Cinco De Mayo

Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  This colorful celebration comes to us from Mexico, so I thought today I would share with you all some of the beautiful animals that Mexico shares with us here at The Reptile Zoo.  From Emerald Swifts to Beaded Lizards, Mexico has given us some wonderful reptilian gifts and for that, we thank you!  So get a sombrero, and put that seista off until a little later today and enjoy the photos of these beautiful and exotic creatures!

much love


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Vince & Savannah Pull a clutch!

Hey Guys!

The early bird catches the worm and the early employee catches the clutch!

Sometimes the best time to be here is before anyone else is, then you get lucky!  Like his morning for example, Vince and I came in super early because sometimes we like to do extra work and take even better care of all the animals than we already do, and we got to pull a retic clutch!  It was my 1st retic clutch, but Vince is a seasoned professional and Tim was there too so I felt pretty safe.  Mama retics have a lot of spunk when it comes to pulling their eggs, soooooooooooooo Vince did most of the hard work.  All in all it was a beautiful morning and we walked away with about 25 bringht and shiny white and new eggs....

For all of you genetic people all that here is what makes what and whatever

a female genetic stripe + an albino tiger titanium = half a clutch of triple het albino titanium genetic stripes & the other half will be tiger triple het albino titanium genetic stripes

that's a crazy bunch of something

much love

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Jurassic Fact of the Week!

Time for another episode of JFW!

This week let's meet Vince...if you haven't already.  He is one of our party presenters, as well as monitor-breeder extraordinaire.  Instead of bringing a sweet, but small, savannah monitor to all of his parties...he goes for the large, and impressive, Frank, a 6-foot asian water monitor.  When he's not educating kids at parties, he's here at the Zoo feeding, taming, caring for, and breeding many of our monitors.  Vince has a real knack for breeding monitors, and a real love for them as intelligent, tenacious creatures.  Here's a pic of Vince with his buddy, Frank.

Awesome job Vince....we love you!!

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