It's Been a Month Already?!?!?!

I can't believe it either, but it has already been a month since our last day at the OC Fair! It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the crowds and the smells of Juicy's right across the way.

We had such a blast this year sharing our reptiles with HUNDREDS THOUSANDS of happy families enjoying a day out together. Our team spent so much time together they became like family sharing the ups and downs of 12+ hours of fair time fun a day! As you can see from the photos at times we might have gone a little loopy, but every family has a crazy one or two right?

While you are at the Orange County Fair nothing says family bonding time like getting wrapped up by a HUGE burmese python! And this year we literaly THOUSANDS of families enjoy this hands-on fun. 

Thanks to the wonders of technology for the first time they even had the opportunity to share the squeal inducing photos with friends and family through our complimentary Facebook download service! Each night we added every photo an album on The Reptile Zoo Facebook then it was the guests turn to tag, comment, like, and download their shots.

Hopefully all of our brave visitors have gotten a chance to like, share, and tag their photos with our lovely burmese pythons. Because on Monday to make room for even more great hands-on photos in the future we will be removing many of the photos. 

To keep your photo from being removed make sure to stop by our photo albums to like, tag and download and we will be sure to keep you as a permanent part of The Reptile Zoo memories from 2012! Otherwise unclaimed photos will be removed to make room for the great events we have planned next!

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Photos, Photos, Get Your Photos at the Orange County Fair!


The Orange County Fair is in full swing and The Reptile Zoo is going to be there for every minute of it. If you haven't been by our display in the Kid Zone you are definitely missing out! We've got 20 great exhibits that include some of the most exotic reptiles we've ever displayed... but you'll just have to stop by to find out who those are!



As always we have the memory making opportunity for hands-on fun with an 8ft Burmese Python. Visitors response to Bob or Sunshine the Burmese Pythons can vary from extreme excitement to shear terror, but if they take the opportunity to get up close and personal it's always a picture worthy moment! Just check out a few of our favorites so far... (which is no easy task seeing as we have over 5,000 photos to choose from!)





To make sure everyone has the opportunity for this seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity we've put together several special packages to save you money and maximize the fun! As we always say the price is the same for as many people as we can SQUEEZE into the photo! So bring the whole family, grab your friends and stop by The Reptile Zoo booth in the Kid Zone at this year's Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa.



If these deals are not enough we are offering a complimentary download of every photo! Just head over to to find your photo, tag it, share it, and download for your own at home prints! While you're there make sure to like our page to keep up to date with all of the latest happenings here at The Reptile Zoo.



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Calling all Volunteers!

Looking for something to fill your empty summer schedule?

Prehistoric Inc. is looking for volunteers to support our staff at the Orange County Fair July 15- August 14.


During this event Prehistoric Inc. provides an educational and interactive reptile booth for fair guests. Volunteer responsibilities would include engaging customers while promoting our company, interactive photos and reptile ownership. The second responsibility in this position is running the photo area where volunteers will be required to process transactions, photograph guests, and pose an 8-12 ft Burmese python. 



Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age (parental consent is needed under 18 years of age) and reliable transportation. This position requires someone with great communication skills, the willingness to engage customers to promote sales, and a basic knowledge of reptiles.

Volunteers will get to spend time interacting directly with animals and guests along with a pass to enjoy the Orange County Fair.


Love Reptiles? Love the Orange County Fair? Love People?

Apply to be a volunteer by sending an email with contact information, resume, and availability to


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Super busy crazy sunday!

Don't have much time to blog today because the crowds today are off the hook!  There are so many kids and people and animals roaming the Reptile Zoo today that's it's really hard to keep up with them all, not to mention we started the day today with an awesome Jurassic Party!  Hope you are having fun whatever you are doing this fantastic Sunday and we can't wait til all the fair folks come home!  Greg, Juliette, Uncle Louie, Kayla, Carol, Mandy and Becky!!!!!  You guys all did a great job but it will be so good to have you all back home!!!!!    We missed you so much!

Gotta run........... brb



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GUYS AND GALS if you haven't come down to the fair yet to get your picture taken with a big Granite Burm then you need to today because it's THE LAST DAY! We've got a bunch of animals to check out and we're tryin to break a record today for the most pictures taken for the entire fair. So come show your support of The Reptile Zoo by getting your picture taken. Apparently they're letting people in early because it was already bumping by 10:15 when I was still tryin to set up. DON'T MISS OUT!!!

Greg and Mandy REALLY wanting to take your picture! Or just being insane as usual.

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Where is everybody ?!? Visit us at the OC Fair!

Sounds like Mandy's got her hands full at The Reptile Zoo, but here at the Orange County Fair we're wondering where all the crowds went?

It's summertime in Orange County, you should either be soaking in the sun at the US Open in Huntington Beach or  strolling at the OC Fair... so where are you? Right now Rocky, our 8 foot Granite Burmese Python is getting a little bored. She hasn't posed with an excited family in a while, and I think we should change that. So head over to our booth for The Reptile Zoo and Jurassic Parties in the Fun Zone at the OC Fair. Hurry so you won't miss a chance to pet Scarlett, the Savannah monitor, and learn interesting reptile facts from Kayla and Juliette as well


Video Link


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Where is everybody?!?

Today is already proving to be a busy Saturday. Even as we arrived to open the doors and start the day, there was already a line of people waiting to get in. It will only get crazier as the day goes on, seeing as how there are 4 out of store party crews today! This means fewer people in store to take care of all the demands that a weekend brings. That doesn't even count the amount of awesome employees we have at the fair today. Saturdays are always a busy day at both the fair and the store, so if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi! Don't forget, the fair ends on Sunday the 15th, so make sure you stop by and visit berfore it's too late! Hope to see you soon!


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Spotlight on: Wessel the Black Throat Monitor!

Wessel is our male Black Throat Monitor! You can come meet him all day everyday at our booth at the OC Fair! I'm going to tell you a little bit about Wessel, since we love him so much!

Black Throat Monitors, or Varanus Albigularis are native to southern Africa, more specifically the savannah region. They are a very large monitor, adult males reaching up to 6 feet in length! Thats a big lizard if I do say so myself (unless you've met Brando....) They are carnivorus, and are also very good garbage disposals, they will eat almost anything! They are also very smart and very personable animals.

Wessel is about 4 1/2 years old, and was given to us by a friend of the store. He has been with us a year now and is doing wonderful! He gets all the love and attention he deserves here with us, and we wouldn't have it any other way! If you would like a Black Throat Monitor of your very own, make sure you stop by the shop and talk to one of our lovely staff! They can help you find the perfect addition to your family. Make sure to stop by the fair to meet Wessel first! He will win you over for sure!





Wessel and I sharing some quality time together at the OC Fair!

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We are spreading the Love at the Fair!

Well, today seems to be quite the day for couples and families at the OC Fair, and our animals are definitely feeling the vibe! Especially Miss Lucy, our Everglades Rat Snake who began laying her clutch last night. If you recall, we predicted she would lay around 7 eggs? Well, as of now, she is up to 11 eggs and there are still more in there! Wow! This is an event you don't want to miss, so run, don't walk to our booth in Kidland to check out Lucy's growing family today!!! Does anyone want to predict how many eggs we will have? We are now taking guesstimates!

Lucy's not the only one feeling the love, the rest of our animals seem to be pairing off as well! I guess cupid made a suprise visit to The Reptile Zoo???


Hugs and Kisses from the OC Fair!


Just some of Lucy's growing new family!


How many more do you think she's got?!


Fluffy and Phillep the Bearded Dragons getting in some much needed cuddle time.


....And then there's Carol and JoJo the Rose Hair words can describe the love they share...

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The Miracle of Life at the OC Fair!

We are lucky enough to witness a beautiful event tonight at the OC Fair! Our Everglades Rat Snake, Lucy, is laying eggs as we speak! So far she has laid 3, but it looks like there are 4 more inside of her waiting to come out! This is a very exciting event for fair-goers, as most people are never lucky enough to see the miracle of life up close and personal! This is just one more way we at The Reptile Zoo are bringing joy to the world each and everyday Smile


Coming to You from the Orange County Fair/Snake Delivery Room




Lucy laying her eggs! Look at her belly, you can see the other 4 in line to come out!


Egg number 4 on its way out!

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