Baby Fever!

“D’AAWWE! Look at the ity bity baby waby lizards!!”  Yes, this is a VERY common response to the new For Sale stock of BABY Argentine Black and White Tegus and Savannah Monitors we now have in stock.  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we consistently get request for Savannahs and Tegus of all sorts.  Luckily for us, we managed to get in quite the impressive stock.  Which is best for you?  BOTH! Dur.  All joking aside, here are some simple and general facts about these friendly creatures and your possible future pet!


Starting on the smaller side of things (only by a bit) we have in stock baby Savannah Monitors.

These adorable lizards maximum size is rarely more than 3 feet in length, with the females being considerably smaller.  Although the Savannah is native to Africa, they make fairly easy reptiles to own here in the States despite the ever-changing weather and environmental issues.  When threatened, the Savannah protects itself through camouflage; they also prefer to flee or play dead when in danger, but if cornered, defends itself with tail lashes and if need be, a powerful, vise-like bite.  OUCH!  Think that’s the end of it? Far from! When threatened by a predator, the monitor occasionally rolls onto its back and clutches a hind leg in its mouth, creating a ring with its body and making itself harder for the animal to swallow whole while playing dead.  The Oscar for “Best at Playing Dead” goes tooo…..the SAVANNAH MONITOR!! YAY! 

To top it all off, the Savannah’s have pretty simple diets which include gut loaded insects like crickets, roaches, and earthworms along with appropriately sized rodents; Pinky mice, fuzzies, adult mice, and various sized rats. Consistent handling will make Savannah’s tamer but like all monitors, if they are not handled often savannah monitors can become aggressive.  As always, these and many other reptiles will make a great addition to any family!


Jumping up in size by a fraction is the ever so adored Argentine Black and White Tegu!  FINALLY in by popular demand, we’ve got a fresh batch of crazy cool Tegu babies for you to bring home. 

Maybe you’ve seen our infamous Tegu’s Little Red, Big Red and Rambo here at The Reptile Zoo?  Similar to the Savannah, Tegu adult males are much larger than the females and can reach 3 feet in length at maturity and continue to grow to lengths of 4-4.5 feet. The females are much smaller reaching up to 3 feet in total length, from nose to tail.  Now what makes the Tegu such an appealing lizard to consider owning?  Well, most novice and even professional reptile owners appreciate docile or at least somewhat obedient temperaments in their pets.  Luckily, the Argentine Tegus make good pets as they have a tendency to become attached to their owners and are generally docile as adults.  Tegus have even been said to actively seek human attention the way a cat or dog would.


 A well cared for animal will live for about 20 years in the wild, and possibly LONGER in captivity! *However, as with most reptiles, if not handled regularly they will show more aggressive signs since they are less comfortable with the handler.* 

Heard enough to know you’re ready to make the leap into your first totally cool, totally awesome, totally REPTILIOUS purchase adventure?!  Then you know where to go; right here at Prehistoric Pets!  Alongside our new baby Savannah Monitors and Black and White Tegus, we have a huge selection of snakes, lizards, amphibians and MORE so don’t forget to stop on by or visit our website at!




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Savannah Monitors =)

Good Afternoon Herpers! Today's Reptile of the Day is our very own Savannah Monitor from central Africa! This intelligent beauty can grow up to 5 feet in length, and because they have a tendency to gain lots of weight, their diet's mainly consist of beetles, millipedes, and other invertebrates. These sweet smart-tarts have a healthy 10 year life span when cared for properly by a loving home; and no need for excessive attention, they can entertain themselves, they are known for being quite the common escape artist! When confronted by a snake or other large predator, the monitor rolls onto it's back and grabs a hind leg in its mouth, forming a ring with its body and making itself harder for the animal to swallow whole! Pretty neat huh?! Here are some photos of the Zoo's Savannah Monitor as well as a Medium Savannah Monitor we have for SALE @ $49.99! ^O^...Priscilla TAKE ME HOME PWWEEEZZZEE!!!
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One Day Left

Everything is happening here at the Reptile Zoo. More animals for sale out front at Prehistoric Pets and lots of work being done to get ready for the opening of the Rattlesnake exhibit tomorrow. Everyone's really excited to show off the animals. Make sure to come on down and see some really cool animals.
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Amee's First Bite!

Here's a sad story with a happy ending.........

Amee is one of the best happiest, prettiest, cutest, awesomest employees here at The Reptile Zoo and she loooooooooooooooooooooves animals!  She is even in school studying them while working here!  She does the best Jurassic Parties, gets the greatest write ups and is just a pleasure to be around all the time!

Today Amy got bit.

And eveyone here was so sad!  We all get bit all the time, so no biggie but what kind of monster would ever bite cute little Amee??????

A Savannah monitor :(

Amee was cutting the Savannah monitor's nails at the front counter when out of no where the little guy (whose name is Bozo) locked on and wasn't letting go!  Vince grabbed the savannah to keep him from twisting and ripping her skin off and supported his body until he calmed down and then Jay came to the rescue with some warm water and poured it on the savannah and he released!

Amee is doing just fine, so don't you guys all worry and she even commented to all of us that it had to happen sometime and she thanked Jay for handling it all so professionally!

Here are a few pics from the attack!

We love you Amee!~ 

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!





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Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that we here at the Reptile Zoo love all animals!  Fluffies and Scalies, veggie eaters and meat eaters, cuddlers and constrictors, venoms and non!  Here are a few pics of some of the Fluffies we love!  And we hope you enjoy them too!!!!!

A great dane & a Savannah!

Lily is a frequent guest here!

A fuzzy spider!

A HAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Henchman

A Savannah & a puppy!

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Picture Pages

Hey guys! 

This morning I have a lil writer's block so I took a bunch of pics for ya!  I'm sure something exciting will happen soon enough... mean while, enjoy!

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A Reptile Lover's Living Room!

Hey Guys!

Thanks for the pics you are sending regarding the fan pic of the day!  This one took a whole blog!  We reptile lovers are way different from normal people in that we are, well, just a little bit cooler.... (that is only my opinion...disclaimer)  Anyways, thanks so much to Erin who has her entire living room/den/family room set up for her beautiful pets to live in!  If you have some great pics please send them to me at

maybe your reptile family will be the next big thing!!!!

much love and thanks again Erin!  Your set up is soooooooooooooooooooo cool!




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