Black Friday....Prehistoric Style


Its that time of year herpers.....when eager shoppers, hopped up on Starbucks, wait in line to stampede for the sacred GREAT DEAL.

Well, we do it differently here at Prehistoric Pets...simply make an offer, and we might just cave.

If you go to you can learn EVERYTHING about how this works. We show you how to make an offer, all the rules involved, shipping terms, and even what animals are available!! 

This is something you will NOT want to miss out on. If you are a first-time herp-buyer, or if you have a reptile zoo of your own...HURRY! 

So, starting at 12am on Friday, November 25th...start calling in, or emailing in those CRAZY offers, it just might work! We make CrAzY deals people!! You have 24 hours....don't waste it!

Go to the website, look through the animals, find your dream pet, and make an offer within your budget!! WHAT?!?!?!? Hey, its Black Friday....

And there's nothing we can't handle....


Contact us at:

Call/Text 714.907.7312


Facebook Prehistoric Pets

Twitter @PrehistoricInc

Youtube PrehistoricPetsTV


We can't wait, and you shouldn't either! Get ready....its almost here!




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So...what's new in the Zoo? A LOT!!

We try to keep you guys updated pretty well on what happens day-to-day here at Prehistoric let's take a second to recap.

I just updated everyone on how well the alligator enclosure is coming along...we are just about a month away from completion!! Everyone here is SO excited because this is our biggest and most detailed yet....even bigger than Twinkie's! We had some of the guys clean it up a bit today, to get ready for painting and final preparations. Here are some "so far" pics for you:

GREAT work everyone!!

We also just got a new shipment of everyone's favorite gecko...the crested! We have some WAYYYY cool ones too, come check them out!!

There are the Red Harlequins (sweet) that range from $149.99 to $249.99

Even some Gargoyle Geckos (super cool) for $89.99

"Checkin' out my reflection..."

"Where's Waldo?"

Plus there is also a beautiful assortment of normal Cresteds with awesome coloring.

Perhaps the most excitement, however, is about a very special Asian Water Monitor named Frank. He has been a workaholic lately...Jay has been taking him to and from L.A. every week to film a new Disney Channel TV series!!!

"Jessie" will premier tonight on the Disney Channel at be sure to check it out to see Frank as the lovable little trouble-maker, Mr. Kipling. We are SO excited!

With all this craziness going on, we are still the same old awesome place to come have a party, feed turtles & tortoises, touch and hold snakes, and just check out some very RARE be sure to stop by!

See you soon!

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Its FINALLY happening!! The countdown is on!!

Ok, so maybe we are roughly 500 days behind schedule...but we are finally putting the finishing touches on our Alligator & Snapping Turtle enclosure! I told you guys a few weeks ago that we had acquired the glass, and it came in just a couple days ago. Well, last night, Jay and his crew actually started putting in the pieces and we got some awesome pics and video.

The glass is INSANE. Three pieces have been put in, and they are 3 1/4, laminated, 300 lb monsters! Not only are they heavy to lift, but they are tough to install. Here are some pics from the crew's "workout"....

Once the glue was applied, it was almost a race against time to lift, correctly place, and PUSH the pieces into place. Just check out this effort and teamwork...

....and they haven't even gotten to the BIGGEST piece yet...a 600lb WHOPPER!!

Take a look at the finished half of the can almost visualize how awesome its gonna be!

Great job everyone!! We are so excited for the finished product!!

But remember touching!


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This Summer at THE ZOO.........

If you are looking for something to do this summer...maybe something inside away from the heat...maybe something cheap...maybe something memorable...maybe something educational, but fun (and with a hint of terror, muahaha)....

Visit The Reptile Zoo!!

If you are on vacation, we would love to have you!! You can find info on us in the latest "Huntington Beach California Official Visitor's Map" under the "Activities & Tours" section. We are among the favorite places to visit for make sure to check us out! PLUS, we just got several new additions to the zoo...including snapping turtles, alligators, and rattlesnakes!

Also, we have just finished our first annual Hands-on Reptile Adventure Camp, and it was AWESOME!

Garrett, Juliette, Laura, and all involved definitely made it memorable, educational, and tons of fun for each and every kid.

There were activities in very informative well as hands-on interaction with fossil-digging, plaster molds, and many COOL reptiles. Campers got to learn about (and touch!) animals that we don't even show at our regular parties!

Not only that...but everyone got a special treat when Joel Almquist from Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary visited the camp with some of his many AMAZING critters.

Even the parents got involved in the excitement when they came to get their kids each day....hard not to when the kids rambled on about what they learned, saw, touched, and held. :-D

It was truly a week to remember for all these young, future-herpetologists. Thank you everyone who signed up and everyone who participated. Next year will be even BETTER!!

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Per Your Request!

Hey Guys!

You asked for it!  You got it!  I went on a photo mission this morning to capture all the things you guys wanted to see and here are the results, hope you enjoy them!

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Hey Guys!

Just want to give you a quick peek at how the Archiving has been going, I'm still super busy scanning everything into the computer but here are a couple of pictures of what's to come!  The pink flier is from a promotion Jay did with Bob Clark, the cute little girl growling in the cage is Juliette who is now a lead here at Prehistoric Pets, funny that she used to be small enough to fit into a teeny cage, and the last pic is of Jay's beautiful wife Becky with an iguana.  I will try and get as many new pics scanned in as possible over the next few days so you guys all stand by to see the entire growth and transformation into what has now become Prehistoric Pets that you all know and love today! 


Much love


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Here's what happened over the weekend!

Hey Guys!

We had an exciting weekend here at The Reptile Zoo!  Jurassic Parties all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Our Monkey tailed skinks had twins!  Awwwwwwwww, we have a whole bunch of new juvenile albino leopard geckos, just in time for Christmas!  The whole shop was filled with excitement and variety from open until close!  We love it when it's like that!  And thank you guys so much for coming to see us!

Oh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand if you are our Facebook friend and you like us, you can now check in when you come here to visit The Reptile Zoo and tag a friend one person gets in free!  It's all part of the  deals we are doing with facebook!  Check it out!!/prehistoricpets

True Love



Uncle Louie Rules!





good work Greg!

A proud new Momma

Ladies Man!

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The A team!

So we have made even more changes here at the Reptile Zoo to help everything run smoother than ever before!  We have divided our staff into leads and teams, sorta, anyways we are always on a mission to make this place the best place ever and we all hope the leads and the teams will be beneficial!  Congrats to Juliette, Greg, Tim Nishio, and Craig!  Each one of them has a special skill set that puts them ahead of the other staff here!  Their guidance, experience, and strong leadership qualities put them at the top of the heap here and we are proud of their accomplishments!  Good job guys!  Way to go!

Here are a few pics of Juliette and Greg.  Juliette is doing something I bet you guys never even thought needed to be done, she is using the magnetic fishing pole to find all the tongs that kids accidently drop into the pond in the front while they are feeding the red-eared sliders!!!!  If you haven't ever been here to feed the turtles then you don't know that it's ever so exciting when they swim up to eat their worms that sometimes you can't help but drop your tongs in the water!!!!!  And someone's gotta get them out of the pond!  Just another example of how Juliette continues to work super hard to make this the best place ever!

Congrats Congrats!

Much love!


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Super busy crazy sunday!

Don't have much time to blog today because the crowds today are off the hook!  There are so many kids and people and animals roaming the Reptile Zoo today that's it's really hard to keep up with them all, not to mention we started the day today with an awesome Jurassic Party!  Hope you are having fun whatever you are doing this fantastic Sunday and we can't wait til all the fair folks come home!  Greg, Juliette, Uncle Louie, Kayla, Carol, Mandy and Becky!!!!!  You guys all did a great job but it will be so good to have you all back home!!!!!    We missed you so much!

Gotta run........... brb



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Meet Juliette!

The staff here at The Reptile Zoo has been hand picked by Jay himself in order to get the greatest cross section of Reptile enthusiasts ever!  It is sometimes very hard to get to talk to all the employees here because everyone is always busy working, serving customers, teaching kids, going out of the shop to put on educational demonstrations, and more over saving and caring for animals!  This morning I got here early because I wanted to spend some time with Juliette Brewer, (who loves to be barefoot and hates shoes f.y.i.) learn a little about her and share all of that with you!  Juliette has been an employee here since 1991 and does an amazing job teaching and presenting the joy of all things animal to everyone that comes through here!  She just graduated this year from Brethren Christian Junior/Senior High School and is eager and ready to move on to the next phase of her life!  She enjoys the beach, baking, swimming and jumping on trampolines!  Her favorite TV show is "So you think you can Dance!"  Juliette is always smiling!  I have never seen her without a big smile on her face!  It really goes a long way to brighten up the whole Zoo when she is here and she never forgets to take out the trash after her parties like everyone else does!

We love have Juliette around and now that summer is here and she's done with school we look forward to days and days of enjoying her company and learning from all of her experiences here!  If you havent had the good fortune of meeting Juliette make sure you come by and say hi to her and introduce yourself!  She will love that!

Thanks Juliette for all you do!  Being around you makes us all happier!


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