Kerry King from Slayer

Hey guys!

Just wanted to keep you all up to date as to the goings on around here at The Reptile Zoo!  Kerry King from Slayer came to see Tim and Jay the other day, and we (Kayla & I) being Slayer fans were super excited!  Jay and Tim on the other hand have known him for years.  Kerry also brought a former Prehistoric Pets employee from way back in the day named Todd, Jay said that Todd helped Jay to assemble his retic collection, the one that is still being used today to breed some of the most beautiful and one of a kind snakes in the world.  Vince showed him a few of our baby sulfur monitors and they checked out a few other snakes and all in all it was a really exciting visit!

Thanks so much for coming by Kerry!  Hope we get to see you again real soon!  Bring us some of your carpet pythons so we can have a peek at them!

much love


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Jurassic Fact of the Week!

Ok, we have another new addition to our information line-up....Jurassic Fact of the Week. Each week we will be posting info on a party animal, a party presenter, or maybe just a party itself. Our goal is to get more information out on how totally completely super awesome our parties are! So, our first fact is about one of our presenters...the cunning Kayla!

Kayla's Fact:

(speaking about her presentations)

"I'm big on education, so I like to bring a boa, a python, and a colubrid. I ask for 3 volunteers, and have each kid hold a snake, then teach them the differences between the families."

How cool! Kayla, keep up the awesome work!
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Bumblebee is Godzilla

Hey guys!

Our very (my very) favorite sulfur monitor Bumblebee stars in his very own, 1st time ever, amazing video here at The Reptile Zoo!  He worked so very hard to hone his acting skills and he finally made to the big time!  Enjoy and please please let me know what you think!

much love




Video Link


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Kayla's Turtle and Frog Project!

Kayla is on of our most valued and trusted employees here at The Reptile Zoo, and she has just taken on a new project, as is her way!  She spent hours and hours rearranging, cleaning, and dressing up the frog and turtle wall so that the displays now are amazingly b-e-a-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful!  Kayla did this project while she working of course but she also worked through her lunch break and long hours after we closed so that she could have it all set up for everyone visiting The Reptile Zoo while they are out on their Winter Break!  Good Job Kayla!  You are awesome!

Much love



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Breakfast with Snakes & Lunches with Lizards

You gotta be crazy to work in a place like this!  All of us here, from a variety of back grounds and places, coming together for the love of animals.  Perhaps we were all nerds before?  or maybe we have become that, who knows, but the cross section of people here never ceases to amaze me, the personalities are eccentric and diverse, making everyday more fun than the next.  a good friend of mine and old school gator wrestler from Florida once told me when I was a younger and trying to take over the reptile world that "I will never be as cool as the animals I work with" at the time I thought he was stupid, but in retrospect he was right, none of us are!

Because here's what we are without them........... 

much love


Juliette Brewer






a bunch of us



Emo Mandy

Tim Nishio


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more on the new project!

Noooooooooooooow can you guess what it is?????




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Super busy crazy sunday!

Don't have much time to blog today because the crowds today are off the hook!  There are so many kids and people and animals roaming the Reptile Zoo today that's it's really hard to keep up with them all, not to mention we started the day today with an awesome Jurassic Party!  Hope you are having fun whatever you are doing this fantastic Sunday and we can't wait til all the fair folks come home!  Greg, Juliette, Uncle Louie, Kayla, Carol, Mandy and Becky!!!!!  You guys all did a great job but it will be so good to have you all back home!!!!!    We missed you so much!

Gotta run........... brb



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