South African Photo Safari

FINALLY Founder Jay Brewer and the Prehistoric Inc. team have returned from their travels to South Africa! While they were there they kept busy visiting much of South Africa including Kruger National Park, Prehistoric Pets distributor Arno Naude, as well as the 2012 SOS² Reptile Expo where they got to see the exciting and growing reptile community of South Africa. We decided to keep today's blog text light and photo heavy, because photos of animals this majestic can do the talking all on their own! Check back in the coming weeks for video and even more photos from their trip !



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And They're Off... to AFRICA!


We've been working for weeks to prep, but the day is finally here. Founder, Jay Brewer, is headed to South Africa for a THREE WEEK adventure full of reptiles and of course great safari adventures. 



This year's team includes of course Jay who will be up close and personal with all of the great finds. The lead videographer will be Sean, who has plenty of experience helping our team over the years, and has just started to manage all of our video and web content. Ron will be the back-up videographer and photographer, and also happens to be part of the family.



He visited first in 2010, but this year he is taking a whole team to make sure everyone at home can share in the African adventures through photos on our Facebook page and YouTube videos. Just check out how much luggage these guys are taking! They crammed just about all of their clothes into the carry-ons then used the other suitcases for filming and safari supplies.



We'll be posting more details about their trip, including how you can meet them if you happen to be in South Africa on the blog tomorrow. Until then hopefully this footage from Prehistoric's last trip will hold you over!


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I wonder what Jay is doing in South Africa?

I wonder what Jay is doing in South Africa today? 

I asked everyone in the shop and here are their answers......


Sam Makki--visiting my buddies at Mr. Pet

Savannah--lounging by a pool in his thong getting a suntan

Garrett--stuck head first like pooh down a african rock python hole

Craig--Climbing trees to escape a big cat

Mandy--doing a tribal dance (naked)

Greg--regretting what he ate last night because he has diarrhea

Tim--becoming the Lord of the Flies

Uncle Louie--Still shooting

Tim Nishio--snapping photos

Kayla--anxiously awaiting getting back, to Facebook

Lynda--Talking on the phone

Vincent--arm wrestling a crocodile

Juliette--eating frozen yogurt

Laura--working hard



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