The First Captive Bred Sulfur Monitor is sold!

I won't tell you how much this little guy cost, but if you are interested please feel free to email Garrett at for pricing and shipping information!  Today, fresh out of the egg we sold the first captive bred Sulfur monitor ever!  Mike was super stoked with his purchase and will be taking this little guy home next week, being that he is a very new little baby, we want to make sure that he is eating and growing and happily adjusting to his life outside the egg! 

Congrats Mike!

See you next week to take your new baby home! 

Here are a few pics I snapped of the happy new owner and Jay and Vincent!

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Hey Guys!

You know, the trouble with having a 16 foot super tiger reticulated python with no eyes is, you can't really see or predict where she is going or what she is going to do next.  Vincent and I found that out this morning first hand.  Ninja is one of everyone's favorite exhibits here at the Reptile Zoo, she is amazing in that she is gigantic regardless of her inability to see because, well, she was hatched right here but  she was born without eyes!  A snake without eyes is definitely something to behold, especially when she is over 16 feet long and soooooooo strong.  Vincent and I took on the task yesterday of cleaning Ninja's cage and she was overly delighted to stretch her legs so to speak.  After tearing through most of the Zoo this morning, we finally got the cage cleaned out and now the hard part, getting her back inside!  She was a bit resistant but after lots and lots of hard work and snake wrangling technique we learned from Jay we were finally able to get her back inside her enclosure without 1 bite, Vincent did get pooped on though!  Hope you enjoy these pictures and have as much fun laughing at them as we did trying to get her back home! 

Much love!




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Parties All Day!

The parties are awesome today!  We wish you were here!

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Breakfast with Snakes & Lunches with Lizards

You gotta be crazy to work in a place like this!  All of us here, from a variety of back grounds and places, coming together for the love of animals.  Perhaps we were all nerds before?  or maybe we have become that, who knows, but the cross section of people here never ceases to amaze me, the personalities are eccentric and diverse, making everyday more fun than the next.  a good friend of mine and old school gator wrestler from Florida once told me when I was a younger and trying to take over the reptile world that "I will never be as cool as the animals I work with" at the time I thought he was stupid, but in retrospect he was right, none of us are!

Because here's what we are without them........... 

much love


Juliette Brewer






a bunch of us



Emo Mandy

Tim Nishio


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The Bravery

Hey Guys!

It's a rainy Tuesday morning here in southern California but it is exciting inside the Reptile Zoo!~  Bubbles is, let's say, one of our more aggressive, biting and whipping tail type sulphur monitors.  He usually plays alone because he is happier that way aaaaaaaaaaand, so are we.  So today Bubbles had to be moved into a larger home because he is growing like a weed due to his voracious appetite, and who better to move the most aggressive monitor in the shop but the new guy, Vincent.  Greg went with him to supervise, hahahah, and it took a bit longer than it takes to move most monitors around here because Bubbles is a crazy monster but Vincent got the job done!  Good job Vincent!  We are happy to have you as a new part of our awesome team of reptile handlers!    Bubbles and all of us appreciate your contributions to the care and upkeep of the Reptile Zoo!

Here is the story in pictures!

much love!


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Beaded Beauty!

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh  look what i got!!!!  look what i got!!!! 

but for real he's not mine.... :(         but at least I get to play with him!

he belongs to our newest employee Vincent.... it's his beaded lizard, but he's the coolest thing ever!  Welcome Vincent!  We are happy to have you on our team, and from what I hear you have a really big black throat monitor too!  Can't wait to see him!!!!

everybody in bloggo land say a big hello and welcome to Vincent!

much love


Thanks for letting me play with your lizard!

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