Two Thumbs Up!!


So, today I met a really COOL little dude named Randy. 

He's Jay's nephew, just turned the big SIX years old, he likes Bart Simpson, and he's got super awesome hair.  He loves The Reptile Zoo, and he's very brave...holding snakes, petting monitors.  He even climbed inside Twinkie's cage with Jay!!  Check out these pics from his awesome day here at Prehistoric Pets!




Thanks for coming to see us Randy!

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It's official, I'm a Nerd :)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Guys!

I've missed ya'll so very much!  I just went on a vacation to Florida to see some awesome and amazing animals!  I think it's really cool that when reptile or animal enthusiasts, breeders, etc come here we welcome them with open arms and that when we go out and about on wild adventures, the same courtesy is extended to us!  Jay for example, just got back from a trip to Europe where he was treated like a king by Mark & Dean at The Reptile Room, and while I was on my trip, Safari Todd and the good folks at Jungle Adventures Nature Park Zoo treated me like a princess!  We are very grateful to all of the wonderful people in our industry that share our love for all things cold and warm blooded.

I've been working here at The Reptile Zoo in beautiful southern California for a while now and I will let you all in on a little secret, when I came to work here, let's just say I knew alot about alligators, and not much else.  Jay and Tim and Lynda have been amazing teachers and I have learned so much without even trying!  A great example of that came about when I was driving my son Gage up to Jacksonville to skate a contest and we passed the billboard for the alligator farm in St. Augustine that just so happened to have a huge retic on it and "OMG! That's a retic" I scream!!!!  and my son says, "Mom, you're a reptile nerd now!"

At that point I thought to myself, no way, that couldn't be true........

Until we pass a gigantic Florida River Cooter on the side of the road and I slam on the breaks and jump out of the car to have my son take a picture of me holding it.  Again, my son goes, "yeah, see, you're a total nerd"

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Again I deny it.....

But then we went to see my friend Safari Todd and play with some alligators and while I'm watching his animal presentation I realize that I know waaaaaaaaaaaaay more about animals than I ever wanted to know or wanted to admit..........

And at that point, I decided to embrace it!

I, Savannah Boan, am officially a Nerd, I am accepting it, embracing it and am proud of it.  Thanks to all that have helped me along this journey!

I hope you guys enjoy all the pics!

much love


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Fun Times!

Hey Guys! Hope everyone has been enjoying the blogs and the videos we have been pumping out! We are all trying our best to give you all the good stuff that comes from The Reptile Zoo! We are working on a series of videos of kids with everything that we are posting to youtube so if you haven't subscribed to this channel


Video Link


do it now! Jay is far away in Europe right now (see blog below) And I am headed off on an exciting Florida adventure and I hope to come back with awesome pics and video of all the wildlife there! ;) I will miss you all! Talk to ya when I get back! xo.............Savannah
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Look who's in the NEWS again!

Hey Guys!

Jay just got interviewed for yet another "media entity" that wanted to know all about retics and retic breeding!  More details to follow.............

Please stand by for even more great things! (somethings in the works we just can't tell you about yet!)


Much love

xo................................. Savannah

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Hey Guys!

Just want to give you a quick peek at how the Archiving has been going, I'm still super busy scanning everything into the computer but here are a couple of pictures of what's to come!  The pink flier is from a promotion Jay did with Bob Clark, the cute little girl growling in the cage is Juliette who is now a lead here at Prehistoric Pets, funny that she used to be small enough to fit into a teeny cage, and the last pic is of Jay's beautiful wife Becky with an iguana.  I will try and get as many new pics scanned in as possible over the next few days so you guys all stand by to see the entire growth and transformation into what has now become Prehistoric Pets that you all know and love today! 


Much love


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New Technology!

Hey guys!

We are currently doing renovations and are about to get rid of the very last 25 year old cage in the shop!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  Jay has done so much to turn this place around and make it into The Reptile Zoo!  New cages, lighting, heating, glass, everything around here is almost brand new... even the monitors are new!  We just got a whole bunch of them yesterday!  Pics to come!

Stand by!

Here are some new work photos!

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the best place on earth


Hi my name is Ben

I am 11 years old, and these are the things I think about The Reptile Zoo.

·       It’s the best place that I have ever been in 11 years.

·       I think this place has the best number one snakes in the world.

·       I think Jay is a great person and he teaches me how to work with snakes.

·       I think Twinkie is a sweet snake, but when I first got in her cage I was a little worried but she was nice.

·       Retics and ball pythons are my favorite snakes.

·       I think Savannah is cool, because she is writing this.

·       I like the way the cages in The Reptile Zoo are really creative.

·       Linda is a great woman and she takes the best care of the animals and I like people like that.

·       I like the alligator cage that is getting set up and I hope Jay gets the glass to set the alligators up soon.

·       There is no other place that I like better than The Reptile Zoo.

·       I think Tim O’Reilly is really good with the retics and he lets me hold the nicer ones.

·       When I grow up I wanna become a herpetologist.

·       I think Kayla is a great employee and also works well with the snakes up front.

·       Everything here is fun I would like to quit school and stay here.




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Jay's Favorite Retic!

Hey Guys,

Today Jay's favortie retic laid some eggs!  He even left church to come straight here and see!  He was so excited watching like a kid in a candy store!  Jay has pics of this retic from the time he was hatched all the way up until now!  Congrats Jay!

he's so excited and he just can't hide it


Here's Jay waving at her! :)

Here's Jay taking her picture!


True Love!




Much love,


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