Ring around the Rosy, Pocket full of MONEY!

It’s a warm sunny Friday and the shop seems a buzz with cheerful herps and herpers alike.  Beyond the hustle bustle of Tim tending to the Retics, Mike and Craig feeding snakes or Mandy’s loud and proud customer service, you can take a trip down the various isles of herps we carry alongside the crazy awesome deals on starter kits and complete set-ups!   We’ve got plenty of stock and deals for all your reptile needs; from accessories and equipment, to Herps and their feed, we’ve got a broad list of options.

One deal in particular that’s proving to be a more and more popular choice is the Rose Hair Tarantula and a complete set up!  That’s right, we have had such a positive response to all our previous deals and sales…. We decided to keep it rollin’!  Interested in owning your very own Arachnid?  Check out THIS deal…

Prehistoric Pets is offering an amazing deal on Rose Hair Tarantula with a complete set up kit.  This package includes the Tarantula and Exo-Terra Habitat Kit.  Sound like something’s missing?  Well, youre right.  YOU are missing!  Hee Hee, This Habitat Kit includes EVERYTHING you need to properly care for and set up your new Invertebrate.  The kit itself provides a small glass terrarium, all necessary décor, rock terrarium background, Compact hood lighting system WITH bulb, substrate, water dish, hide, thermometer, hygrometer and MORE!!!  Talk about money in your pocket!!  With this incredible deal, you save OVER $25 which leaves plenty of room for purchasing neat “extras” or even an informative publication on your new pet.

Don’t forget, Rose Hair Tarantulas make one of the best beginner T’s for any new Herper and a great addition to any experienced Herp collection. 

All of us here at Prehistoric Pets are eager to send you home with a cool new Herp to call your own and we are more than happy to answer your questions and find you the perfect Herp for your home.  So don’t be shy and feel free to stop in or call us for any information.



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Ordering One Molt To-Go


Imagine opening a cage and finding this beauty looking at you! At first I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at. I knew what I was supposed to be looking at... an Emperor Scorpion, one of the largest species from Africa, but was the scorpion eating a frog? Was it eating another scorpion? Was it breeding? No it couldn't be. 



All of these thoughts seemed plausible until I considered the most obvious answer... the scorpion was molting! What's molting? Molting is basically the arachnid version of shedding. Each time a scorpion gets larger it grows out of it's skin and produces a new larger version underneath.



It then slowly walks, crawls, wiggles and inches it's way out of the outer skin. This process can take from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the humidity and animal. HINT: If you have your own creepy crawly scorpion at home you can help this process by adding a little moisture to the surrounding bedding to help increase this humidity.



As it is coming out the scorpion will usually be discolored, sometimes even white. This is because the outer skeleton has not hardened, immedietly after molting the new skin is soft and susceptible to damage. HINT: If your scorpion is molting be sure not to handle or feed it during this time as it can cause injury. 



Once fully hardened, taking up to a day, the new exo-skeleton will become shiny and regain it's normal coloration. Once you see this change the molting process is complete and it will look like your scorpion has cloned itself! Don't worry the scorpion is not radioactive (we'll talk more about that later) or part of some crazy science experiment. 



The scorpion has just left behind it's molt which looks like a transparent clone of itself. The scorpion no longer needs this molt, it does not eat it, so it can now become your trophy or better yet great gag gift to suprise your friends with!

HINT: Both the old molt and new skin glow bright turquoise under a black light which is sure to raise the spooky factor for your arachiphobia friends!



As you can see the Emperor Scorpion can be a pretty exciting pet... just check out Priscilla's blog about everything you need called  I AM EMPEROR , but if you're not up to that you can enjoy an up-close and personal look at the scorpion along with some of his reptile friends at your next Jurassic Party!



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Hey there everybody!

I've come to the conclusion that everybody needs to own at least one tarantula. They don't make noise, they won't stink up a room, and they don't need a cage big enough that you have to ask yourself if you realllllly need a bed, or if a bean bag in the corner will suffice. (We've all been there, don't pretend you haven't). Here at Prehistoric Pets/ Jurassic Parties/ The Reptile Zoo, our holiday cheer and deal-giving days are in full swing. You can come into our store and leave with your very own Rose Hair Tarantula, and everything you need to care for it!

This means that for the incredibly awesome price of $99.99, you get the tarantula, the cage, bedding, a small heat pad, a hide, a water dish, and a book all about your taranutula and it's other fluffy, 8-legged friends. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everybody should pack up the family, drive out to the nearest desert and wrangle up some arachnids, but this particular kind makes an awesome pet.

Rose Hair Tarantulas (Grammastola Rosea) are probably the most popular pet tarantula in the industry. They get to be a decent size, but not so big that you have to lock up the family Chihuahua when you leave the room, they're super friendly and handleable (with adult supervision, of course!) and they live a pretty darn long time (females commonly live 15-20 years, possibly longer).


So if you love the creepy-crawlies as much as I do, or if you think Fluffy would be the perfect addition the family, come on in! She's right up on the front counter, waiting for a loving family to take her home.

Later Gator!

Mandysaurus Rex

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Creepy Crawly Critters! Ahhhhhh!


So, October is all about the scary.....the freaky.....the thrilling.....even the gross!  We have PLENTY of those things here at Prehistoric Pets.  Everything you need for a truly frightening month!

So everyone alreay knows...well, almost everyone...that we have SOME bugs. 

We love to bring Emperor Scorpions and Rose Hair Tarantulas out to the birthday parties and scare all the moms.  Haha. 

BUT!  We have much more than that!


We have a very nice collection of tarantulas....some of which are not so nice....but pretty!  (lol)

Pink-Toe Tarantula....


Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula.....


And of course, everyone's favorite...the Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula......


But wait....there's still more!

We not only have Emperor Scorpions, but their almost "twin" cousin, the Red Claw Scorpion....

(Check out the faint redness on the pincers....otherwise, I wouldn't know the difference!)


Oh, and did I almost forget to mention the ever-impressive Giant Red-Headed Centipede??



And last, but definitely not least....ewww......wow.......I can't even say it........just........here, look....

EWWWWW!   Ok, I'm better now.....Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches!  Ahhhhhhh!

My lovely assistant Mandy here actually uses them at some of her parties!  Brave......

We also have Dubia Roaches for your reptiles special tastes!


Also, don't forget about the regular feeders...Crickets, Super Worms, Meal Worms, Wax Worms, Goliath Worms, and Flightless Fruitflies!

We are CRAWLING with bugs!  (In the good way....)


So, whatever the need, be it something tasty for your pet, something to keep AS a pet, or even something to help you get over your fears (and scare your mom)....come visit us at Prehistoric Pets, and make your October complete!





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Prehistoric Pet of the Month!!


Good afternoon reptile lovers!  Time for Jurassic Fact of the Week, as well as, Prehistoric Pet of the Month!  A two for one!

This month....and it seems every month...more and more of our zoo guests and party patrons are loving one animal especially.  Or, should I say...invertebrate.  There is always a gasp and a "wow!"  or  "cool!"  when we bring out Hairy, our Rose-Hair Tarantula.  Most kids and even adults that we come across have never held a tarantula, not to mention been up close and personal with one.

Also known as the Chilean Rose Tarantula (due to its origin - Chile), Hairy is extremely tame and very cool to look at.  They get their name from the pinkish hairs on their cephalothorax...or their "head" as we tell the youngsters, as that is where their eyes are located.  In my opinion, the coolest thing about these guys is that they can regenerate a new leg through molting if one is lost.  Awesome!  Some get scared when they feel him walk on their bare skin.  Its just the little "hooks" on his feet to hang on to a surface (like Spiderman!) and they are actually called claws...but not harmful at all.

Here are a couple pics of Hairy, a true crowd-pleaser:


Come to The Reptile Zoo and see Hairy....he's a great way to get over your Arachnophobia!  Its liberating!!


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Jack and the Spider!

Here's another one of our awesome videos from The Reptile Zoo!  Come by sometime so you can star in your own!


Video Link


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A girly blog

A girly blog Ok, so if you guys haven’t guessed by now, I’m Savannah, and I am mostly the one who blogs here, mostly, not always…. I wanted to share with you guys the most awesome jewelry designer and the only one that I know of that is, well, one of us it seems! Betsy Johnson!!!!! She has consistently throughout her career been inspired by the same things we all love! Her collection for fall is chock full of snakes and alligators and such! I always want to share all the wonderful things I find with you guys, so here are a bunch of pics of her works! I know it’s a bit of a girly blog but for you guys out there, maybe you could get your girlfriend some super awesome reptile or arachnid jewelry that will make her day! Reptile lovers and the entire subculture that used to be is becoming more and more mainstream! Hopefully with that, we also become more line of sight and people start to learn and become a little more concerned with the rights and treatment of our beloved pets…. The world is changing, the minority is growing, and perhaps very soon we can restore our faith in humanity and return to a time WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE WORLD! (or at least their descendants) Much love! Xo……………………..Savannah




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Fashion Trending!

I really like high fashion and somethings just lend themselves to art and pop culture here at the Reptile Zoo!  If I could do an animal/people fashio show here I would in a sec!  So many beautiful animal and people colors come through the door here!  When they do I try to catch them and put them together!  I took these photos that are a bit non specific but I think they are so cool!  I hope you guys enjoy them as well!  So remember when you come to visit, show us your best style and maybe you can be a part of this as well!  Would love to see you all soon!




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the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

the Itsy Bitsy Spider....It’s the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend and outside California is not sunny or hot at all! It’s cool and breezy and a tad bit overcast. Where I am, inside this fluorescent, UVB bulbble (and yes, I meant to spell bulbble, like bulb and bubble together, its new word I just invented) of a Reptile Zoo it is bright and warm and toasty and I am absorbing vitamin D and processing calcium at an enormous rate! My bones and shell are growing strong and I am resisting MBD!!!! I am slowly but surely turning into something I was not before this time in my life. My skin is no longer sun-kissed like it was when I was in Florida but my brain is filling up with new things. Is it a fair trade-off? I’m not quite sure yet, I know I don’t want scales but lotion is a good solution for that I think. Reality is that no matter how much I think I know, I really don’t. Learn as you go, that’s what Lynda tells me, and Jay is good for giving helpful information too.

I can honestly say that when I came to work here, I had no idea how much was involved in building a Reptile Zoo and taking care of all the animals here. It’s funny the differences in all the employees favorites too. What I think is beautiful in this place might be the ugliest specimen of that particular breed of snake ever, but since I don’t know that, my vantage point is definitely different! I like things that have eyes that bug out, hahahahah, and I like the animal’s things that have bad attitudes. I say bad, but maybe I just mean temperamental. I held a brown Huntsman spider this morning (the boss man wouldn't let me hold the orange one!) and she didn’t bite me, the mangrove snakes have bitten me twice already but I still like them better, and I’m not quite sure why?

Any thoughts on the matter?

Much love!



I am turning into this!

see how nice! the orange one was waaaaay brighter!



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