Hi everybody! It's Sue at the Reptile Zoo. Do you like these snakes? These are corn snakes we hatched here at the zoo a few months ago. I think they are so pretty, docile, and they almost never bite. Don't be fooled by the picture, because he was just waking up from his nap and having a nice yawn. Now that everyone is awake, come in and visit. =)

Have a nice day! <3 Sue
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Featured YouTube Video!

This week, we are bringing you another new of a gorgeous momma snake! She is a BIG beautiful Tiger Titanium retic that was bred to a Platinum het Titanium. Jay, Tim, and Mike discuss the physical attributes of the eggs, and how you can tell a "slug" (infertile egg) from a good egg.

Each clutch is its own genetics lesson...with complicated ratios and possible outcomes. This clutch was predicted to produce not only Tiger Titaniums and the coveted Platinum Titaniums ("Silver Surfers"), but also Tiger Titanium Platinums. Hmmmmmm....

Tiger Titanium Example:

After removing all of the eggs, Jay shows his technique for checking the snake for more eggs. This is his way of palpating (examining by touch) the mother to ensure nothing was missed and she can be fed.

So, these eggs have hatched now, and I heard that we received "some of the nicest" Silver Surfers that our guys have seen. If you are interested in seeing the "baby pictures" and possibly purchasing one of your own, just check out our website: (or the PP tab at the top)

and email for more information. They are awesome!!

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Featured YouTube Video

If you are avid Facebook users...which the majority of the planet now is...make sure to check out our pages:

The Reptile Zoo, Prehistoric Pets, Jurassic Parties

We are constantly updating them with new (and old) videos of anything and everything that goes on here at The Zoo. Lately we have had more old videos than new, but that is changing now that we have a better system going. We will have more new videos out to you now!!

So, in "celebration" of this new video excitement, we are featuring one on our blog every so often, just to give you a little more info on what's going on. Today, we are featuring a fun video titled "Jay teaches the kids in the zoo about Ball Python eggs". Pretty self-explanatory right?

Well, these were kids that come in to the zoo frequently and actually owned ball pythons of their own. The owner, Jay, gave them direct advice on how to pull their own clutch of eggs. This day was special because they got to see first-hand how a clutch is pulled, cut, and classified. At the end of the video, Jay even gives several important tips on proper technique and care.

The eggs shown in the video were an amazing and informative GENETICS lesson for the kids...showing how parents with genes such as "pastel" and "lemonblast" can not only produce more pastels and lemonblasts, but also normals and "pinstripes", among others. Jay also teaches the kids the difference between fertile and infertile prevent the unnecessary incubation of infertiles.

With this new knowledge, the excited kids were able to leave, confident they could successfully pull their very own ball python clutch at home. Hope you like the video!

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Worldwide Visitors!!

Today we had some awesome guests come visit us, all the way from Bangkok, Thailand!  Jade and Ken Vanichvirulh and their family had a blast getting up close and personal with tons of reptiles, even our very own Twinkie!  This is a vacation they will never forget.

We also had fellow reptile-lover Tyler Shanley, from Las Vegas.  He was thrilled with our vast collection of snakes.  "Very cool."

Thank you everyone for visiting The Reptile Zoo, and have a safe trip back home!


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Jay in the UK

Here is an update on Jay's journey across the pond...

10 minutes in and he's already had his first snake encounter!


finally in the UK!!!

check back soon for more exciting action from Jay's trip!
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