It's not Wednesday it's TIM'S DAY! Duh.

**Stay Tuned, The Day is Young!**

It’s an exciting week here at Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo and we just can’t hold it in anymore!  First, we welcomed the arrival of our FIRST captive bred Leachianus Gecko in The Reptile Zoo!  Born from our two adult Leachies, Bubbles and Squishy, our little newborn has been quite the talk of the shop.  No bigger than a pinky finger, this lil’ leachie has the honor of sharing birthdays with our dear friend and colleague, Tim O, giving him his new name, Little Timmy!

Little Timmy's first photos <3

To send this exciting week into OVERDRIVE, might we inform you its TIM O’REILLY’S BIRTHDAY?!?  There’s not enough space in the cybernet world to begin to blog or post all the Thanks and kudos earned and deserved by our dear friend.  Most of you know Tim; others have only seen him transporting giant Retics from room to room or assisting Jay in a clutch pull video.   Either way, we are dedicating all our posts and blogs to this important asset of the Prehistoric Pets team.  Although deserving of much more, hopefully we can shed some light on the “Man in the Back”.

Starting with Prehistoric Pets in 2002, Tim was hired onboard and placed straight into breeding responsibilities.  Unlike most associates who went thru counter and register experience to floor then to office duties, Tim was immediately placed right where he worked best.  Even though he was given breeding duties, Tim still assisted the counter, sales floor, birthday parties, office duties and MORE.  Working side by side at the time with our main breeder Todd Dyer, Tim reinvented breeding Retics, Ball Pythons and Burmese Pythons.  Heck, back then that’s what it was all about.  But not for long; later Tim would assist in the evolution of Retic breeding, changing the focus from Burms and Balls to Reticulated Reticulated Reticulated. Now, Tim leads our Reticulated Python breeding as Breeding Manager.

Tim isn’t just appreciated and respected for his breeding knowledge, but for his incredible work ethic.  Working an average of 6 days since he STARTED and hardly letting illness keep him away from work, Tim has been a perfect example of a model associate and colleague.   Maybe you’ve seen Tim work our booth at The OC Fair?  He took over fair responsibilities for 3 summers until Juliette was able to run the crew and Tim could return to wrangling some of the most beautiful, big and even rare breeds of snake.  There have even been times when Tim has unselfishly given his time and worked 14 days straight to help out completion of random projects!  He really gives a new meaning to the phrase "Jack of all Trades".  =P

Despite what you may think, when Tim isn’t pulling clutches, measuring Retics, shedding and cleaning our animals, he actually enjoys spending his leisure time fishing!  Just today Tim stopped in, pulled his Birthday clutch and headed out to sea for some Lobster fishin!  All of us here at Prehistoric Pets wish Tim the happiest of Birthdays!  Drop your trap, kick up your feet and enjoy the crisp ocean breeze on YOUR more than deserved special day. 

Tim and Jay pull Tim's Birthday Clutch!


Happy Birthday Tim!



Video Link


.............We're not done with you yet!  While Tim was out Lobster fishing and Jay took over his duties, guess what we found?!  The Reptile Zoo's FIRST ever Jaguar Het Albino X Irian Jaya!  This all being made possible with the help of Tim himself and Michael Jim, and of course Jay pokinghis nose in.  We are really looking forward to see what the Carpet Het Jaguar Albino's come out like.  Tell us what you think...

Looks like a promising clutch! 

Not to mention we're seeing some of the coolest eggs and hatchlings come around!



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Black Friday....Prehistoric Style


Its that time of year herpers.....when eager shoppers, hopped up on Starbucks, wait in line to stampede for the sacred GREAT DEAL.

Well, we do it differently here at Prehistoric Pets...simply make an offer, and we might just cave.

If you go to you can learn EVERYTHING about how this works. We show you how to make an offer, all the rules involved, shipping terms, and even what animals are available!! 

This is something you will NOT want to miss out on. If you are a first-time herp-buyer, or if you have a reptile zoo of your own...HURRY! 

So, starting at 12am on Friday, November 25th...start calling in, or emailing in those CRAZY offers, it just might work! We make CrAzY deals people!! You have 24 hours....don't waste it!

Go to the website, look through the animals, find your dream pet, and make an offer within your budget!! WHAT?!?!?!? Hey, its Black Friday....

And there's nothing we can't handle....


Contact us at:

Call/Text 714.907.7312


Facebook Prehistoric Pets

Twitter @PrehistoricInc

Youtube PrehistoricPetsTV


We can't wait, and you shouldn't either! Get ready....its almost here!




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Spending time with the family!

Hey guys!

If you haven't been to The Reptile Zoo in a while you are definately missing out!  All the animals are up and active and playing around because it's summer time!  I was lucky enough to spend alot of time with some really smart kids over the past few weeks and I can't wait to see you all again soon!  The kids that come here on a regular basis always become part of our family!  We love it and we hope you guys do too!

We are open everyday from 11 am until 8 pm except on Sundays we close at 6.  We all look forward to seeing you soon and being able to share our knowledge, love and passion for all our amazing creatures!

much love


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Sam X 2

Hey Guys!

I just want you guys to see the funny thing I got to see when Sam was trying to take his new Facebook default pic!  He got a double dose from one of our retics, Tim had to help him clean it all up!  I think Sam finally did get a good picture when it was all done!  I know I sure did!  Tim was laughing so hard.  It's such a great place to be here at The Reptile Zoo, you just really never know what will happen!  All so exciting!

much love



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A weekend of Fun!

Here's hoping everyone had a really fun weekend with families and loved ones and friends and pets!  I wanted to share with you all the fun we had here as well!  If you didn't get to make it by we hope to see you soon!  If you were here, maybe you are in one of the pictures below?  or maybe you will be in one of the pictures next time you visit?????  Make sure when you come to the Reptile Zoo you stop by the photo booth and say hi to me (I'm Savannah) and I will try and get some cool pics of you too!

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170 pounds of Sunfire Tiger Het Albino!

(the contents of the blog are kinda gross, so, if you just ate or if you are eating you might wanna check back later)


Hey Guys!

Me & Tim got to play with a really big snake and we thought we would share the joy and happiness of that with all of you!  I juuuuuuuuuuuust missed getting the biggest pooped on story ever!  Thanks goodness I was able to worm my way out of her coils before she went potty, Tim didnt help either!  He just laughed and took pictures!


much love!


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Tim O'Reilly knows nothing about snakes??????


at least the kind of snakes that you use to unclog drains!  Tim was working so hard trying to clean out the pond, the filters, the bottom and the clogs in order to keep everything in tip top shape!  So Tim goes to a place where you can rent a "SNAKE" of all things and brings it back to the shop and breaks it!  Hahahahahahahahah.... Tim can breed the most amazing retics the world over, get and gigantic snake to eat and live even when it doesn't want to, but givev him a snake "tool"  and he's blowing it! 

In all seriousness, he got it back together without a scratch and the drains have never been cleaner!  Good JobTim!

That's why we love you........... that and you look like Sam Elliot!




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Dark Secrets of Prehistoric Pets!

So, as you all know, we at Prehistoric Pets are quite crazy as far as breeding Reticulated Pythons goes. We have taken the breeding process and nailed it down to a science. Well, just when you thought we couldn't get any crazier, our very own mad scientists themselves, Jay and Tim, have pushed the crazy to the limit! They were in here, late at night, snooping around for Mommy and Daddy Retics doing the deed!!!! Who does that?! I'll tell you who, guys who are passionate about what they do! Here is a little peek at what they found.....


Video Link


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Bow Chica Wow Wow!

Here are some shots of the stuff that goes on in the back rooms around here... bow chica bow wow...

April 2010, the first time crossing these morphs.

Here is our male albino super tiger sunfire locked up with our female supertiger sunfire het-albino. This breeding should produce the first SUPERNOVA! ! ! Which is an ALBINO SUPERTIGER SUPERSUNFIRE! By the way this is the name we made up... What do you guys think?


Tiger double het Albino Titanium looking pretty big after breeding our SunTiger double het Albino Titanium. nice ovulation, with possibilities of Albino Plutonium Sunfires... any name suggestions for another new morph?

Who's the daddy of this big lump? We hope it's this male- our Dwarf SunSelayer double het Genetic Stripe & Albino, or the Albino Genetic Stripe we had in there earlier. Either way, we are happy, since she's a Double het Genetic Stripe Albino, but we always like the possibility of new morphs... Albino SunStripe in this case.


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Creative Projects!

If you haven't been to The Reptile Zoo lately, again, you're totally missing out!  Yesterday we were full up with screaming laughing excited kids all day!!!!  Yeah, but if that's not to your taste, we are working on all kinds of other things that you might like better!  Since the very beginning Jay has worked hard to stay ahead of the curve and nothing has changed since then only there are waaaaaaay more animals that are waaaaaaay waaaaaay bigger and technology is helping every step of the way!  Here's today's pic of the day and also an awesome creative project that we worked on together!!!!  Hope you guys like it, it was super fun to make!!!!!

much love!


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