Jurassic Fact of the Week


Hey Party People....

So this week we are featuring Skim....the Milksnake, and his "mimic".  Skim and the other Milksnakes can be seen at all the parties because they are very tame, and very cool to look at!  The Milksnake normally has the color pattern of red, black, white...and it is commonly mistaken for the Coral Snake which is red, black, yellow.  While Coral snakes are venomous, Milksnakes are NOT and are perfectly suitable as party guests.   :-D

Many of you are probably familiar with the poem for these snakes:

"If red touches black...he's a friend of Jack.  If red touches yellow...he'll kill a fellow."

This is a VERY good example of why you should never, ever, ever...everevereverever...touch a snake in your backyard, or on a hike, or wherever.  The Western Coral Snake even has the SAME colors as a Milksnake...so you never know!  While not PRONE to striking or biting, Coral Snakes have the most potent venom of all North Amercian Snakes...so you don't want to risk it.


Here are a couple pics of Skim, our tame and non-venomous Milksnake:


And here is what the Coral Snakes look like:





Pretty similar huh?   So, if your not an expert, please be careful out there...


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Rats and Rattlesnakes....


Hey guys...it's about time that you meet Mike McConnell. 

Mike makes sure that our vast collection of snakes stays well-fed and healthy.  He also takes great care of the FOOD....our rats, that we breed in-store, making sure they have food and fresh water, and that the babies are doing well. 

He has a big interest in all inverts...especially Ornamental Tarantulas, which he breeds at his home.  On average he probably has around 30 tarantulas.  Mike also has great appreciation for venomous snakes, as well as local species of snakes.  His favorite "would probably have to be the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake".  It is enjoyment for him to work with or near venomous...except when a Sidewinder Rattlesnake decides to snag him in the finger (at a friend's home, not in-store)....he lost his left middle finger last January.

Other than being one finger down, Mike is a great employee...very knowledgable and hard-working.  So come in and say hi...you will probably learn some cool facts that you didn't know before!


(Shedding a Sand Boa)


(Showing....."the Incident")

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Fan Photo of the Week!

Hey Guys!

It's time again for the Fan Photo of the Week!  Thank you guys so much for sending in your awesome photos of you and your pets!  We don't really have any specific criteria for the contest, we just pick whatever we think is the best or funniest or brightest or coolest for that day!  You guys all send so many wonderful pictures and we look at each and every one of them!  I hope you enjoy today's winner, it wins on so many different levels!  Congrats to Vixey and Argo!  You guys are awesome!  And as always, the honorable mentions are below as well!  Thanks guys!

much love


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Twinkie Lost a Tooth!


Here is a cool shot you guys. 

Jay got up close and personal with one of Twinkie's teeth...outside of her mouth!  He even let one of our guests hold it for a picture so you can see how big it is.  So this lucky little girl held a tooth from the mouth of the biggest snake in the world!  Wickeddddd.....


Now......do we call the Fang Fairy?????

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Amee's First Bite!

Here's a sad story with a happy ending.........

Amee is one of the best happiest, prettiest, cutest, awesomest employees here at The Reptile Zoo and she loooooooooooooooooooooves animals!  She is even in school studying them while working here!  She does the best Jurassic Parties, gets the greatest write ups and is just a pleasure to be around all the time!

Today Amy got bit.

And eveyone here was so sad!  We all get bit all the time, so no biggie but what kind of monster would ever bite cute little Amee??????

A Savannah monitor :(

Amee was cutting the Savannah monitor's nails at the front counter when out of no where the little guy (whose name is Bozo) locked on and wasn't letting go!  Vince grabbed the savannah to keep him from twisting and ripping her skin off and supported his body until he calmed down and then Jay came to the rescue with some warm water and poured it on the savannah and he released!

Amee is doing just fine, so don't you guys all worry and she even commented to all of us that it had to happen sometime and she thanked Jay for handling it all so professionally!

Here are a few pics from the attack!

We love you Amee!~ 

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!





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This Morning's adventure!

Sooooooooooooooo, early this morning before the whole staff got here me & Armondo & Davide got to pull a really grumpy 20 foot + retic out of the ceiling!  That always starts the day with a big smile on my face, I suppose I could have let Juan do the hard work and help pull the snake down, but what fun would that be?  I let him take the pictures instead... I'm not sure if you can tell from the pics but the head of the snake was after Davide and the tail of the snake was after me, it kept wrapping around me trying to pull me up and everytime i tried to get out it would try to bite Davide!  This morning was the most fun morning ever!  I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time, we finally got the snake down and got him back home.... this is just another example of why the is the most fun job ever! 

Enjoy the pictures, I hope they make you smile as big as I was in the process of making them!

much love!


Good Morning Snake!


Good Morning Davide!


Looking Good!


I'm such a helper!


Everybody Push!


Push Harder!


This is how you ride a snake!


Now we have him where we want him!


Strike and miss!  Thanks Goodness Davide was quick with the hook!

No No No!  Don't go in there!


Watch out Davide!!!!!!




Good Team Work Guys!


All in a day's work, come see us soon guys!

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Greg got a Burm Bite!


It happens all the time on accident, but not usually when there is a camera around, so today is you lucky day guys!  A snake bite in action!Greg was trying to feed this guy today when she made the mistake of thinking Greg's hand was the dinner! 

Kudos to Greg for sitting there patiently while I took these photos! 

You are awesome! 

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The Fury of Mangrove Snakes!

Hey guys!

This morning has been a super awesome one!  I got to feed my new mangroves last night and set them all up this morning!  I even got a kiss or two from the biggest one of them.  Mangrove snakes are definately my favorite, but I will try with all my might not to overwhelm you all with pictures of them!  They are so gnarly and beautiful!  so, I'm going to promise today only, unless something amazing happens that I just can't resist later.  Not to be outdone, Greg took a big bite from a party burm this morning while he was trying to feed it!  I love it in the mornings when everyone get a bite or two!  It's so much fun!  It doesn't happen very often as we are all very skilled in the Art of Snake... if there is such a thing.  We practice, and practice and train and train so that we are quick witted and agile..... hahahahah...jk

We really all just love our jobs and try to do the best we can in everypart of it, from cleaning the cages,  feeding the lettuce and cricket eaters, to doing the fun stuff like feeding the big snakes and monitors.

What a glamorous job we have!!!!!!!

Here are the mangrove pics from this morning and I will have the bite pics of Greg and the burm in a few secs..........

much love,







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Love the art & the artist!

Sometimes I get super caught up in what I’m doing and forget about the repercussions, I try really hard to have a handle on it but it’s so easy to get excited and forget things.  You will like to have a for instance I am sure…


Like for instance, I was taking pictures of a false water cobra baby one time and he was super cute and I love him and so, camera in one hand, snake in the other I start taking pictures.  Sometimes baby snakes might not like a camera shoved in their face, like this little guy, and so he bit me.  Now, at this point it shouldn’t be a problem except that I found him even cuter as he was biting and I decided really needed a picture of him biting me.  So, click, click, click and then, blood starts running down my thumb and I decided I really really needed a picture of that so, I let him bite and bite and bite until I got an even better picture.  All the whil I completely forgot the snake was rear fanged and the little guy was working really, really hard at pumping my thumb full of his venom.  My hand immediately swelled up, as this artistic project lasted about 30 minutes aaaaaaaand, I was left with a Hulk Fist for about 3 days. (I took pics of the swelling at first, but then I got bored with that, so I stopped, the swelling however did not, it got way bigger than the pictures)

All that being said, again, this morning a big retic was striking at Davide while he was changing out his water and…. Well, you can probably guess where the story goes, I haaaaaaaad to get a picture, I haaaaaaaad to get a picture of it striking, and of course with my camera around my neck and being all zoomed in, I totally forgot that I was well within striking distance so when he lunged for me I dodged the bite, barely, but I jumped back so fast that I tripped over one of our gigantic sulcatas, fell over the wall in his pen and almost knocked myself out on the concrete and now ther is big gross lump on the back of my head……….. but I did get a couple shots before that happened and it’s only noon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a headache…………. L


Much love!



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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! It's Saturday! I'm so excited!

Hey guys!

I've missed you all so much and you dont even know it because you didn't know I was gone because we have a team of bloggers now, but I missed you the most.  Long story short, tonsilitus, panic attack, ER, IV, home.... 6 days later I am back here to absorb and consume the wonderful and somewhat overbearing at times smells with in The Reptile Zoo.  The first thing I wanted to see this morning was my retic Flower, the one that bit me and left his tooth in my thumb and blood all over the photobooth floor the last day I was here before I got sick, and he his healthier than ever and was hand-hunting this morning as I reached for him!!!!  But I made it out without a scratch this time!  Yipeeeeee!  I'm not sure exactly what else has been going on around here since I've been gone but everything seems a buzz with something..... I'm about to go, camera in hand on an adventure through the secrets rooms here and I will report back shortly!


Much love!


  ..............ps.... Flower looks waaaaaaay prettier not wrapped around my arm covered in blood!

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