New Indian Ornamental Tarantula..Or is it an illusion?

Here at The Reptile Zoo our beautiful Indian Ornamental Tarantula molted yesterday and left visitors wondering if there were actually 2 tarantulas in the exhibit.

Inidian Ornamental Tarantulas live in monsoon forests, where the climate alternates between very wet and very dry. Poecilotheria species should be regarded with caution, beacuse their bites are considered to be much more significant than those of other tarantulas. Their bites are not lethal, but some poeple may be allergic to their bite which can be a big problem.


Tarantulas have an exo-skeletal structure which means unlike humans, their bones are on the outside and amazingly, they must molt their exo-skeleton to allow them to grow. This process can happen as little as once per year but may happend more frequently when they are young. Once their molt is complete, it appears that their is 2 tarrantulas in the enclosure, so we have to be careful not to remove the real one, just the molt.


These tarantulas are nocturnal, arboreal, and quite ant-social, they like to keep to themsielves and only really come out for food. In the wild they will eat anything, including rodents and insects and even eat things that are the same size as themselves.


They are quite slender and in the wild they will stick to the bark of trees and the pattern helps them to blend in.


Here are some pictures of the new molt.


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Ring around the Rosy, Pocket full of MONEY!

It’s a warm sunny Friday and the shop seems a buzz with cheerful herps and herpers alike.  Beyond the hustle bustle of Tim tending to the Retics, Mike and Craig feeding snakes or Mandy’s loud and proud customer service, you can take a trip down the various isles of herps we carry alongside the crazy awesome deals on starter kits and complete set-ups!   We’ve got plenty of stock and deals for all your reptile needs; from accessories and equipment, to Herps and their feed, we’ve got a broad list of options.

One deal in particular that’s proving to be a more and more popular choice is the Rose Hair Tarantula and a complete set up!  That’s right, we have had such a positive response to all our previous deals and sales…. We decided to keep it rollin’!  Interested in owning your very own Arachnid?  Check out THIS deal…

Prehistoric Pets is offering an amazing deal on Rose Hair Tarantula with a complete set up kit.  This package includes the Tarantula and Exo-Terra Habitat Kit.  Sound like something’s missing?  Well, youre right.  YOU are missing!  Hee Hee, This Habitat Kit includes EVERYTHING you need to properly care for and set up your new Invertebrate.  The kit itself provides a small glass terrarium, all necessary décor, rock terrarium background, Compact hood lighting system WITH bulb, substrate, water dish, hide, thermometer, hygrometer and MORE!!!  Talk about money in your pocket!!  With this incredible deal, you save OVER $25 which leaves plenty of room for purchasing neat “extras” or even an informative publication on your new pet.

Don’t forget, Rose Hair Tarantulas make one of the best beginner T’s for any new Herper and a great addition to any experienced Herp collection. 

All of us here at Prehistoric Pets are eager to send you home with a cool new Herp to call your own and we are more than happy to answer your questions and find you the perfect Herp for your home.  So don’t be shy and feel free to stop in or call us for any information.



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South African Photo Safari

FINALLY Founder Jay Brewer and the Prehistoric Inc. team have returned from their travels to South Africa! While they were there they kept busy visiting much of South Africa including Kruger National Park, Prehistoric Pets distributor Arno Naude, as well as the 2012 SOS² Reptile Expo where they got to see the exciting and growing reptile community of South Africa. We decided to keep today's blog text light and photo heavy, because photos of animals this majestic can do the talking all on their own! Check back in the coming weeks for video and even more photos from their trip !



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This Weeks Deal: Chilean Rose Hair

Hey there Arachnid fans!  This week’s Super Deal is all about our fuzzy fluffy friends, the U.S. pet trade favorite Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula!  Yes, these are pretty basic tarantulas when scouting out your first breed, but that’s just what makes them so special!!

This tarantula has an assorted menu including grass hoppers, crickets, cockroaches and mealworms.  When tarantulas are kept as pets, the best food that can be provided for them are crickets that have been gut loaded on vegetables, this is the best source of hydrated nutrition for the tarantula.  Despite their easy diets, Rose Hairs are quite docile, low maintenance, and inexpensive to own and care for.  Does your Rosy look like it’s doing some kind of super cool kung-fu ninja moves in his tank?  Well as cool as THAT would be, it’s because they are usually skittish, running away from danger rather than acting defensively, but they may also raise their front legs and show their fangs in order to defend themselves.  But it doesn’t stop there!  They also have pinkish colored urticating hairs on their abdomen that they may kick off in their defense, if these hairs were to attach themselves to you, you would experience considerable discomfort for a few days.  Nothing too worrisome of course, but definitely not something to take lightly when first handling your tarantula.  

Already drooling for your first one?  Well you’re in luck!  As mentioned, this week’s deal is on our Rose Hair Tarantulas WITH a starter kit!!! O.O !!!  That’s right, save $$ and come check out the special offer we have for you, complete with Cage, substrate, water dish, hide, publication on your pet AND your TARANTULA of course!  Take advantage of this money saving deal before we are sold out!



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Royal Regalis

Here at Prehistoric Pets , we are infamous for our ornate morphs and breed selections throughout the reptile kingdom.  But what about our friends, the Arachnids?  Staffer and fellow “Arachnologist” Mike McConnell was able to snap a few, might I say, Prize shots of our different furry friends. (They let him, He’s one of THEM! O.o )  Today’s edition of The Reptile zoo Bits and Bites will be following the species Poecilotheria Regalis, a.k.a. Indian Ornamental.

Maybe your familiar with Camo, our Indian Ornamental in The Reptile Zoo .  Although Camo can blend in with his surroundings, don’t underestimate his beauty and intricacy!  This whole genus of arboreal tarantulas displays a sophisticated fractal-like pattern on the abdomen.  Their striking beauty is one to be appreciated and noted.   Just L@@K!!

Setting up camp in the holes of the tall trees in Southeastern India, they spend a great deal of their time making irregular funnel webs.  However, despite this thick cotton like funnel web they create, they use pure unadulterated tarantula AWESOMENESS to ‘manually’ catch AND paralyze their prey! O.O !  I sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of THAT pseudo ninja trick!

It is suggested that you be somewhat educated or experienced in the handling of different tarantulas before purchasing a Regalis as a pet.  Their speed and intense venom can be a bit overbearing for someone not as prepared for their feisty ‘tudes.  With a growth span of up to 7 inches, they make beautiful display spiders for any Arachnid keeper looking to add to their collection. 

Next time your visiting Prehistoric Pets, don't forget to stop in to The Reptile Zoo and say hello to Camo!!  I guarentee you WON'T be disappointed!  Until next time Herpers!





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One Day Left

Everything is happening here at the Reptile Zoo. More animals for sale out front at Prehistoric Pets and lots of work being done to get ready for the opening of the Rattlesnake exhibit tomorrow. Everyone's really excited to show off the animals. Make sure to come on down and see some really cool animals.
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Prehistoric Pet of the Month!!


Good afternoon reptile lovers!  Time for Jurassic Fact of the Week, as well as, Prehistoric Pet of the Month!  A two for one!

This month....and it seems every month...more and more of our zoo guests and party patrons are loving one animal especially.  Or, should I say...invertebrate.  There is always a gasp and a "wow!"  or  "cool!"  when we bring out Hairy, our Rose-Hair Tarantula.  Most kids and even adults that we come across have never held a tarantula, not to mention been up close and personal with one.

Also known as the Chilean Rose Tarantula (due to its origin - Chile), Hairy is extremely tame and very cool to look at.  They get their name from the pinkish hairs on their cephalothorax...or their "head" as we tell the youngsters, as that is where their eyes are located.  In my opinion, the coolest thing about these guys is that they can regenerate a new leg through molting if one is lost.  Awesome!  Some get scared when they feel him walk on their bare skin.  Its just the little "hooks" on his feet to hang on to a surface (like Spiderman!) and they are actually called claws...but not harmful at all.

Here are a couple pics of Hairy, a true crowd-pleaser:


Come to The Reptile Zoo and see Hairy....he's a great way to get over your Arachnophobia!  Its liberating!!


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Rats and Rattlesnakes....


Hey's about time that you meet Mike McConnell. 

Mike makes sure that our vast collection of snakes stays well-fed and healthy.  He also takes great care of the FOOD....our rats, that we breed in-store, making sure they have food and fresh water, and that the babies are doing well. 

He has a big interest in all inverts...especially Ornamental Tarantulas, which he breeds at his home.  On average he probably has around 30 tarantulas.  Mike also has great appreciation for venomous snakes, as well as local species of snakes.  His favorite "would probably have to be the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake".  It is enjoyment for him to work with or near venomous...except when a Sidewinder Rattlesnake decides to snag him in the finger (at a friend's home, not in-store)....he lost his left middle finger last January.

Other than being one finger down, Mike is a great employee...very knowledgable and hard-working.  So come in and say will probably learn some cool facts that you didn't know before!


(Shedding a Sand Boa)


(Showing....."the Incident")

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Educating Old Fashioned Fun with Jurassic Parties


Hey All Prehistoric and Jurassic fans Andrew here.

Today I hosted my first Educational Party for the Boys and Girls Club at Lawrence Elementary School. For our classroom parties I like to provide a fine balance between education, hands-on interaction, and pure old fashioned fun, creating an experience that educators and students alike will not forget. We had a great time learning about all the animals and every student seemed to have a lot of great questions and comments.  

At the end of the presentation all the kids lined up for a group picture with one of our 12 foot Burmese pythons and got to handle a few of our animals for pictures and some up close and personal interaction.One student in particular, Marco, was especially fascinated with tarantulas and was the very first volunteer to hold our Chilean Rose Haired tarantula named Fuzzy. He stood up in front of his class, and let Fuzzy crawl all over his head. Way to go Marco for being so brave!!

Overall the kids had a great time and all agreed to come visit us at The Reptile Zoo!!!


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Good evening fans!  Hey...if you have a fear of eight-legged creatures, then The Reptile Zoo is a great place to conquer it!  We have beautiful Rose-Hair Tarantulas, as well as impressive Emperor Scorpions, that are very well-tempered and make great pets.  Here are a few guests checking them out...while getting over their fears!

peace out........Thalia   :-*


Emperor Scorpion....


Great face....


Check out the shirt....


Very brave.....


Adorable  : )

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