Spending time with the kids!

In this day and age and in this crazy world we live in there is never much time left over for anything!  Kudos to Tyler's Mom and Dad for bringing him in for some good quality time!  His area of intrest, Savannah Monitors!  We have a B-E-A-Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful Savannah Monitor in our petting zoo named Hot Tamales, and shed is always a crowd favorite!  I had the best time watching this kid's father interact with his son, sharing in to wonder and amazement of nature! 

So, if you can, if it's possible........... turn off the television, the ipod, the computer, and the video games, and come down to the Reptile Zoo and see some real live animals!  Touch them, hold them, maybe even feed them!  You will be glad you did! 

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Sometimes because we are here everyday, day in and day out it is easy to forget exactly how awesome everything here is!  Meet Ira, today she came to visit us from the Ukraine, she is in the United States for a year working as a nanny (and on Sunday she will be a volunteer here!)  Ira doesnt have all the wonderful animals to play with where she is from and she was so fascinated and awestruck that we had to take more and more pictures!

People come here from all over the US and the world and it makes us so proud to be able to share the wonder we have here with other people!  If you haven't been by here in a while or if you are new in the neighborhood or maybe just vacationing in California, please make an effort to come visit us!  It will be worth the trip!

Thanks Ira!  You rock!  See you on Sunday!

much love!


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Meet Mike Cable!

Mike Cable fixes everything!  And I do mean everything!  He was Jay’s very first employee a billion years ago in 1988 when the shop first opened and back then it was called Pet Country.  Mike has known Jay forever and has seen the shop go through transformation after transformation and has watch the animals get bigger and bigger!  Mike is responsible for our most current remodeling and facelift!  He constructed all the new beautiful enclosures, did all the concrete work, the staining, the cutting, the painting, the patching and he even built the alligator enclosure that we hope will be opening soon!  Mike Cable is one of our best and most favorite employees, always working on some amazing project and smiling all the while!  If you haven’t had the chance to meet Mike yet, make sure you come by soon!  Just walk in the front door and you will see his work first hand!

Thanks so much Mike for all you do and for keeping The Reptile Zoo all put together!


Much love


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Every day is a party!

This morning started with an  awesome party and I'm so happy I got to do it!  I love the parties here!  I love being able to shape and mold young minds and help open their eyes to the wonder of nature!  It's beauty, it's bites, it menu, and the whole big circle of everything live and beautiful!  My friend Rocky the tortoise got to come to the party and eat some yummy greens, and Brando the asian water monitor came and got to have a proper egg breakfast this morning!  And the kids fed the turtles and the catfish and the Pacu and everybody had the best breakfast ever!  I love coming to work and having fun!  This job is the best!  Check out Jurassicparties.com for fun at your house, or ours!


Much love!  xo..................Savannah

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X-Games, Super big snakes, & Super big airs!

The Reptile Zoo really is the most fun and awesome place to work ever! And since I'm from Florida, of course I always love it when my friends from Florida come for a visit. Steven Pinero is from Jacksonville, Florida, he's 13 years old and skates for Embassy Skateboards. Congrats to Steven for getting 4th in the vert at X-games and for coming to see us here for a Jurassic after Party! The whole place was booming with up and coming pro-skaters... watch for them at a park near you, or on Fuel TV, or on any X-games coverage! We had a super fun party!!!!!! Thanks to Steven Pinero Sr. & Jr, Priscilla Lee, Lee Leal, Embassy Skateboards, and of course Gage Boan for making the day another wonderful one! Much love to you all! Skate Fast! xo Savannah
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