Munchkin Land!

No, we are not overrun with kids....they are in school. Duh.

Haha, I'm talking about tiny snakes! Well, tiny for a retic. There has been a bit of an upsurge lately in popularity of the Super Dwarf Reticulated Python...and we have some wicked awesome ones!! Jay, Tim, and Garrett have been working on some really awesome breeding projects, including some super dwarfs that will have you itching to get your hands on.

This featured YouTube vid is NEW, so make sure to subscribe! The three musketeers show us a BIG beautiful clutch from a Super Dwarf het Amel cross. She's actually Twinkie's sister! (Twinkie is an Amel)

So, from this SEVEN pound snake momma, we got a clutch so HUGE that it resembled that of a ball python! Sweet! Check back soon for details on the babies, and other super dwarf projects soon to come!

Here are some examples of the super dwarfs we currently have for sale: (

100% Super Dwarf - the smallest it gets for retics! ($400)

Super Dwarf Tigers (run about $600)

Super Dwarf Purple Albino het Snow! ($4500)

Remember, we have several multiples of most of these, breeding packages, and even MORE morphs online! So keep checking back for your perfect snake!

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How Many Enchis??

Let's throw another blog in guys don't mind right? :-D

We have been featuring several YouTube videos about pulling about one for opening a clutch?? In this video, Jay, Tim, and Garrett (well, mostly Garrett) cut a unique ball python clutch. A normal ball was bred to an "enchi" ball.

....a what???

The Enchi Ball Python is a genetic mutation discovered by Lars Brandell in 2002. They were named for the region of Africa in which they were discovered (Petros 2011). The Enchis have golden yellow sides and a greatly reduced pattern of dark pigmentation and faded saddles.

As you can tell from the video, it was very exciting for the guys to see mostly Enchis hatching out, because that means we can breed them later on for even cooler morphs! Check it out!

Also, check out to see the cool morphs we have for sale!!


Petros, Mark. "Enchi Ball Python". 2011.
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Featured YouTube Video!

This week, we are bringing you another new of a gorgeous momma snake! She is a BIG beautiful Tiger Titanium retic that was bred to a Platinum het Titanium. Jay, Tim, and Mike discuss the physical attributes of the eggs, and how you can tell a "slug" (infertile egg) from a good egg.

Each clutch is its own genetics lesson...with complicated ratios and possible outcomes. This clutch was predicted to produce not only Tiger Titaniums and the coveted Platinum Titaniums ("Silver Surfers"), but also Tiger Titanium Platinums. Hmmmmmm....

Tiger Titanium Example:

After removing all of the eggs, Jay shows his technique for checking the snake for more eggs. This is his way of palpating (examining by touch) the mother to ensure nothing was missed and she can be fed.

So, these eggs have hatched now, and I heard that we received "some of the nicest" Silver Surfers that our guys have seen. If you are interested in seeing the "baby pictures" and possibly purchasing one of your own, just check out our website: (or the PP tab at the top)

and email for more information. They are awesome!!

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Kerry King from Slayer

Hey guys!

Just wanted to keep you all up to date as to the goings on around here at The Reptile Zoo!  Kerry King from Slayer came to see Tim and Jay the other day, and we (Kayla & I) being Slayer fans were super excited!  Jay and Tim on the other hand have known him for years.  Kerry also brought a former Prehistoric Pets employee from way back in the day named Todd, Jay said that Todd helped Jay to assemble his retic collection, the one that is still being used today to breed some of the most beautiful and one of a kind snakes in the world.  Vince showed him a few of our baby sulfur monitors and they checked out a few other snakes and all in all it was a really exciting visit!

Thanks so much for coming by Kerry!  Hope we get to see you again real soon!  Bring us some of your carpet pythons so we can have a peek at them!

much love


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Retic Clutch Pulling Practice!

Hey guys!

Thanks to you all for trying to help me convice Jay to let me pull the next retic clutch!  I'm very excited about it!  Tim gave me a retic clutch pulling class today!  I think I'm ready, let's just hope the momma snake is????

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Breakfast with Snakes & Lunches with Lizards

You gotta be crazy to work in a place like this!  All of us here, from a variety of back grounds and places, coming together for the love of animals.  Perhaps we were all nerds before?  or maybe we have become that, who knows, but the cross section of people here never ceases to amaze me, the personalities are eccentric and diverse, making everyday more fun than the next.  a good friend of mine and old school gator wrestler from Florida once told me when I was a younger and trying to take over the reptile world that "I will never be as cool as the animals I work with" at the time I thought he was stupid, but in retrospect he was right, none of us are!

Because here's what we are without them........... 

much love


Juliette Brewer






a bunch of us



Emo Mandy

Tim Nishio


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Tim O'Reilly

Ok, so, we all know that Tim is Jay's right hand man, but he is also about the coolest human being in the whole entire world!  He is from Long Beach, CA and has lived here most of his life!  Tim is the guy here you go to with all your problems, personal or reptile related and he will always give you the best advice ever.  Tim breeds all the amazing retics, morphs, etc.... I could put 10 bazillion awesome pics of him up here, but I'm gonna put some funny ones instead!  I don't know what we would do around here without Tim!  He's the all time saver of everyone here, he keeps us all from killing each other,  he tells funny jokes late at night after we close and he loves Van Halen!!!!, Hot For Teacher is his favorite song!  Tim's the coolest fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!  We all love you so much Tim!  More than you know.... can't wait til lobster season starts...we are hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

much love!


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