Cleaning Day!

Hey Guys!

Just wanna let you know what;s been going on around here lately!  We have been busy building new cages, and cleaning and revamping old ones!  We want every animal here to have the best care ever!  The baby monkey tailed skinks are growing really big and are getting fatter and fatter, we have a ton of new baby monitors for sale!  Yellow ones, rough neck ones ones, even green tree ones!  If you haven't been here lately we have an awesome new selection of pets and playthings to choose from!  Even Australian Water Dragons!

See ya soon!

Much love


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Here's what happened over the weekend!

Hey Guys!

We had an exciting weekend here at The Reptile Zoo!  Jurassic Parties all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Our Monkey tailed skinks had twins!  Awwwwwwwww, we have a whole bunch of new juvenile albino leopard geckos, just in time for Christmas!  The whole shop was filled with excitement and variety from open until close!  We love it when it's like that!  And thank you guys so much for coming to see us!

Oh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand if you are our Facebook friend and you like us, you can now check in when you come here to visit The Reptile Zoo and tag a friend one person gets in free!  It's all part of the  deals we are doing with facebook!  Check it out!!/prehistoricpets

True Love



Uncle Louie Rules!





good work Greg!

A proud new Momma

Ladies Man!

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