Good Riddance to the Death of HR 511

Last year may have been a year filled with great experiences and adventures, but something we are happy to leave behind in 2012 is HR 511! Thanks to the reptile community and animal lovers alike for banning together to protect your freedoms, legislation to ban interstate transport of the Indian & Reticulated Pythons, Green & Beni Anacondas and Boas has been defeated.


Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus) the northern (Python sebae) and southern African rock python, (Python natalensis) and the yellow anaconda (Eunectes notaeus) who as of March 23, 2012 are included in the Lacey Act. This addition does not federally ban ownership, but does place restrictions on interstate transport for any reason including pet owners moving from state to state.



For more information on the HR 511's time in Congress and Lacey Act requirements, check out our previous blog posts below.



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HR511 Weekly Update December 3 : Representative John Fleming, M.D.

HR511 Weekly Update December 10 : Brady Barr Resident Herpetologist at National Geographic Society

HR511 Weekly Update December 18 : Colette Sutherland TSK, Inc.


Thank you to those who called their representatives to ensure the truth about HR511 was heard and thank you to those representatives for listening to the facts and ignoring the hype. Here at Prehistoric Pets we wish this unbased attack was never opened but we are SO EXCITED to be able to close the discussion and looming threats with be it not without losses, a victory for reptiles.

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It's Friday, Friday.....

Ok, so my co-workers would smack me if they heard me sing that.....come to think of it, I might smack myself. Anywho! Its a busy Friday here at the Reptile Zoo, as we wind down 2011 in style! Only a day and a half left until 2012, people! And what a crazy year its been here at Prehistoric Pets. New animals, new people, and (finally!) our Alligator Enclosure!!! True, we waited a long time for this, but boy was it worth the wait. Not only do we have our new alligatot (who, by the way, still needs a name. We want your vote! You only have until Sunday!), but we also have a pretty handsome male Sulfur Water Monitor in the other side. As is a tradition here at The Reptile Zoo, we are constantly changing and updating even our fanciest enclosures to make them even prettier :) The reptile business is all about looks, and their cages are no exceptions! Check out some pictures of our busy zoo and the Sulfur Monitor loving his new pad.

Here's Nick, getting ready to go do Syndey and Madison's Birthday!

Here are some of our lovely and excited guests early waiting for their turn to hold a gecko at the photo booth

And here are some shots of our newly decorated Sulfur Monitor enclosure!


Enjoy these last couple of days of 2011, and come on in soon if you wanna ring in the new year with a new pet!


Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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Name our gator!

Come to our zoo and be a part of naming our 5ft male alligator! You can win a 1 year passport to the reptile zoo, have your name on the name tag, and have a featured blog about your visit. The last time to enter will be New Years day and on the next day we will post the top five and vote on those names online and in store.



Our Gator wrangler Juliette really wants to name him Bowser, but it's up to you! Can you think of a better name?

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Happy New Year!

Today I asked several of our guests and staff what they would like to see here at The Reptile Zoo and you wouldn't believe the answers we got!  Here's a big cross section of the feedback I got!


Jennifer from Fountain Valley would like to see rattlesnakes!


Chloe from Huntington Beach would like to see more turtles!

Chloe's sister wants to see a hippo!


Jake wants to see an Alligator!

Lane from Oklahoma wants to see a Green Tree Monitor!


Jay wants a Komodo Dragon


Laura wants an Aldabra Tortoise


Rylan from Orange wants a Brazilian Wandering Spider


The Christiansons from Utah would like to see a Leopard



Vince would like to see another Tim O'Reilly


Tim O'reilly would like to see a 200lb lobster


Tommy & Meagan would like to see a Platypus or a flying snake


Juliette wants a giraffe


Tim Nishio wants a King Cobra


Amy wants a tiger


and I want a Unicorn!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for a great last year guys!  Hope this one is even bigger and better!

Much love,


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