Happy Trails to you Nolan!

Congrats to Nolan! For those of you that are super fans of our YouTube channel and for those of you that blog in and facebook us continuously, you may not know all about Nolan because he has been behind the scenes working as Jay’s right hand man, not needing the publicity or fame associated with our glamorous job, he has been content to stay behind the camera helping animals up until today! Nolan has a new job in the exciting and rapidly changing and evolving field of micro-chips and micro-chipping technology! Congrats to you Nolan on getting a great new job and we hope your adventures there will be as great as your adventures here were! I’m certain that Rambo will miss you as well as all of the other staff here. Your attitude and positivity in the face of occasional chaos will be remembered long after you are gone and we wish you the best on your journey! Thanks for all you do! See ya again soon when you wanna come by and hang out with the animals! Much love xo.................Savannah
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Meet Nolan!

  In yet another blog introducing more of our awesome and eclectic staff here at the Reptile Zoo, I would like you all to meet Nolan.  Nolan is our resident rock climber, which comes in handy when dealing with those of the aboreal nature.  Nolan is always happy to climb up high and catch anything that might have gone out for a journey in the day!  Nolan has 4 boas and he takes his job very seriously here.  He is always available for parties and loves playing with kids that come into The Reptile Zoo.  Nolan's continuous positive attitude is an asset to The Reptile Zoo!  His main interest is breeding boas and playing with scorpions, eeeeek.  All you scorpion fans out there with any questions should give Nolan a shout and I'm sure he could answer any questions you might have on the matter. When Nolan is not climbing rocks, breeding boas or playing with deadly scorpions he likes to listen to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.......... 

Thanks Nolan for all you do around here!




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