Jurassic Fact of the Week!


Wild Wednesday....we are going to feature TWO awesome facts this week! 

First, let's talk about the Deluxe Birthday package.  This is a GREAT deal...especially if you are looking for more hands-on time, and more photo opportunities.  The Deluxe package is a party at your location, starts at $325, and is based on mileage after 15 miles from our store.  The awesome things that you will get include an upgrade to 15-20 different animals, a 90-minute hands-on presentation (instead of just an hour), as well as a whole 30 minutes afterward for personalized photos with any of the animals brought (and more hands-on action).

This package has been growing in popularity and the reviews have been wonderful!  A very pleased customer every time!  So book yours today, get a quote on our website, or just call for more information!



Our SECOND fact of the week is a very cool animal that a lot of people don't expect. 

Always a hit, is Smurf, the Blue-Tongue Skink.  He is a snake-like lizard with a bright blue tongue.  Though a lot of kids guess it's because he ate too many blueberries...Smurf's tongue is so blue as a defense.  Like the popular poison dart frogs, they are telling predators that they might be venomous.  However, it's just a clever ruse...they are not venomous.

These cool critters are also little eating machines...they will eat almost anything.  From fruits and veggies, to crickets and catfood...Blue-Tongue Skinks are not picky eaters.  These guys come to all the parties, so keep an eye out for Smurf!

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Jurassic Fact of the Week!

Ok, we have another new addition to our information line-up....Jurassic Fact of the Week. Each week we will be posting info on a party animal, a party presenter, or maybe just a party itself. Our goal is to get more information out on how totally completely super awesome our parties are! So, our first fact is about one of our presenters...the cunning Kayla!

Kayla's Fact:

(speaking about her presentations)

"I'm big on education, so I like to bring a boa, a python, and a colubrid. I ask for 3 volunteers, and have each kid hold a snake, then teach them the differences between the families."

How cool! Kayla, keep up the awesome work!
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Greg got a Burm Bite!


It happens all the time on accident, but not usually when there is a camera around, so today is you lucky day guys!  A snake bite in action!Greg was trying to feed this guy today when she made the mistake of thinking Greg's hand was the dinner! 

Kudos to Greg for sitting there patiently while I took these photos! 

You are awesome! 

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