NARBC Anaheim 2011!!

Greetings Reptilian fans of the WORLD!!

We hope most of you were able to stop by the North American Reptile Breeders Conference (NARBC) in Anaheim this past weekend…if not, here is what you missed!

First off, Prehistoric Pets, and the Swamp Brothers (from the Discovery Channel) stopped by KTLA's Good Day LA last Friday morning for an interview about the NARBC, and brought some critters along for the trip. Here is a peek:

Swamp Brothers And Creatures on GDLA:

The NARBC does reptile trade shows all over the U.S. and Prehistoric Pets attends the Anaheim Conference every year. This is our chance to showcase our animals, especially our VERY extensive and amazing collection of Reticulated Pythons. This year, we had our biggest display ever! We brought around 180 snakes, (90% of those being retics) and a few extra about 200 animals altogether! Of those 160-or-so retics, almost all of them were different morphs! It was quite a sight to see for any reptile-lover and newbie-herper alike.

We had an awesome set-up that allowed guests to get up-close and personal with the snake displays to see just how interesting the patterns and colors are. Atmosphere was present, with our large T-rex and other huge critters from the shop including 2 huge tortoises and Frank, our Disney Channel STAR monitor! People from all over the WORLD gathered to showcase, trade, sell, buy, and discuss everything reptile! It was great to see and converse with others in the reptile community, and several even visited the shop afterward!

There was also an auction, with proceeds going to USARK. The Swamp Brothers (Stephen & Robbie Keszey), as well as Ton Jones from Auction Hunters (A&E) made guest appearances and gave signed t-shirts (right off their backs!) to be auctioned off...which our very own Prehistoric Pets owner, Jay Brewer, purchased. Here's a pic of the somewhat "embarrassing" transfer! (lol)

Prehistoric Pets actually partnered the booth with another AWESOME foundation, Reptile Rescue Orange County (with our own Sam Makki). RROC is a non-profit public organization, taking in and caring for herps of all types, creating adoption opportunities, and educating the public on care and proper maintenance.

The video in this blog is the first of two...the other video of the show will be posted soon! It will include in-depth info and access of our displays and animals.

Thank you to all who helped put this show together, all the hard work...and thank you to all who stopped by to check us out! Come see us at Prehistoric Pets, and watch for the second video on Facebook!


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Sam X 2

Hey Guys!

I just want you guys to see the funny thing I got to see when Sam was trying to take his new Facebook default pic!  He got a double dose from one of our retics, Tim had to help him clean it all up!  I think Sam finally did get a good picture when it was all done!  I know I sure did!  Tim was laughing so hard.  It's such a great place to be here at The Reptile Zoo, you just really never know what will happen!  All so exciting!

much love



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Sam's Great Nano Deal

I'm going to start a once a week blog called "What's Sam's Deal?"  and this week it is the Nano....  It's made by Exo-Terra and it is a reptile habitat!  It looks like a teeny toy doll house, but a glass one.  It has a lock, the bottom is waterproof and it's perfect for little things!  The best part is it's small and can fit almost anywhere! 

If you have questions about any of our merchandise or you would like to see something in the shop that we don't already have, get in touch with Sam, you can call him here anytime because he is almost always here!

(714) 964-3525

We love to hear your voice!

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Fun with Fly river turtles!

Hey Guys!~

Me and Sam have been studying the fly river turtles we have here in the reptile zoo and they always look like they are having the most fun ever! They soar through their home like some sort of underwater pig nosed birds.  We love them!  Their little faces are the cutest things I've ever seen!!!!!  The other day Sam and I decided that their home needed a cleaning and we both went to work together on the project!  Step one, catching them!  Hahahahahhahaha, I volunteered of course because, well, I love to play in the water and catching things is on of my favorite things to do!  Sam said they were going to bite me but they didn't, the only things that bite me around here are the snakes and people!  I would like to say a big thank you to our assistant and to our photographer, they are pictured below! 


much love,


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Sometimes when I am sad I like to do a photo shoot to make myself happy!  So this morning that's what Sam and I did.  We both got to work early and we took lots and lots of pictures, hoping that it would elevate the mood.  It has rained for almost 9 days straight in Southern California and the sun finally came out to welcome us!    The snakes around here like to go outside too so, that's where we went!  Hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as Sam and I did taking them, or making them?  Which is it?

much love!


Borneo Bateater

My Borneo Bateater

Borneo Bateater

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