Baby Fever!

“D’AAWWE! Look at the ity bity baby waby lizards!!”  Yes, this is a VERY common response to the new For Sale stock of BABY Argentine Black and White Tegus and Savannah Monitors we now have in stock.  Here at Prehistoric Pets, we consistently get request for Savannahs and Tegus of all sorts.  Luckily for us, we managed to get in quite the impressive stock.  Which is best for you?  BOTH! Dur.  All joking aside, here are some simple and general facts about these friendly creatures and your possible future pet!


Starting on the smaller side of things (only by a bit) we have in stock baby Savannah Monitors.

These adorable lizards maximum size is rarely more than 3 feet in length, with the females being considerably smaller.  Although the Savannah is native to Africa, they make fairly easy reptiles to own here in the States despite the ever-changing weather and environmental issues.  When threatened, the Savannah protects itself through camouflage; they also prefer to flee or play dead when in danger, but if cornered, defends itself with tail lashes and if need be, a powerful, vise-like bite.  OUCH!  Think that’s the end of it? Far from! When threatened by a predator, the monitor occasionally rolls onto its back and clutches a hind leg in its mouth, creating a ring with its body and making itself harder for the animal to swallow whole while playing dead.  The Oscar for “Best at Playing Dead” goes tooo…..the SAVANNAH MONITOR!! YAY! 

To top it all off, the Savannah’s have pretty simple diets which include gut loaded insects like crickets, roaches, and earthworms along with appropriately sized rodents; Pinky mice, fuzzies, adult mice, and various sized rats. Consistent handling will make Savannah’s tamer but like all monitors, if they are not handled often savannah monitors can become aggressive.  As always, these and many other reptiles will make a great addition to any family!


Jumping up in size by a fraction is the ever so adored Argentine Black and White Tegu!  FINALLY in by popular demand, we’ve got a fresh batch of crazy cool Tegu babies for you to bring home. 

Maybe you’ve seen our infamous Tegu’s Little Red, Big Red and Rambo here at The Reptile Zoo?  Similar to the Savannah, Tegu adult males are much larger than the females and can reach 3 feet in length at maturity and continue to grow to lengths of 4-4.5 feet. The females are much smaller reaching up to 3 feet in total length, from nose to tail.  Now what makes the Tegu such an appealing lizard to consider owning?  Well, most novice and even professional reptile owners appreciate docile or at least somewhat obedient temperaments in their pets.  Luckily, the Argentine Tegus make good pets as they have a tendency to become attached to their owners and are generally docile as adults.  Tegus have even been said to actively seek human attention the way a cat or dog would.


 A well cared for animal will live for about 20 years in the wild, and possibly LONGER in captivity! *However, as with most reptiles, if not handled regularly they will show more aggressive signs since they are less comfortable with the handler.* 

Heard enough to know you’re ready to make the leap into your first totally cool, totally awesome, totally REPTILIOUS purchase adventure?!  Then you know where to go; right here at Prehistoric Pets!  Alongside our new baby Savannah Monitors and Black and White Tegus, we have a huge selection of snakes, lizards, amphibians and MORE so don’t forget to stop on by or visit our website at!




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Rise and Shine!


Rise and shine, wakey wakey everyone!  Why the wakeup call?  Well it seems to all of us here at Prehistoric Pets that everyone (including the reptiles) is having a tough time adjusting to the time change today.  With an hour leap forward, most of us dragged ourselves out of our warm beds with the moan and groan of a typical morn unwanted.  Walking into the shop, you’re sure to see majority of the snakes and lizards sleeping while the turtles and fish are already running amuck!

Rusty and Tristan are ready to start the day!

How are you adjusting to the time change?  Resolve to just hide your head beneath the blankets and avoid the coming of the sun for as long as possible? Or do you wake up with a full body stretch and a yawn, welcoming the new day coming?  Well whatever you do, you can bet on half the shop doing about the same thing, critter or not =P. 

We thought we would share some cute and cuddly photos of our reptile friends sleeping, avoiding the wake up chat of early guests and some eagerly waiting for the groups of families to come say hello!  You can count me in with the guys hiding from the sun hee hee ;P!

It's okay buddy, I'd be hiding from the daylight too ;D

I'd hide my head too if someone tried to steal an hour away from MY naptime!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and hopefully no one over slept for any important plans! =P




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Rambo's a stud!

If you follow our blog here at The Reptile Zoo, or if you've ever come in and talked to me about tegus, I'm sure you've seen or heard about Rambo. He is an Argentine Black Nose Tegu, and my favorite lizard in the store. Seeing as how he's just oh so pretty and is growing like a beast, we decided that in celebration of his rapidly approaching 3rd birthday it was time to breed him! Yay!!! This meant moving him into a HUUGE new cage, and bringing along a few Argentine females, Belle (far right)  and Darla (front and center).

If they do successfully breed (fingers crossed!) the incubation period can be anywhere from 45 to 60days, depending on the temperature of the incubator. The higher the temperature, the faster they hatch, and vice versa.

It'll be a couple of weeks before they're all settled down and used to living together, so let's all wish Rambo and his ladies some luck, and leave them to it!


Later Gator!

<3 Salamandy

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Rojo Poquito!

Argentina produces a very curious little creature called a Tegu. If you haven't seen, or even heard of these lizards, you are definitely missing out! They are WAY cool.

There are also different types, from different South American countries...but MY favorite by far is the Argentine RED Tegu. They are one of the most unique lizards I have ever seen...and ever the crowd pleaser. They are primarily carnivorous, and can grow over 4 feet long! But the most interesting thing about them is probably their enormous jowls. Their huge cheeks set them apart in the lizard kingdom, that's for sure.

They can be very tame, if handled frequently and properly. We have two Red Tegus in our Zoo...Big Red and Little Red...and they LOVE attention! We often bring them out to the handling area so guests can get the rare opportunity to pet and hold these CrAzY CrItTeRs! I snapped some pics this morning of some guests enjoying Little Red's company and how adorably SWEET he is...I even got in on the action...his cuteness is hard to resist!

Liam with Little Red, and little brother Aiden with Buddy the Ball Python

Jordan is Pretty in Pink with her new friend!

Luke being brave for Jack, who tried to work up the nerve to hold the Tegu :-D

Jack got a bit I decided to help him color a picture instead. We found a dino, similar to our monitor Frank, and made him look (a little), like him!

Thanks Jack! And thank you to all my fellow Tegu-lovers! See you again soon!!

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Hey guys!

This morning Kayla brought in her most gigantic Tegu!  Jax is his name and I don't think I have ever seen a bigger tegu in my life!  He is an argentine and I thought I would show him to you guys and show you what a baby one looks like too!  Thanks to Craig for being today's super model and getting into the blog!  He is usually dealing with all the venomous snakes here and such so I had to catch him early!   Here are the pics, hope you enjoy them!

Much love


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Spotlight on: Rambo

Meet Rambo! He is an Argentine Black and White Tegu, and my favorite animal in the store. Tegus tend to be fairly aggressive when they are young and haven't been socialized at all, and he was no exception.  When I started working with him, he was an angry little lizard with a nasty case of cage aggression. Now, not only is he a foot longer (and 3 times as wide) , he is a popular party animal and a favorite among the employees here. (At least that's what we tell him.) He can be seen on a regular basis here at Prehistoric Pets, usually either with me or his co-owner and my collegue, Nolan. He is a perfect example of what a little love (and a lot of rats, superworms, and bananas) can do for an animal. So next time you're in Fountain Valley, come and visit us at the Reptile Zoo. You just might get to meet the (in)famous Rambo. I hope you enjoy these amusing, if somewhat strange pictures of our employees (and a penguin) with the coolest tegu in the store.



Greg's tongue paid dearly for this shot...The camera just wasn't quick enough


Sam wasn't too sure at first, but Rambo's stellar pillow abilities quickly won him over


Rambo doesn't always like being the pillow....



Sometimes, there are no words...

No explanation needed



Rambo's tongue...the cause of so many funny pictures here at Prehistoric Pets

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