30 Second Q & A

Here at the Reptile Zoo we are asked a lot of great questions about our animals so we thought we would answer 3 of the most common questions in under 30 seconds. Ready... set... go!

Many of you know Frank aka Kipling, our FAMOUS Asian Water Monitor. Just like people, Water Monitors like to go swimming. They are great swimmers, in fact, and love to splish-splash in their pool! Their lateral tails make it easier for them to glide through the water and practice some aerobics with their turtle friends. Here one of our big guys even looks a little like the Lockness Monster while he enjoys a quick dip.

When entering our store there is a friendly pond full of turtles. These cute, little guys love the attention from all of you – our valued friends and customers! All of these turtles have been rescued from the outside world and are brought here to a happy and comfy home where they are hand fed delicious worms. So come check out our turtle pond! As you can see, they love hanging around, and on, their friends!

Our baby African Spur Thigh tortoises are adorable as tiny, hungry hippos! Able to fit in the palm of your hand, they love munching on some nice, healthy lettuce. You can also come and see how big out little guys can get, by checking out our over 200lb full-grown adults lounging around our store! And they don't get that big by accident as you can see even this little guys has got food all over his face from his last chow down.

Thats it! How'd we do on timing? Check back soon for another 30 Second Q & A and all other things prehistoric at blog.thereptilezoo.com

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Junior Volunteers

Hey guys!

There are some kids that just can't get enough of this place, and like anything, if you hang around enough, eventually you get put to work!  Meet Avery & Jack, today's Junior Volunteers!  Avery comes in at least twice a week to help feed bearded dragons and blue-tongued skinks, she's been here for hatchings and holdings and has had at least 2 Jurassic Parties in the past 2 years which is alot considering she is only 5!  Jack is a new Junior Volunteer, having pets of his own at home, 2 bearded dragons, today he decided to come by and help Avery feed the veggie eaters and we did it all in no time flat! 

We love volunteers here at the Reptile Zoo, if you ever wanna get into the action check out this link!


We are currently trying to develop a Junior Volunteer plan that will be open to the public, an educational, helpful, play with and feed animals type of camp that we hope will be up and available in the summer and maybe even during winter and spring breaks from school!

Thanks again to Avery & Jack for all their hard work today!  See you guys again soon!

much love


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