Royal Regalis

Here at Prehistoric Pets , we are infamous for our ornate morphs and breed selections throughout the reptile kingdom.  But what about our friends, the Arachnids?  Staffer and fellow “Arachnologist” Mike McConnell was able to snap a few, might I say, Prize shots of our different furry friends. (They let him, He’s one of THEM! O.o )  Today’s edition of The Reptile zoo Bits and Bites will be following the species Poecilotheria Regalis, a.k.a. Indian Ornamental.

Maybe your familiar with Camo, our Indian Ornamental in The Reptile Zoo .  Although Camo can blend in with his surroundings, don’t underestimate his beauty and intricacy!  This whole genus of arboreal tarantulas displays a sophisticated fractal-like pattern on the abdomen.  Their striking beauty is one to be appreciated and noted.   Just L@@K!!

Setting up camp in the holes of the tall trees in Southeastern India, they spend a great deal of their time making irregular funnel webs.  However, despite this thick cotton like funnel web they create, they use pure unadulterated tarantula AWESOMENESS to ‘manually’ catch AND paralyze their prey! O.O !  I sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of THAT pseudo ninja trick!

It is suggested that you be somewhat educated or experienced in the handling of different tarantulas before purchasing a Regalis as a pet.  Their speed and intense venom can be a bit overbearing for someone not as prepared for their feisty ‘tudes.  With a growth span of up to 7 inches, they make beautiful display spiders for any Arachnid keeper looking to add to their collection. 

Next time your visiting Prehistoric Pets, don't forget to stop in to The Reptile Zoo and say hello to Camo!!  I guarentee you WON'T be disappointed!  Until next time Herpers!





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