Just in Time!

Last night, we got a HUGE shipment of new animals! We got several things for the zoo, and even some to sell on our retail side!! SO exciting.

For the zoo, we got two GORGEOUS Emerald Tree Boas...Just look at this amazing color!!

We also have a new set-up of Green Vine Snakes....these guys are so crazy!

But of course...since we are doing SO much to get ready for Black Friday, we just HAD to get some new animals to sell. DUH...

We have cleared out those three large cages in the back of our retail area, and we are finishing up cementing, painting, and building a brand new area for MORE sale items!

Here are some pics:

Speaking of Black Friday...Jay has just decided to extend the same rules from our online store to "in-store" as well! This means you can come IN to Prehistoric Pets and make an offer on the animal of your dreams! YAY!!

So what are some of our new additions? Well...

To start off...we have a big group of new Green Anoles and Long Tail Grass Lizards:

Looking for the perfect Christmas Present for your young child? These male Green Tree Frogs are the COOLEST! Come hear them CROOOAAK!

Here is something that I think is WAY cool....Collared Lizards....How adorable is this??

LOVE them...

So make sure you stop by Prehistoric Pets for Black Friday...no disclosing prices yet, but I assure you that we won't let you down.

Remember, we can hold your animal for 30 days after you pay 50%...so get those Christmas Wish Lists finished!

These animals want to come home with you this holiday!!

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Why not do everything at once??


As our SPOOKY Masquerade party is getting closer...Jay is eager to get as much renovation done as possible! 

We are still making progress on the alligator enclosure, cementing the finishing touches on the basin floor before we test water in it.  Its coming together quite smoothly and we are very excited to see the end result!


If any of you came in to Prehistoric Pets yesterday, you would have seen our newest renovation happening live!  We gave the old yucky floor behind our front counter a nice, attractive, THICK layer of cement as well.  Although our employees had to literally sit on the counter to fill orders while the floor dried, the result was worth it!


We are also continuing work on the new Caiman Lizard enclosure right inside the zoo.  It is looking fantastic!  Just look at how many people we need for this job...


Jay thinks these will be completed by our party date (Oct 30th)....what do you guys think??


With all the effort and hard work going into this...it can be done.  So make sure to attend our Spooky Costume Party at the Zoo (Sunday Oct 30th, 5-10pm) and see for yourselves!




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Meet Armando & Juan!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to introduce you all to Armando and Juan, a father/son team working with us here at The Reptile Zoo.  Armando is our light weight, by far the smallest member of our staff, but big things come in small packages when it comes to ability, strength and heart!  Armando has been with the company for over 7 years and does all of our gigantic snake work.  He single handedly lifts and cares for the biggest and the best of all the snakes we have and does a great job of it!  Our largest and most precious breeders are always in his trustworthy hands.

Juan is new to The Reptile Zoo, but being the family business that we are, it is no suprize that he came here to work with us!  He is learning more and more everyday and hopefully one day he will be able to follow in his father's footsteps and have the great priviledge of handling some of the largest snakes in the world!

The Reptile Zoo is all about family, yours and ours!  Whether you are part of our staff, one of our regulars, new to the area looking for a great place to get your feeders, or visiting us from near or far because you have seen our awesome videos at  http://www.youtube.com/user/prehistoricpetstv we want you all to be family!

Come be a part of the great things we are doing and the great changes we are making!






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