Ninja Visits!

Hey guys!

This morning when I got to work I felt an eerie silence, and then all of a sudden I saw him!  A ninja!  Right here in The Reptile Zoo!  He was whispering to the tortoises, he was training the venomous snakes, he wrestled a crocodile, hid in the brush, made awesome ninja moves and even fought a dinosaur! 

Sound like something you might wanna see first hand?  Then get on down to The Reptile Zoo! 

Some mornings here are so much fun!  Even for the kids that don't wanna hold the real animals!  We can always find something fun for them to do!  Thanks so much Caidman, for playing with me this morning! 

Enjoy these amazing photos!

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Hey Guys!

You know, the trouble with having a 16 foot super tiger reticulated python with no eyes is, you can't really see or predict where she is going or what she is going to do next.  Vincent and I found that out this morning first hand.  Ninja is one of everyone's favorite exhibits here at the Reptile Zoo, she is amazing in that she is gigantic regardless of her inability to see because, well, she was hatched right here but  she was born without eyes!  A snake without eyes is definitely something to behold, especially when she is over 16 feet long and soooooooo strong.  Vincent and I took on the task yesterday of cleaning Ninja's cage and she was overly delighted to stretch her legs so to speak.  After tearing through most of the Zoo this morning, we finally got the cage cleaned out and now the hard part, getting her back inside!  She was a bit resistant but after lots and lots of hard work and snake wrangling technique we learned from Jay we were finally able to get her back inside her enclosure without 1 bite, Vincent did get pooped on though!  Hope you enjoy these pictures and have as much fun laughing at them as we did trying to get her back home! 

Much love!




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