Indigo is the new Black

You don't have to be a herper to love a beautiful snake. We have lots of them, but one of my favorites is the Eastern Indigo Snake.

This snake is SO black that it received its name from the dark purplish iridescent sheen given off when in bright light. Indigo Snakes also commonly have an orange-colored throat, cheeks, and chin....shown here.

They inhabit flatwoods, glades, cane fields, and sandy hills of the Southeast, especially Florida and Georgia. Their preference for habitat changes with seasons. In the winter months you can find them in areas of sandy soil, while in the summer months they change to shady, drained creek bottoms.

We currently have TWO Eastern Indigo Snakes in The Reptile Zoo....and for all you Princess Bride lovers, we named them Inigo and Montoya. muahahahaha.

They aren't the friendliest of all our slithery creatures, that's for sure. However, our Inigo & Montoya are fairly gentle...when they have full bellies.

Come see them anytime...they are just gorgeous. The brightest "blue-black" you will ever see, with a cute little "burnt" chin. :-D

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