October Celebrations with Prehistoric Adventures


Fall is here and so are some of the best Pumpkin Patches around, packed to the brim with fun activities for all! A place for families, friends, or even a date night, this atmosphere is the bee's knees. 

For the first time ever we are bringing our mobile Reptile Zoo to the pumpkin patch to add to the spooky fun. You can find us and all of our reptile friends in both Fountain Valley and La Habra at Santa's Garden pumpkin patch.  

These pumpkin patches advertises huge, inflatable slides, bounce houses, fire engine train rides and more! You can slide down the Tiger's Mouth or swoosh down the Ship under an Octopus Attack. 

But this year's fashion is to have a live, 10 foot snake wrapped around your body, offering a big smile with you in a forever-memorable picture! 

As you can see, we have a pen set up for our African spurred tortoises, which you can feed for just three tickets! You can also see we have a full sized iguana, two monitor lizards, and a pancake tortoise. 

We also have a rock python, yellow footed tortoises, reticulated pythons and a two hundred and fifty pound reticulated python.

We have lots of other animals set up with an adorable pumpkin theme. 

Come see reptiles from around the globe, hold pythons, skinks, and even a scorpion (if you're feeling adventurous).  So come stop by our scenic and fantastic pumpkin patch and start your October with smiles, laughs, and memories. 

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Yo Dude, Check out my Truck!

Hey Guys!

It is a wonderful feeling when the kids that come here start to learn the animals by name and bring their toys to share!  Today Ross came to visit us with a brnad new toy truck that he wanted to share with Bumble Bee.  Bumble Bee is our most fun sulphur monitor, I have been training him for a bit now and I think he is getting a few voice commands.  I didn't know whether or not he might like to play with trucks but I think Ross' enthusiasm eventually won him over!  I got to take these awesome photos of the two of them playing together and it was so much fun to watch!  Next time I'm bringing the video camera for sure!  Until then, enjoy these pics......... they will make you smile!

Much love!


Wake Up Bumble Bee I brought you a present!

Dude, check out my new truck!

Hey.... wait!

Watch it, its the coolest truck ever!

OK, your turn!

Awesome Fun!

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Project Mammoth!

Hey Guys!

Soooooooooooooo, I know you all know that our main focus here is care taking and growing and breeding of animals but we make learning a really high priority too!  I work with the kids mostly here and I love them all so much!  It's so fun to see their eyes get big when they get to help clean and feed and play with and learn about the animals here.  Most of the kids come back again and again and again... so yesterday we did a little arts and crafts project call Project Mammoth!  Elli and Ross come by at least once a week to hang out at the Reptile Zoo, play with the animals and we always have the best time.  Today all 3 of decided to go up fromt and dig though all the fun toys we have for sale here and we found a mammoth building kit we liked and we all 3 went to work on it!  It too us about an hour because we accidently broke a few pieces and hed to tape and glue them back together, but all in all, I think we did an awesome job!

Check out the pics below and decide for yourself!  I'm going to try and do more arts and crafts as time goes by so stay tuned for more and more fun!

much love


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