I wonder what Jay is doing in South Africa?

I wonder what Jay is doing in South Africa today? 

I asked everyone in the shop and here are their answers......


Sam Makki--visiting my buddies at Mr. Pet

Savannah--lounging by a pool in his thong getting a suntan

Garrett--stuck head first like pooh down a african rock python hole

Craig--Climbing trees to escape a big cat

Mandy--doing a tribal dance (naked)

Greg--regretting what he ate last night because he has diarrhea

Tim--becoming the Lord of the Flies

Uncle Louie--Still shooting

Tim Nishio--snapping photos

Kayla--anxiously awaiting getting back, to Facebook

Lynda--Talking on the phone

Vincent--arm wrestling a crocodile

Juliette--eating frozen yogurt

Laura--working hard



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