It's Gator namin' time!

Hey everybody!

It's that time! That's's time to NAME THAT GATOR!!!! Since the unveiling of our new Alligator exhibit in October, we've had a contest running to see who will get to name our 5-foot male American Alligator. We've gotten hundreds of submissions, and the competition has been TOUGH.

But! After a lot of consideration (and arguing among the very opinionated staff) we've narrowed it down to just 5. The winner of the contest will get a 1-year passport to The Reptile Zoo, a chance to come into the zoo and get a blog all about them, and their name on the Alligator's name tag, so everybody can see who won! So here are the choices:

1.Barnabee Jr.



4.Darth Gator

5.Gunther the Gator

Alright everybody, it's up to you! There will be a poll on our facebook page for the next 2 weeks, and we want your vote!!! After that the winner will be announced and our Gator will finally have a name! So Happy New Year and happy voting! And may the best name win!

Later Gator Namers!

Mandysaurus Rex



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