THIS WEEKEND: Jay Brewer at SOS² Reptile Expo

Last week we let you know founder Jay Brewer was travelling with some of his team to South Africa where he would be enjoying the sites and native wildlife, but for those in South Africa we left the best part out. This weekend you can come meet him and check out some of our unique pythons at the 2012 SOS² Reptile Expo!  



This is Jay's first time visiting the expo, which is in it's 10th year as the leading South African Reptile Expo. This year it will be held at the Emperor's Palace in Kempton Park centrally located near Johannesburg International airport. Visit SOS² this Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th of May between 9 AM - 4 PM for your chance to view and even take home some of the best reptiles the South African reptile community has to offer!



Jay has been excited for this trip, and especially this expo for months! South Africa is one of his favorite places to visit and he is looking forward to finally meeting the whole reptile community and sharing Prehistoric Pets one of a kind boas, burmese and reticulated pythons that have been previously unavailable in South Africa!



We have been luck enough to partner with organizer Arno Naude to set-up a permanent distributor relationship within the country, just like our friends The Reptile Room in Europe. We have sent Arno a great selection of animals, which if not all snatched up at this weekend's expo, will continue to be available within the country. 



If you live in the area make sure to stop by this weekend's event it is sure to be filled with the best animals South Africa has to offer and plenty of great people to meet. If you happen to see Jay while you're there be sure to stop him and say hello he always loves a good chat about animals, especially the new reticulated python projects we are working on right now!

Don't forget that's Saturday and Sunday 9AM-4PM SOS² Reptile Expo at Emperor's Palace in Kempton Park! See you there!

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Prepare Yourselves for NARBC at Tinley Park, IL

Today is our final prep day before Jay and Garrett head out to the Tinley Park NARBC: North American Reptile Breeders Conference this weekend! We will have 2 tables full of great python morphs to look at, and if the price is right to take home! Wonder what we're bringing? Here are just a couple glimpses into what you can expect this weekend.


The list is full of pythons including burms and rock pythons which are part of the "python ban" that goes into effect March 23. That means if you don't live in California this will be one of your last chances to pick up one of the 4 species from Prehistoric Pets. And of course there are plenty of industry leading retics on the list as well!


The Friday Summit is a place to not only hear from some of the industries top professionals but also BOTH of our voices in Washington PIJAC & USARK. Prior to the panel discussion we will hear from USARK and PIJAC about the most current legislation facing us, and what they are doing to fight it. Come prepared for the panel discussion loaded with questions, as the night is an open forum of Questions and Answers. When you leave Friday night you should know EXACTLY what you can do to better help in the fight against this onslaught of legislation our hobby and industry face. We hope to see everyone come out and participate in what we feel is THE MOST IMPORTANT HERP MEETING EVER. New legal issues will always be on the horizon so we will all need to be united in one voice or our hobby/industry are doomed........come out and HELP UNIFY THE INDUSTRY!

Friday, March 16th  Outside Main Exhibit Hall

7:00 PM Ben Siegel - Burmese Python Initiative
7:15 PM Andrew Wyatt – USARK President
7:45 PM Mike Canning – PIJAC President


If you plan on visiting this weekend's show be sure to stop by and say hello at our booth, but more importantly please make sure to attend the USARK summit on Friday night!

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Prehistoric Pet of the week: Regal Pythons

It’s a new day Herpers and along with it we have this week’s new Prehistoric Pet of the week!  Meet Maximillion (as Katy calls him) our handsome Sunfire Reticulated Python.   What exactly does Reticulated mean?  Reticulated refers to the complex “net-like” color pattern they exclusively carry.  This makes them one fancy snake and a favorite among breeders.  Unfortunately, that’s not all they’re popular for.  This intricate pattern gene makes them one of the world’s most popular snakes used for skinning.  That’s right, those cool snake boots your local shoe shop carries is probably made from the skin of a reticulated python.

Adult Retics can grow to 22 ft. in length but normally average about 10–20 feet. Retics are also the world's longest snakes but are not the most heavily built making them one intimidating constrictor.  Max and his relatives have the largest geographic range of any other snake.  Although the reticulated python lives in rain forests, woodlands, and grasslands, it is also associated with rivers and is found in areas with nearby streams and lakes. An excellent swimmer, it has even been reported far out at sea causing it to colonize many small islands within its range.   Sounds like an interesting next choice pet?  Well prepare to have it for around 30 years, trumping any typical dog or cat lifespan.

Max has a very friendly personality!  He loves to hang out with the shop Pixie's ^O^ 

Although Retic hatchlings are favored in the hobby, don’t underestimate the growth ability.  They get very long, heavy and require much more space and care than basic snakes like ball pythons and corn snakes.  Like everything in the reptile kingdom, treat it with love and respect and it will treat you the same. 

Like Max? Stop on in the Prehistoric Pets shop and take Max home!  He’s got a great social personality (as you can tell) and a healthy appetite.  Max will make a great addition to any home, but don’t forget his brothers and sisters who are also for sale! ;D  We’ve got Retics of all sizes and pattern morphs, check out our selection at!



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This will be our first Black Friday Sale and so far it's pretty secretive as to what this entails, but all I can say is... GET READY! Be sure to check back in the next week, we just might be leaking some deals.

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