zoo.

This is a non-paid volunteer program designed to help The Reptile Zoo connect with its customers. Your job will include welcoming guests at the gate and helping with any questions they may have when about The Reptile Zoo or reptiles in general.

If you love reptiles, love people, and love The Reptile Zoo you may be the perfect fit to volunteer.

Description: greet customers, hold animals, help answer questions about animals, and provide basic knowledge

Required: people person, willing to donate time to help The Reptile Zoo, reptile enthusiast, well mannered, outgoing, and at least 18 years of age

If this sounds like the perfect position for you please email us at info@prehistoricpets.com with your name, phone number, age, volunteer availability, and your specific reptile expertise. You can also call us at 714.964.3525 or drop by The Reptile Zoo next time you just happen to be in the neighborhood!

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Summer Field Trip Feed Back!

We love to get your feedback here, good or bad because it is always helpful.  Here is an email from another satisfied customer that got to have an awesome Jurassic Party the other day!  Once a customer, always a customer!  If you haven’t had one yet go to Jurassicparties.com and check it out, find what what would work best for you and let us help you have an amazing party!  We love it!!!!!  It really is our favorite thing to do!  Sharing a birthday with you is extra special!  Thanks so much!



“”We had a great time today at Prehistoric Pets. We have come in years past, as this is 1 of the kid's favorite Summer field trips. The staff loves it too !! Thanks so much for opening the store up for groups to come an visit. Savannah, who was our leader for our party, did an OUSTANDING job and you could tell she loves what she is doing. She had so much energy and kept the kids interested. She was definitely the best host that we have had at any of our trips. Thanks again to Savannah and all of the staff at Prehistoric Pets. Brando, the Asian Water Monitor was a favorite, as well as the small baby tortoises. We loved our visit and will be back.””



Head Teacher, Summer Camp

After-School Program


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 The ooohhhhhs and aaaaaahhhhs and shrieks and squeals of children escaping from the doors and windows and through the walls of Prehistoric Pets aren’t coming from a movie or a soundtrack to some creative new 3-D Disney venture, they are, in reality coming from a once in a lifetime visual, hands on, authentic, educational demonstration and experience known as a Jurassic Party.  If you’re tired of watching your kids watch TV, or listening to them beg for new video games, or not listening at all because they are glued to their iPod, Jurassic Parties to the rescue!  A live snake can keep the attention span of a teen or tween (or adult) way longer than World of Warcraft because it’s real!  Real snakes, real lizards, real teeth and real bites and we haven’t even gotten to the spiders and scorpions yet.  Geico doesn’t have a monopoly on geckos; we have tons of them, all different shapes, sizes and colors.  In a world of computer generated, television induced, zombie tots, Jurassic Parties offers an opportunity for parents and children alike to bond and be overwhelmed by the beauty and wonder of nature.  Jump in head first and ask questions, be hands on or stand back and watch your child do it.  Laugh, smile, learn!  Some people come in a little apprehensive, but then walk out with a snake of their very own!  The memories that you make will last forever, the experience is like none other, and the educational information might just make a difference in whether or not you decide to stomp that spider on the side-walk or kill that snake in your back yard.  All life is important and once you know why things do what they do, maybe we will all understand each other a little better… it’s worth a try right?      

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