Oh My Michelle!

 Prehistoric Pets has been a family owned business for many years and all the associate have also become like a family.  You have been introduced to old and new faces throughout the years.  Today we bring you newest newbie face, Michelle Rodruiguez!

Michelle has been interested in reptiles pretty much her entire life, but in the past 2 or 3 years she picked up the hobby seriously.  Now proud owners of SEVERAL reptiles, Michelle and her children have their own reptile zoo at home!  With 2 Ball Pythons "Vixen" and "Kazaz", a Crested Gecko "Lola", a Beardie "Firecracker" and a Tarantula named "Freak", Michelle is definitely experienced with all sorts of different reptile species.   She says some of her favorite reptiles are Ball Pythons and Dum's, which is also where she says her expertise, is based.  Michelle also shared with us her ABSOLUTE favorite reptile EVER, the Gaboon Vipers!  When asked what was it that made her so interested in THAT particular snake, she replied, "They're pattern is SO gorgeous and they have the highest venom yield of any venomous snake in the world!.... It's so intriguing to see such a beautiful and powerfully venomous snake."  Nice choice there Michelle =D.

Michelle plays "Mimic" with our baby Anaconda <3  "GGRRAAWWRRR"

Here at Prehistoric Pets, Michelle is one of the many bright faces you see caring for all our retail animals and assisting customers through the store.  “Being able to help and educate new and experienced herpers is one of my favorite things” she said when asked about what she enjoys most when working at Prehistoric Pets.   She specializes in ball pythons and Dum's and hopes to own more reptiles in the future.  On top of being a great new employee, Michelle keeps up spirits here at the shop.  Our official “Mother Hen” can smell a bad mood a mile away and crushes it with a joke and a hug X-D.  Welcome to the Family Michelle! 


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'Tis the Season!

Oh, Christmas. Everyone's favorite time of year. Don't you just LOVE to make a mug of cocoa, listen to christmas music, and decorate the tree??

Well, however you celebrate this time of year...its definitely ALL about love, generosity, and family. Here at Prehistoric Pets, we are getting into the spirit already by breaking out the decor! We love this time of year...Uncle Louie especially...and are excited to spruce the place up with some bows and garland!

This spectacular decorating job is due to our own Uncle Louie, a very dedicated member of our team.

Even some of your favorite animals are feeling "jolly".....

Fred the Frilled Dragon topping Frosty the Snowman:

Charlie the Crested Gecko, looking into Frosty's eye:

Zoey and Joey, the Ball Pythons...not knowing what to make of all this sparkly stuff:

Ghost, the Anery Cornsnake, wishing we had mouse-flavored candy canes:

There is so much more to go, so come by soon to take it all in, and feel the warm fuzzies of Christmas!

And speaking of Christmas...we are STILL taking Operation Christmas Child boxes!

So, if you are a procrastinator, have no fear...we will take your boxes until the end of the year!
Don't miss out, its a very good thing...to help Samaritan's Purse, and the joy that they bring!
Visit their site, if you are confused...they show you all the gifts from which you can choose!
Fill your box with school stuff and toys...and children around the world will be filled with JOY!

So, bring in your donation to Operation Christmas Child and Prehistoric Pets will take it to the Samaritan's Purse drop-off location...PLUS donate $1 for EVERY box given! Its a win-win...win!

Operation Christmas Child

How to Pack a Shoebox

If you do nothing else, please visit their site...its a great cause, and a beautiful foundation. Very interesting information, definitely worth a look:

Samaritan's Purse

Thanks everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Prehistoric Pets Inc!

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Featured YouTube Video!

This week, we have Jay and Mike with their special guest, our own crazy-smart little Siavash, pulling two really awesome clutches! Eggs get pulled all the time here at Prehistoric Pets, and its even more spectacular when we are able to film it...putting you right there in the room to witness every minute!

The first clutch is from some pretty fancy parents...a Sunfire het Genetic Stripe het Albino bred to a double het Albino Genetic Stripe! When first realizing that she laid, Jay was certainly hoping for some more Albino Genetic Stripe Sunfires, so we will let you know when they hatch for sure. After some careful separation of the eggs, the guys counted 29 eggs and one slug...great job momma retic! These will be placed in incubation for around 82-85 days. Check back for more info!

The second clutch was much smaller, being from ball pythons, but a very cool combo! A Cinnamon het Ghost was bred to a Pastel Ghost het Caramel...and I personally can't wait to see the results! 5 eggs were successfully pulled by Siavash, and are set to hatch in about 54-56 days...maybe a bit longer.

Here is the video, hope you enjoy...and there are more to come, being put up soon! Check in with Facebook at any of our pages! (Prehistoric Pets, The Reptile Zoo, Jurassic Parties)

Email us with any questions and interests in these babies or others at:




Great job guys! Keep it up!

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Looking for the right first pet?

You came to the right place!!

Hello Herpers! One thing we all share in common is our love for Herping or reptiles and amphibians in general, However, not ALL of us are 'Jurassic' Pet owners. Not YET anyways muahahahaHAHA!!

For starters, let's cover some snakes. Although there's a huge variety of them, only SOME snakes are a guaranteed "Mother Approved" for a beginner snake owner. Most commonly owned and known, Ball Pythons come in a few color variations (i.e. Pastels, Ghosts) and can be maintained easily at any age. Also too, there are Corn snakes which come in a variety of color morphs as well making both snakes quite the pet to shop for. =)

Looking for Lizards? Well we've got those too! Small, Medium and Large; these creatures are ones of varying personality and 'pizazz'! For the younger, more cautious beginner pet owner, there are Leopard Geckos. Small, docile and one of the easiest to maintain. Last but never least, we have everyone's favorite, the Bearded Dragon! Starting off as small as 5" long(but a fast grower!), these cute quirky little puppy-like lizards are sure to win your heart!

Made your decision yet? Or are you packed with questions and inquiries? Either way, stop in the store and check us out or visit our online store at prehistoricpets.com and you can email questions to info@prehistoricpets.com.


Good for younger first time pet owners. (Leopard Gecko)

Puppy-Like Lizard, grows fast but has the cutest and most docile nature! (Bearded Dragon)

Corn Snake GALORE!! Juvenile: Albinos! Regs! Snows!

Yearling Ball Python. For those cat-like personalities. ;P

And for any educators out there looking for a cool new addition to your class? Look no further! Baby Sulcata Tortoises!

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Featured YouTube Video

If you are avid Facebook users...which the majority of the planet now is...make sure to check out our pages:

The Reptile Zoo, Prehistoric Pets, Jurassic Parties

We are constantly updating them with new (and old) videos of anything and everything that goes on here at The Zoo. Lately we have had more old videos than new, but that is changing now that we have a better system going. We will have more new videos out to you now!!

So, in "celebration" of this new video excitement, we are featuring one on our blog every so often, just to give you a little more info on what's going on. Today, we are featuring a fun video titled "Jay teaches the kids in the zoo about Ball Python eggs". Pretty self-explanatory right?

Well, these were kids that come in to the zoo frequently and actually owned ball pythons of their own. The owner, Jay, gave them direct advice on how to pull their own clutch of eggs. This day was special because they got to see first-hand how a clutch is pulled, cut, and classified. At the end of the video, Jay even gives several important tips on proper technique and care.

The eggs shown in the video were an amazing and informative GENETICS lesson for the kids...showing how parents with genes such as "pastel" and "lemonblast" can not only produce more pastels and lemonblasts, but also normals and "pinstripes", among others. Jay also teaches the kids the difference between fertile and infertile eggs...to prevent the unnecessary incubation of infertiles.

With this new knowledge, the excited kids were able to leave, confident they could successfully pull their very own ball python clutch at home. Hope you like the video!

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Pic of the day Tie!

Hey there Herpers!

As usual, the Zoo is boomin' with guests from around the world visiting the creatures of others homelands.  Today was especially busy for our beautiful White-Sided Ratsnake which was recently added to our Zoo pet list.  Reaching over 5 feet long, this brilliant beauty was arm, neck AND eye candy for all who stopped by.  Here are the top shots from todays early bird visitors.



Shane bravely handles our White-Sided Ratsnake while his brother Nicholas gives Stickers a ride on his hat!

Michael wrangles one of our Ball Pythons as Mikey poses with his new found snake friend. :)


Thanks for visiting guys!  See you all soon!

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Summer time fun!

Summer is a time of smiles and fun with friends, reptile friends that is! ;)  Our star reptiles got a action packed day today with the flood of kids and teens coming in to spend some quality time.  With summer swimming around us, everyone is shedding they're "last season" skins and putting on a bold bright show for all our visitors!  We still patiently await the clearance for our Rattlesnake exhibit as well as the Snapping Turtle/Gator exhibits that are sure to come soon.  But as for now, our hyper active gang of slithery snakes, goofy lizards and fuzzy arachnids enjoy being the main attractions soaking up all the ooh's and awwe's of adoring on-lookers.


Jack and his sister Grace boldy overcome theyre fear of our lovely Ball Python, Babe.

BUNDLES OF CUTENESS Chloe with our Leopard Gecko Spotty and her sister Mackenzie with the infamous Stickers!

Frank the snake kicking back with his new buddy Jaime!

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Meet Ken!

Hey there Herpers!  Today we are introducing a new member of the Reptile Zoo family, Ken Ngo!  Coming to us straight from Westmnister, Ken adds a fresh fun vibe to the crew.  He is studying to get his AA at Goldenwest College and has a love for tortises.  Ken hasn't had much experience with reptiles but hopes to gain knowledge thru our professional and friendly staff.  Already getting into the swing of things, Ken has been a great asset to our Zoo, especially during such a busy day.  He handles the snakes and beardies with ease, a steady hand and a smile!  So come on down and visit us all here and say hello to Ken and our other new animal additions!




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Frank and Friends

Good Afternoon Bloggers!  It is a busy fun filled day for our animal friends today!  Frank is romping about the store as his friends get pulled out one by one for picture and play time.  It's not every day so many of our little (and BIG) friends get to come out and play.  I snapped a few shots of some of our visitors from 31 Bits Jewelry Co. having a blast with our 'reptilious' buddies!  Maybe youre in here too ;) Check it out!


Anna bravely masters the art of wrangling a beautiful Burmese Python.


Josh takes a turn...


Alli poses for a memorable pic with Charming right after a big smooch!


Danielle overcomes here fear of snakes!


Todd introduces his arm candy to some intrested guests.

and last but not least, and DEFINENTLY the CUTEST....

Nicholas and Lisa lay out beside Frank for a quick power nap!


It was a BLAST this morning, Thank You to everyone who came in to visit, and i look forward to seeing the rest you all very soon!!

^o^... Priscilla

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2 Weeks Later...

The beautiful array of reptiles and more that reside here at Prehistoric Pets would do more than drop jaws.  Already well into my second week here, and I have come across more color variations and markings on species of Python than any of the ones I have previously scouted and owned.  I was astonished to see all the varied species kept at Prehistoric Pets in general; however majority of my interest has been focused on the Ball Pythons and Crested Geckos.  When it comes to the Python, I’m not very well educated on a lot of the different aspects of their personality and habits.  I’m picking up bits and pieces of information and tips from our staff, and it still feels like I haven’t even scratched the surface!  On the other hand, there’s Stickers, the cute little “marshmallow” like Crested Gecko.  Soft and compact, I sit this little guy up on my shoulder and watch him stick himself to my skin as he licks away the dry from his eyelid-less eyeballs.   Being born here in So Cal, I never got to handle many animals outside of your usual cat and dog, or even an iguana on a good day.   Every day I walk into work eager to find out what new animal or fun fact I will learn that day, which animal will poo on me (Stickers was my first!) or what brave little boy or girl will walk the plank of fear and dive off into Prehistoric Pet awesomeness!  Come visit The Reptile Zoo soon, Stickers and I will be waiting. =)

^O^…… Priscilla


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