Sometimes when I am sad I like to do a photo shoot to make myself happy!  So this morning that's what Sam and I did.  We both got to work early and we took lots and lots of pictures, hoping that it would elevate the mood.  It has rained for almost 9 days straight in Southern California and the sun finally came out to welcome us!    The snakes around here like to go outside too so, that's where we went!  Hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as Sam and I did taking them, or making them?  Which is it?

much love!


Borneo Bateater

My Borneo Bateater

Borneo Bateater

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Sunday's Fun!

Yesterday the Reptile Zoo was crawling thick with kiddies and mommies and babies and all sorts of awesome people!  We had a bunch of Jurassic Parties, a pile of Reptile Zoo guests and all kinds of other fun things going on!  Today is a rainy Monday here in Southern California, so why don't cha come spend you rainy day with me and all the super fun Reptiles we have here at the zoo?  Sound like a plan?  Ok, see ya soon then!

Much love!


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Why is a Borneo Bateater called a Borneo Bateater??????

The answer to this question in well beyond my area of expertise, so, like any good writer, I’m going to make one up.  Actually, I have a theory rather than just a made up story even though that is where my mind likes to lead me, all the time!!!!!  From listening to Jay and Tim talk all the time I have learned a lot around here, like, if you are the first person to create a new morph you get to name it, and the snakes around here have more names attached to them than a coffee drink a Starbucks!  Like Supersupercalifragilisticexpialidocioustigersunfire citronhetalbinocalifragilisticexpialidocious

Or whatever that new snake is.  Anyways, I don’t know where the name Borneo Bateater came from with regard to the Retic/Burm mix but since he is my favorite snake here and I let him roam around in the mornings before the crowds come, this morning I had the pleasure of seeing something super awesome!  I watched quietly (believe it or not) as this beautiful creature slithered up the side of a concrete wall to a standing height of about 10 feet with room to spare on the bottom end.  So I was thinking, maybe the reason he is called a bateater is because he can stand up tall inside deep dark caves to eat yummy bats?  Or maybe he could even catch them out of the sky????  Or maybe the guy that created the first one was a big time Bat-man fan?  Either way the pics are for sure worth sharing!  I hope you all enjoy them!


Much Love,




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