Maintaining the new toys!

Hey Guys!

Craig is our resident rattlesnake handler and he does such a good job!  I wanted to show you guys what goes on behind the scenes here at the Reptile Zoo, so here are some pics of Craig and Lucifer our Albino Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake!  Yikes!  Lucifer is probably the most beautiful rattlesnake I have ever seen, sometimes he looks yellow and sometimes he looks pink, but don't let those feminine colors fool you!  Lucifer is is one aggressive rattlesnake, and he backs away from nothing!  His rattle is big and so is he, but Craig has been handling his kind for years now and thank goodness!!!!!  Hope you enjoy the pics, this is just another example of how we are building the best and one and only Reptile Zoo!

and Craig made it out without a scratch!

much love,



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New Toys! New Toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!  Prettiest Rattlesnakes ever came to visit us today!  It was so much fun!  I can't tell you too much about what's going on with these guys but as soon as I get the ok... I will!



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