In the beginning..............

All day I have been scanning picture after picture after picture of all the old photos, magazine articles, news paper clippings, ads and accolations that have been written about Jay, the Brewer family, and all of the amazing firsts in Prehistoric Pets & The Reptile Zoo history from the beginning until now! 

Check back soon as I will be posting a ton of pics and putting them into our photo gallery

You will be in awe at the growth and development aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the changes we here at The Reptile Zoo have made!

Please stand by!

much love


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Jay's Indonesian Photo Shoot

Hey Guys!

Jay was just being interviewed for a retile magazine in Indonesia where he will be on the cover, hopefully we will get a couple of copies of it here at The Reptile Zoo so Jay can autograph them for you all!  The interviewer asked him ofr a couple of autographs to take back with him... or maybe sell on ebay! 


Anyways, the best part for all of us are the pictures I took that will never be published, because while Jay is a professional and knows how to behave during a photo shoot, retics, well, they kinda don't.... here are the pics that will never make it into the magazine and definately not the cover!\

Congrats Jay!

much love


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Here we go again!!! 

In another miracle of snake breeding, Jay Brewer/Vella has created several new, never before seen, one of a kind original retic morph exclusive to Prehistoric Pets!

Jay has spent his lifetime creating new morphs and he has been blessed again with some amazing, never before seen morphs that are the only ones in the world!

Generations of breeding and lots of TLC were involved in creating these exciting new combos, that are named Citrine after the beautiful orangey-yellow gemstone and these snakes shine like the gems that they are, another notch in Jay's belt loop of unprecedented snake morphs!

We are very excited and Jay is walking on sunshine right now just waiting to see what color changes they are going to go through as they grow bigger and bigger and more and more beautiful!

Congrats Jay!  Keep up the good work!  The snake world appreciates you making your imagination reality!

Dream Big and Don't give up!

much love


Albino Suntripe




See the resemblance?


Plutonium Citrine


Purple Stripe


Tiger Citrine

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What you guys thought Jay was doing in South Africa!

Chris Gagne Riding a shark

Gary Lopez Jr Herping

Gary Whitehouse Stepping in loads of differant animal

Misty Dawn Trying to find a new breed of reptile never seen documented before. ;)

Cara Maguire Bringing me a Shot glass ^_^ preez?

Arakal Reed Having more fun than me

Eric Oldham Enjoying life

Vanessa N. Smith Morph hunting :)

Steve Fung-Loy

Milan Patmore tell me when he is in pretoria I know some cool places to go herping

Blacktooth Steve wrestling with a wild rock python??? Put that shit on

Steve Fung-Loy together with Braai!!!!!

Savannah Boan the answer is in the blog!

Mark Foster Someone told me he was really excited about getting to hunt and kill some big game animals, does anybody know if hes got his trophies yet???

Prehistoric Pets i can't confirm anything yet, but i'm looking into it!

Paul Wilson Bottle feeding small baby lambs on his pastor :)

Chris Headle Watchin' White Sharks pound Fur Seals!

Johnny Morgan idk but tell us already i wanna know

Prehistoric Pets i dont know either!!!!! I told ya I'm checking into it!!!!!!!

Johnny Morgan ok sounds good this Tim???

Prehistoric Pets Savannah

Johnny Morgan oh cool lol im atually 16 and homeschooled and supposed to be doing my spanish but i just fed my snakes and now im gotta do spanish lmfao

Rhonda Gonzales-Vella God know I love Jay~ But I'd have to say talking someones ear off~LOL

Arno Naude Flying around in a chopper trying to get nice footage. Thats after almost touching wild rhino and elephants I believe. I will ask him to write up something on Friday or Saturday.

Rhonda Gonzales-Vella JUST KIDDING ~ Not about the loving Jay part tho!~ Love ya bro, have fun!~

Arno Naude You can have him back next month okay?

Prehistoric Pets tell him we said hi and we miss him!

Arno Naude Will do.  


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Welcome Home Jay!

Hey guys!

Just wanna use this blog time to welcome Jay back to the United States of California!  We missed you Jay!  I got to speak with him this morning while he was at the airport still waiting for his luggage and after 2 weeks in South Africa and a 25 hour flight back he seemed to be in high spirits!  He said he is coming by later today after he has a nap! We can't wait to see all the vidoes and pictures and to listen all the stories he has to tell us from his amazing journey!  I heard something on the phone this morning about rhinos.... can't wait to see what that's all about!

Welcome back Jay!  I havent had one insanely crazy project to do in your absence, and just like everyday here, I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps-my photoshopping skillz are amazing!  hahahahahahah

much love,


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