Leopard Gecko Eggs!

Hey Guys! Here's an exciting Reptile Zoo story! This morning, right when we opened the Reptile Zoo it was full of kids! They were holding and playing with our pets when all of a sudden someone yelled, "HEY ARE THOSE WHITE THINGS EGGS?" and sure enough, right there in one of our display cages were 2 perfect leopard gecko eggs! I can't even believe how fast that happened! I had just been in the cage 2 seconds before! That, my dear reptile friends is the true miracle of life! Amazing! We set the eggs up as swiftly as possibly and now we just sit back and wait for them to hatch! It's all so very exciting! much love xo.........................Savannah

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New Technology!

Hey guys!

We are currently doing renovations and are about to get rid of the very last 25 year old cage in the shop!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  Jay has done so much to turn this place around and make it into The Reptile Zoo!  New cages, lighting, heating, glass, everything around here is almost brand new... even the monitors are new!  We just got a whole bunch of them yesterday!  Pics to come!

Stand by!

Here are some new work photos!

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Jay's Favorite Retic!

Hey Guys,

Today Jay's favortie retic laid some eggs!  He even left church to come straight here and see!  He was so excited watching like a kid in a candy store!  Jay has pics of this retic from the time he was hatched all the way up until now!  Congrats Jay!

he's so excited and he just can't hide it


Here's Jay waving at her! :)

Here's Jay taking her picture!


True Love!




Much love,


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World's First Captive Bred Sulfur Monitor!


Check this out!  We have successfully hatched the very first ever sulfur monitor in captivity!  It took 3 generations of captive breeding to produce this lizard!  He has the color of a sulfur but will have the body shape and adult size of the giant malayan races!  We are so excited to see him grow and change and become an adult!  Check out these pictures!  AMAZING!!!!!!

and PS.......... we are still waiting for more to hatch!

Happy Birthday little guy!  There's a Jurassic Party coming your way soon!

Good job Jay & Tim!

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New Baby Tortoises!

Hey guys! 

Just wanted to let you know that we have a whole bunch of newly hatched tortoises!  It's so fun and exciting to see their little faces and eyes and even their belly buttons!  I think it's really a yolk sac, but either way they look so cute!  If you guys haven't been by The Reptile Zoo lately you should come!  If for no other reason than to see these little boogers! It's summer and we are hatching, breeding, growing and shedding on a daily basis here!  Oh, and we also have a booth set up at the Orange County Fair so come see us there as well!  You can even take a picture with a gigantic snake there aaaaand we have some coupon suprises as well!  Hope to see you all very soon!  COME PLAY WITH ME!


Much love!



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The Egg Exchange Program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!

I dont know if you guys knew this or not so in order to be more informative and uber helpful I would like, if I may, to introduce you all to our egg hatching program! Lots of times people buy pets from us and sometimes other places and their pets lay eggs!!!! Yes. Believe it or not!!!!!!! Sometimes they are infertile if they have not been around or near a counter part but on the occassion your pet lays some eggs you can always bring them to us and we will hatch them for you! If your pet does have eggs, you can just pick them up exactly the way they were laid, careful not to turn them over put them in a container and bring them to us and we will incubate them and when they hatch, we split the animals with you 50/50. If you can hatch eggs yourself, now worries and congrats to you on being a great breeder, but if you can't and you want us to help, just feel safe in knowing that we will!

Here are a few pics from a happy couple of eggs we hatched for a customer this morning!

Much love!!!!


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