Jack and the Spider!

Here's another one of our awesome videos from The Reptile Zoo!  Come by sometime so you can star in your own!


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Parties All Day!

The parties are awesome today!  We wish you were here!

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Sometimes because we are here everyday, day in and day out it is easy to forget exactly how awesome everything here is!  Meet Ira, today she came to visit us from the Ukraine, she is in the United States for a year working as a nanny (and on Sunday she will be a volunteer here!)  Ira doesnt have all the wonderful animals to play with where she is from and she was so fascinated and awestruck that we had to take more and more pictures!

People come here from all over the US and the world and it makes us so proud to be able to share the wonder we have here with other people!  If you haven't been by here in a while or if you are new in the neighborhood or maybe just vacationing in California, please make an effort to come visit us!  It will be worth the trip!

Thanks Ira!  You rock!  See you on Sunday!

much love!


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Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that we here at the Reptile Zoo love all animals!  Fluffies and Scalies, veggie eaters and meat eaters, cuddlers and constrictors, venoms and non!  Here are a few pics of some of the Fluffies we love!  And we hope you enjoy them too!!!!!

A great dane & a Savannah!

Lily is a frequent guest here!

A fuzzy spider!

A HAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Henchman

A Savannah & a puppy!

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