It's not Wednesday it's TIM'S DAY! Duh.

**Stay Tuned, The Day is Young!**

It’s an exciting week here at Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo and we just can’t hold it in anymore!  First, we welcomed the arrival of our FIRST captive bred Leachianus Gecko in The Reptile Zoo!  Born from our two adult Leachies, Bubbles and Squishy, our little newborn has been quite the talk of the shop.  No bigger than a pinky finger, this lil’ leachie has the honor of sharing birthdays with our dear friend and colleague, Tim O, giving him his new name, Little Timmy!

Little Timmy's first photos <3

To send this exciting week into OVERDRIVE, might we inform you its TIM O’REILLY’S BIRTHDAY?!?  There’s not enough space in the cybernet world to begin to blog or post all the Thanks and kudos earned and deserved by our dear friend.  Most of you know Tim; others have only seen him transporting giant Retics from room to room or assisting Jay in a clutch pull video.   Either way, we are dedicating all our posts and blogs to this important asset of the Prehistoric Pets team.  Although deserving of much more, hopefully we can shed some light on the “Man in the Back”.

Starting with Prehistoric Pets in 2002, Tim was hired onboard and placed straight into breeding responsibilities.  Unlike most associates who went thru counter and register experience to floor then to office duties, Tim was immediately placed right where he worked best.  Even though he was given breeding duties, Tim still assisted the counter, sales floor, birthday parties, office duties and MORE.  Working side by side at the time with our main breeder Todd Dyer, Tim reinvented breeding Retics, Ball Pythons and Burmese Pythons.  Heck, back then that’s what it was all about.  But not for long; later Tim would assist in the evolution of Retic breeding, changing the focus from Burms and Balls to Reticulated Reticulated Reticulated. Now, Tim leads our Reticulated Python breeding as Breeding Manager.

Tim isn’t just appreciated and respected for his breeding knowledge, but for his incredible work ethic.  Working an average of 6 days since he STARTED and hardly letting illness keep him away from work, Tim has been a perfect example of a model associate and colleague.   Maybe you’ve seen Tim work our booth at The OC Fair?  He took over fair responsibilities for 3 summers until Juliette was able to run the crew and Tim could return to wrangling some of the most beautiful, big and even rare breeds of snake.  There have even been times when Tim has unselfishly given his time and worked 14 days straight to help out completion of random projects!  He really gives a new meaning to the phrase "Jack of all Trades".  =P

Despite what you may think, when Tim isn’t pulling clutches, measuring Retics, shedding and cleaning our animals, he actually enjoys spending his leisure time fishing!  Just today Tim stopped in, pulled his Birthday clutch and headed out to sea for some Lobster fishin!  All of us here at Prehistoric Pets wish Tim the happiest of Birthdays!  Drop your trap, kick up your feet and enjoy the crisp ocean breeze on YOUR more than deserved special day. 

Tim and Jay pull Tim's Birthday Clutch!


Happy Birthday Tim!



Video Link


.............We're not done with you yet!  While Tim was out Lobster fishing and Jay took over his duties, guess what we found?!  The Reptile Zoo's FIRST ever Jaguar Het Albino X Irian Jaya!  This all being made possible with the help of Tim himself and Michael Jim, and of course Jay pokinghis nose in.  We are really looking forward to see what the Carpet Het Jaguar Albino's come out like.  Tell us what you think...

Looks like a promising clutch! 

Not to mention we're seeing some of the coolest eggs and hatchlings come around!



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It’s an insane day here at The Reptile Zoo, with over 200 guests already accounted for by 12pm, and that’s JUST the IN STORE parties!  From 10am, an hour before actual opening, to 6pm was stacked with party animals and reptiles too! ;P  With so many people to attend to already, not to mention the customers here for animals purchases, feed, and the zoo; EVERYONE is running around crazy!

Just L@@k at the flood of people attending JUST Nick’s party for Nyaa’s birthday!!

Between parties, the guests in our zoo as well as lingering party people were able to witness one of the FIRST LIVE monitor feeding in their new humble abode!  All that breeding they’ve been doing all week and all DAY sure have worked up a “Monitorus” appetite =P.  An even COOLER happening in the zoo today was a rare sighting indeed.  One of our monitors stayed suburged under water for over 20 minutes!  Just taking a little stroll I suppose, but pretty awesome to witness nonetheless!  VERY RARE sighting!  L@@K!

Later after Nick’s party, I had a blast with Mallory and her friends and family.  Everyone was more than willing to pet and even HOLD majority of all our friendly critters, especially the ARACHNIDS!  Loud and proud the party attendees were chucking out question after question; yelp of excitement and giggles of joy!  I was more than pumped to accommodate their needs and show them a REAL One of a kind experience!

It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Superman! Nope….it’s BETTER!  It’s everyone’s favorite, blast from the past, Mike McConnell!  Infamous for his courageous and daring antics during his presentations, he has a natural knack for nabbing everyone’s full attention and interest (No it’s not just because he has half a finger ;P).   Across the shop you could hear the excited “Ooh’s” and “aww’s” creeping out of the presentation room, with an occasional “AAAAHHHH!”. 

Right when the parties end and we think the madness is over, we look up a BEHOLD!  Waves of Reptile Zoo guests rushing in to check out the zoo and visit Twinkie and Frank!  Today surley was a day to PARTYYY!!  Book your party today and experience the FUN you've been hearing about!  It'S OuT oF CoNtRoL!!! <3


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JFW...its what we do


Many people forget about one of the cutest little critters that we bring to our parties.  They are a big hit in the handling area of our Zoo...several young guests have even named them.

So, for this Jurassic Fact of the Week, what small lizard is covered in spots???




I love them...don't you??  They are so sweet and gentle, and aren't their tails just awesome?  Leopard Geckos have a naturally FAT not only stores fat, but serves as a huge defense.  When a predator is near, that tail looks mighty tasty, so they usually bite there first.  The Leopard Gecko will POP it off, and run away to safety!  But thats not all.....they then grow a NEW one!  How cool is that?  I want to grow a tail......

Leopard Geckos always get an "Awwwwwwww" when they come out to be handled.  They are adorable, very tame, and usually have awesome colors.  They make wonderful pets too!  These guys are from the desert areas of Pakistan, so they DO need more heat than most geckos, but other than that, its VERY easy.  They eat crickets and worms with plenty of calcium on top, and their little tiny claws are so small that there is no worry of boo-boos!  We have plenty at our shop right now, so come check them out....Christmas is right around the corner!!!

Now isn't that a face you want to take home to Mom???



L8r Herpers!


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The Beautiful Tortise

TA DAA! Introducing the beautiful, docile Redfoot Tortise. She is friendly and is a vegetarian. Her spots seem to increase in beauty with age. (What is her secret?) When you come in, be sure and ask about this wonderful tortise---SO BEAUTIFUL!

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The Reptile Zoo Party

The most basic party we have here at Prehistoric Pets is the Reptile Zoo Birthday Party. One of the favorites, it is always an interesting and unforgettable experience.

We have two party rooms to choose from, and info about each can be found on our website (click JP tab at top). You get an hour presentation with 12-15 animals, an hour in the party room of your choice, and admission to the zoo for 30 guests for $250. Your presenter aids you in set-up and clean-up as well, and you can bring any food, drinks, coolers, and decor that you like.

Photography is definitely allowed, and encouraged! There are SO many photo opportunities, and video is allowed as well. Your kids will not want it to end! Fears are overcome, new critter friends are made, and a wealth of reptilian knowledge is gained.

Also, we LOVE to see the creative CAKES that all of our hosts come up with. Most are homemade!!

If you have any questions at all, give us a ring...and book your Jurassic Party today!!

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Happy Birthday Mike!!

It's was definitely a VERY happy birthday for Mike McConnell and everyone present here at The Reptile Zoo attending his Jurassic B-Day Bash! We even had a special guest, Yup, You guessed it, TWINKIE!!! That's right folks, our 22ft, 350lbs Albino Reticulated Python "Twinkie" finally came out for the very special birthday occasion! Mike has been loyally working with Prehistoric Pets for several years now, mostly working in back with all our crazy Retics and feeder animals. Always working with passion and love for his animals, Mike hustles and bustles throughout the store as the store "Mom" ;P making sure everyone is smiling and happy, as well as his snakes and feeders. All of us here at Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo Thank You very much Mike for your years of hard work, 'physical sacrifice' (lol), and good times! Hope you enjoyed Twinkie's visit and had a great Birthday!! ^O^...Priscilla.

C'Mon Mike! You can do it!

Twinkie takes advantage...


OH YEA!!! I almost forgot.... Guess who has a brand new Facebook Fan page?! TWINKIE!!! You got it, now you can be a official Twinkie 'fan', the biggest captive snake in the WORLD will now soon have the biggest fan base in the world, so add her NOW!!!

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Takes the cake!

Hey Guys!

The coolest things we have been seeing at all of the Jurassic Parties lately besides of course the amazing animals and smiling screaming happy kids, are the cakes!!!!!  I think we should do a cake contest actually, but until then, I want to give you guys a peek at some of the most amazing and creative cakes we have seen coming through here lately!  If you have a picture at home of your awesome Jurassic Party cake please email it to us!  We would love to have your party pics included!

Thanks so much!

Much love


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Summer Field Trip Feed Back!

We love to get your feedback here, good or bad because it is always helpful.  Here is an email from another satisfied customer that got to have an awesome Jurassic Party the other day!  Once a customer, always a customer!  If you haven’t had one yet go to and check it out, find what what would work best for you and let us help you have an amazing party!  We love it!!!!!  It really is our favorite thing to do!  Sharing a birthday with you is extra special!  Thanks so much!



“”We had a great time today at Prehistoric Pets. We have come in years past, as this is 1 of the kid's favorite Summer field trips. The staff loves it too !! Thanks so much for opening the store up for groups to come an visit. Savannah, who was our leader for our party, did an OUSTANDING job and you could tell she loves what she is doing. She had so much energy and kept the kids interested. She was definitely the best host that we have had at any of our trips. Thanks again to Savannah and all of the staff at Prehistoric Pets. Brando, the Asian Water Monitor was a favorite, as well as the small baby tortoises. We loved our visit and will be back.””



Head Teacher, Summer Camp

After-School Program


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