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Many people forget about one of the cutest little critters that we bring to our parties.  They are a big hit in the handling area of our Zoo...several young guests have even named them.

So, for this Jurassic Fact of the Week, what small lizard is covered in spots???




I love them...don't you??  They are so sweet and gentle, and aren't their tails just awesome?  Leopard Geckos have a naturally FAT tail...it not only stores fat, but serves as a huge defense.  When a predator is near, that tail looks mighty tasty, so they usually bite there first.  The Leopard Gecko will POP it off, and run away to safety!  But thats not all.....they then grow a NEW one!  How cool is that?  I want to grow a tail......

Leopard Geckos always get an "Awwwwwwww" when they come out to be handled.  They are adorable, very tame, and usually have awesome colors.  They make wonderful pets too!  These guys are from the desert areas of Pakistan, so they DO need more heat than most geckos, but other than that, its VERY easy.  They eat crickets and worms with plenty of calcium on top, and their little tiny claws are so small that there is no worry of boo-boos!  We have plenty at our shop right now, so come check them out....Christmas is right around the corner!!!

Now isn't that a face you want to take home to Mom???



L8r Herpers!


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JFW...the knowledge of champions

Our Jurassic Fact this week is focused on an animal that I, myself, had to slowly get used to.

The Kingsnake, in many different forms, is an excellent party animal because its draws much attention when the facts are given. I have had many a child gasp when I tell them how they get their name. They are called Kingsnakes because they eat other snakes...even other kingsnakes....and EVEN rattlesnakes. It is found that they are immune to the venom and very commonly go after them in the wild.

Florida Kingsnake

This is the common pattern of the Florida Kingsnake, and the colors may vary. In captivity, they are actually quite docile and can make great pets. Wild-caught kings may be a bit more aggressive, but with proper handling and care, its easy to tame them.

California Kingsnake

I think California Kingsnakes are really cool-looking. They are much different than other snake patterns, with very thick and bold brown (or black) and white stripes. We have several that we use for birthday parties that are sweet as sugar!

The California King can be found throughout the southwest, in a variety of environments ranging from deserts to forests...and the same for the Florida King in the southeast. They aren't quite as well-tempered as the ball python or cornsnake, but with patience and care they can be wonderful pets.

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Creature Feature!

The Jurassic Fact of the Week is highlighting our Emperor Scorpions. A very common party animal, these tough little guys are the largest of all scorpions in the world. However, they are the least venomous as well.

Mandy and I dub ours "Batman" and assure the kids that if he did sting, it would be as harmless as a bee sting. The Emperors are naturally docile and actually use their pincers more often than their stinger. However, even THEN they mostly use their pincers to "feel" around their environment with the many tiny hairs that cover them. So, its definitely a great creature for groups of kids...very hardy, and tame. Also, it creates QUITE a stir, especially among moms, when it first comes out!

Emperor Scorpions originate in Africa, and can get about 8 inches long! They eat crickets or super worms mostly...they grab them with their pincers and chew. As tiny tiny babies, they are a strange, almost transparent white and ride on their mom's back all day...what a life. Want to know something really awesome?? Under a blacklight, these critters GLOW turquoise!

Wicked!! Come see some for yourself...hold one...even take one home for $19.99!!

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Prehistoric Pet of the Month!!


Good afternoon reptile lovers!  Time for Jurassic Fact of the Week, as well as, Prehistoric Pet of the Month!  A two for one!

This month....and it seems every month...more and more of our zoo guests and party patrons are loving one animal especially.  Or, should I say...invertebrate.  There is always a gasp and a "wow!"  or  "cool!"  when we bring out Hairy, our Rose-Hair Tarantula.  Most kids and even adults that we come across have never held a tarantula, not to mention been up close and personal with one.

Also known as the Chilean Rose Tarantula (due to its origin - Chile), Hairy is extremely tame and very cool to look at.  They get their name from the pinkish hairs on their cephalothorax...or their "head" as we tell the youngsters, as that is where their eyes are located.  In my opinion, the coolest thing about these guys is that they can regenerate a new leg through molting if one is lost.  Awesome!  Some get scared when they feel him walk on their bare skin.  Its just the little "hooks" on his feet to hang on to a surface (like Spiderman!) and they are actually called claws...but not harmful at all.

Here are a couple pics of Hairy, a true crowd-pleaser:


Come to The Reptile Zoo and see Hairy....he's a great way to get over your Arachnophobia!  Its liberating!!


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Jurassic Fact of the Week


Hey Party People....

So this week we are featuring Skim....the Milksnake, and his "mimic".  Skim and the other Milksnakes can be seen at all the parties because they are very tame, and very cool to look at!  The Milksnake normally has the color pattern of red, black, white...and it is commonly mistaken for the Coral Snake which is red, black, yellow.  While Coral snakes are venomous, Milksnakes are NOT and are perfectly suitable as party guests.   :-D

Many of you are probably familiar with the poem for these snakes:

"If red touches black...he's a friend of Jack.  If red touches yellow...he'll kill a fellow."

This is a VERY good example of why you should never, ever, ever...everevereverever...touch a snake in your backyard, or on a hike, or wherever.  The Western Coral Snake even has the SAME colors as a Milksnake...so you never know!  While not PRONE to striking or biting, Coral Snakes have the most potent venom of all North Amercian Snakes...so you don't want to risk it.


Here are a couple pics of Skim, our tame and non-venomous Milksnake:


And here is what the Coral Snakes look like:





Pretty similar huh?   So, if your not an expert, please be careful out there...


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Jurassic Fact of the Week!


Wild Wednesday....we are going to feature TWO awesome facts this week! 

First, let's talk about the Deluxe Birthday package.  This is a GREAT deal...especially if you are looking for more hands-on time, and more photo opportunities.  The Deluxe package is a party at your location, starts at $325, and is based on mileage after 15 miles from our store.  The awesome things that you will get include an upgrade to 15-20 different animals, a 90-minute hands-on presentation (instead of just an hour), as well as a whole 30 minutes afterward for personalized photos with any of the animals brought (and more hands-on action).

This package has been growing in popularity and the reviews have been wonderful!  A very pleased customer every time!  So book yours today, get a quote on our website, or just call for more information!



Our SECOND fact of the week is a very cool animal that a lot of people don't expect. 

Always a hit, is Smurf, the Blue-Tongue Skink.  He is a snake-like lizard with a bright blue tongue.  Though a lot of kids guess it's because he ate too many blueberries...Smurf's tongue is so blue as a defense.  Like the popular poison dart frogs, they are telling predators that they might be venomous.  However, it's just a clever ruse...they are not venomous.

These cool critters are also little eating machines...they will eat almost anything.  From fruits and veggies, to crickets and catfood...Blue-Tongue Skinks are not picky eaters.  These guys come to all the parties, so keep an eye out for Smurf!

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Jurrrrrrrrassic Fact of the Week!


JFW!   This week we are featuring one of our awesome educational events. 

There has been a lot of interest lately in the Split Assembly Package.  What we can do for you is bring not just 12-15 animals, but 15-18!  We offer TWO one-hour presentations, EACH with their own 20-minute hands-on period at the end, after the hour presentation.  One handler will teach students about each animal, allow for some questions, and really get the kids interested in reptiles and learning more about them.  At the end, the kids can even touch or hold a few of the awesome creatures that were shown!

This is a great offer if you have a large group of students and want everyone to have an up-close and personal experience with no hassle.  Frequently, we have teachers tell us that they devote a whole week, two weeks, sometimes a MONTH to reptile studies within their classrooms and these educational events are truly the perfect icing on the cake!

So go to www.jurassicparties.com, (or just click the tab at the top of this page), and check out how we can make learning fun!!

Hope to see you soon!  



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JFW, means its Tuesdayyyy!


Jurassic Fact of the Week Everybody!

So, if you haven't already...let's meet Mandy!  She's our fabulous in-store party girl, Harry Potter fanatic, and has a store "pet"...a Black-Nose Tegu named Rambo!  She loves him and takes great care of him!  That love and enthusiasm is also realized in her party performance.  So here is the interesting fact I snagged from Mandy today, about her party experience:

"I always try to make sure the kids learn the difference between 'venomous' and 'poisonous'...and that animals themselves cannot be 'poisonous'.  Also, I teach them the differences between turtles and tortoises."

Great job Mandy!  Keep up the education!

So, 'come on down to The Reptile Zoo' and meet Mandy...and Rambo!   Not only that...book a party here at the zoo, and Mandy just might be the one to make it super memorable!

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Two in One!

The Jurassic Fact of the Week comes from our Prehistoric Pet of the Month!  This month's fan favorite is Dennis Hopper, the Crested Gecko!  He is always hanging out at the photo booth in our shop for guests to come hold and pet...and watch him HOP!  Everyone loves him, and he is SO cute, even though he has no tail.  Awwwwwwww.....

Crested Geckos are native to New Caldonia, which is off the coast of Australia.  Like our Dennis Hopper, they love to climb and jump from place to place with their sticky feet, but if they lose their tail they can't grow a new one like a lot of other lizards can.  They make wonderful pets, very tame, and VERY easy to take care of.  They even eat baby food!  They are a great choice for first time herpers, and we DO have babies for sale right now so come check them out!

Here are a few action shots of Dennis Hopper, and some guests enjoying his company.....

So come see our lovable, adorable, fan favorite...Dennis Hopper....the Crested Gecko!

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