P-A-R-T-Why?! Because you GOTTA!!

Hey there Herpers!  Its a buzzin busy day here at the shop with all our birthday boys and girls having their one of a kind Jurassic Partys.  Always consisiting of at least 12-15 different types of awesomely amazing reptiles, arachnids and amphibians; Your Jurassic Party is sure to be talked about for months and years!!  Out and About on "Party Duty" today are our associates, which some of you may know, Daniel, Nick, Thalia, Clint and myself (Priscilla ^O^). 

I just finished up Matthew Gilberts 7th Birthday Party, he bravely conquered his fear of tarantulas and mastered snake handeling! Have a Happy Birthday Matthew! See you soon in The Reptile Zoo! 

Happy Birthday Matthew Gilbert!

Our second in store party today was handeled by Nick M.  He was helping celebrate Aiden McDermott's 7th Bithday!  Loaded with questions and requests, Aidens birthday party had a huge turnout and lots of cool critters to show off.  Not only do we provide our guests of honor with a one of a kind hands on experience, but we educate them on what makes good pets as well as health and safety facts!

Happy Birthday Aiden!


Last but not least, I finished up the in stores with a TWIN celebration!  Our guests of honor are John and Claire Riss and they are here to celebrate their 7th Birthday too!!  ITS A DAY FOR 7 YEAR OLDS!! WOO HOO! =)  The party went fantastic and my head is spinnin' so fast from all the fun, i think im seeing double...or is it twins?  ;)

Happy Birthday John and Claire Riss!!


Never forgetting our out of store parties, the rest of the crew went out to celebrate and send best Happy Birthday wishes to birthday boys and girls Isabelle Moreno, Linden Smith, Isabella Enriquez, Shane Will, Madison Young, and all the amazing kids at St. Georges Academy!

Hope everyone had an amazing Birthday and cant wait to see all your friends and family back here again for THEIR Jurassic Party!


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Jack and the Spider!

Here's another one of our awesome videos from The Reptile Zoo!  Come by sometime so you can star in your own!


Video Link


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Parties All Day!

The parties are awesome today!  We wish you were here!

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Aloha Hawaii

Jurassic Parties are the most fun thing we do here!  We love every one of them and they are all different and exciting!  Skylar came all the way from Hawaii to have his Jurassic party right here in Fountain Valley California!  Skylar and all his friends had a super fun time roaming around the Reptile Zoo asking lots of questions, holding lots of animals, feeding some and playing with others!  Thanks for sharing this milestone in your life with us Skylar, and thanks even more for flying all the way across the ocean to do it!  We had at great time and we hope you did as well!  Can't wait to see you next year!

Much love!


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 The ooohhhhhs and aaaaaahhhhs and shrieks and squeals of children escaping from the doors and windows and through the walls of Prehistoric Pets aren’t coming from a movie or a soundtrack to some creative new 3-D Disney venture, they are, in reality coming from a once in a lifetime visual, hands on, authentic, educational demonstration and experience known as a Jurassic Party.  If you’re tired of watching your kids watch TV, or listening to them beg for new video games, or not listening at all because they are glued to their iPod, Jurassic Parties to the rescue!  A live snake can keep the attention span of a teen or tween (or adult) way longer than World of Warcraft because it’s real!  Real snakes, real lizards, real teeth and real bites and we haven’t even gotten to the spiders and scorpions yet.  Geico doesn’t have a monopoly on geckos; we have tons of them, all different shapes, sizes and colors.  In a world of computer generated, television induced, zombie tots, Jurassic Parties offers an opportunity for parents and children alike to bond and be overwhelmed by the beauty and wonder of nature.  Jump in head first and ask questions, be hands on or stand back and watch your child do it.  Laugh, smile, learn!  Some people come in a little apprehensive, but then walk out with a snake of their very own!  The memories that you make will last forever, the experience is like none other, and the educational information might just make a difference in whether or not you decide to stomp that spider on the side-walk or kill that snake in your back yard.  All life is important and once you know why things do what they do, maybe we will all understand each other a little better… it’s worth a try right?      

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