Meet Nolan!

  In yet another blog introducing more of our awesome and eclectic staff here at the Reptile Zoo, I would like you all to meet Nolan.  Nolan is our resident rock climber, which comes in handy when dealing with those of the aboreal nature.  Nolan is always happy to climb up high and catch anything that might have gone out for a journey in the day!  Nolan has 4 boas and he takes his job very seriously here.  He is always available for parties and loves playing with kids that come into The Reptile Zoo.  Nolan's continuous positive attitude is an asset to The Reptile Zoo!  His main interest is breeding boas and playing with scorpions, eeeeek.  All you scorpion fans out there with any questions should give Nolan a shout and I'm sure he could answer any questions you might have on the matter. When Nolan is not climbing rocks, breeding boas or playing with deadly scorpions he likes to listen to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.......... 

Thanks Nolan for all you do around here!




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Jurassic Journey to the Orange County Fair!

Good evening from the Orange County Fair! We are having a blast here in Kidland with all of our buddies from the Reptile Zoo, including (but definitely not limited to!) Spot the Salvator Water Monitor, Majesty the Red Tail Boa, Scar the Burmese Python, and Fluffy the Bearded Dragon! We have been quit busy this year, as our turnout gets larger and larger everyday! We have lots of people conquering their fears and petting animals that they never dreamed they would go near, as well as avid reptile fans checking out our awesome animals. We have even created brand new reptile fans by showing them how amazing these creatures really are!

Today, we had the pleasure of starting a little girl off young with her first reptile experience, and I'm not talking about a toddler! We had a newborn baby sit with Scar, our Burmese Python, for a picture she will never forget! I wish my parents were that cool!!!

You bet we have been taking TONS of pictures for you guys as well, so make sure you check them out! Remember, we will be at the fair everyday, so make SURE you come say hi to us and get your picture taken with Scar! We are in Kidland, underneath the FunZone Tent. Just ask the big T-Rex outside for directions. Wink



See you at the fair!






Juliette and Majesty bringing the crowd in!


The OC Fair crowd checking out our travel sized Reptile Zoo!


A happy fair-goer with Scar the Burmese Python and Cesar the Emperor Scorpion!


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