Kerry King from Slayer

Hey guys!

Just wanted to keep you all up to date as to the goings on around here at The Reptile Zoo!  Kerry King from Slayer came to see Tim and Jay the other day, and we (Kayla & I) being Slayer fans were super excited!  Jay and Tim on the other hand have known him for years.  Kerry also brought a former Prehistoric Pets employee from way back in the day named Todd, Jay said that Todd helped Jay to assemble his retic collection, the one that is still being used today to breed some of the most beautiful and one of a kind snakes in the world.  Vince showed him a few of our baby sulfur monitors and they checked out a few other snakes and all in all it was a really exciting visit!

Thanks so much for coming by Kerry!  Hope we get to see you again real soon!  Bring us some of your carpet pythons so we can have a peek at them!

much love


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