Attack of the Giant Chameleon at The Reptile Zoo


This big guy is one of the largest species of chameleon and has recently joined us in The Reptile Zoo. His diet mainly consists of roaches with their legs removed and lives above the photobooth. He is a fully grown adult, and is waiting for you to visit him!



As commonly known, chameleons can change their colors based on their mood. When he isn’t feeling too great or is scared he can change himself to dull colors such as light and dark browns, and when happy he changes to brighter colors such as green, blue and yellow.


He loves climbing up vines and branches (or really anything he can find to climb on) and if you offer him food he’ll actually eat it straight out of your hand using his long sticky tongue to get it from you. 


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Sticky Tongued Pascal at The Reptile Zoo


When I opened Pascal's cage for a little cleaning today I knew exactly what was on his mind... FOOD!



 Pascal is a large and beautiful Meller's Chameleon who was donated to The Reptile Zoo from a great couple who had sucessfully kept him in captivity, which is rather difficult. Meller's are one of the largest species of chameleon and are native to Africa.



Since Pascal was so set on getting a snack I thought it would be a great opportunity to show his extreme snacking skills in action. Pascal is normally a pretty slow moving guy, but when there is food involved that all changes. First he locks his eyes on the prey, in this case a juicy King Meal Worm. 



Next he leans in towards the food, slowly opens his mouth....



... and BAM! Snack attack! Want to see just how lightning fast his sticky tounge can be? Check out this video from today's feeding!


Video Link


As you can tell from the picture below Pascal is pretty proud of his skills, just check out the smirk on his face! Next time you're in The Reptile Zoo make sure to visit Pascal, maybe he'll even show off for you.





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NOW SHOWING:: NEW Reptiles in the Zoo!!!

Welcome back Herpers of the world!! Here at The Reptile Zoo we strive to educate and help reptile lovers experience the many different varieties these special creatures offer. Whether your across the universe or down the street, we keep you guys informed and included in all the workings that is Prehistoric Pets/ The Reptile Zoo thru our Youtube video channels, Facebook page and our Official websites. But what about all the cool new stuff in the Zoo you may not have noticed?! Well WATCH OUT cause here theyyy coommee!!! =P

Starting off on the smaller end of the spectrum, we have here our NEW Crested Gecko, replacing our beloved "Stickers". Crested Geckos make fantastic first pets for just about any age. As long as you handle with care and sensitivity, this little critter will have you going "Ga Ga" over his marshmallow puff body and ity bitty tongue! Easy to clean, and even easier to feed, our little "Loki" looks forward to his new future in the Reptile Zoo! Come Check him out!

Next in line were greeted by the Spaz-tastic duo, our baby Blue Iguanas! The Blue Iguana is one of the longest-living species of lizard, with a record of longest living lizard at age 67!!! The Blue Iguana's toes are said to be efficient in digging and climbing trees, they also have excellent vision, which allows them to detect shapes and motions at long distances! Check out their cousins with different color variations too!

Up next, everyone's favorite Prima Donna pet, the Veiled Chameleon! They have a flattened body meant to mimic a leaf and feet designed for grasping limbs and branches. They have a tail that acts as a fifth appendage and helps in climbing. Their eyes work independently of one another allowing the chameleon to look in front of and behind itself at the same time!! They have a long sticky tongue that they use to capture their insect and are capable of lying still for very long periods of time waiting for an unsuspecting bug to wander by!

On the much bigger side of the spectrum, we bring to you a Albino LABYRINTH Burmese Python! These beautiful snakes show the pattern of the labyrinth Burmese and the color of the albino. They have become one of the most sought after morphs of this species even though it has only been around since 1993!!

Last but never least, we have the Madagascan Tree Boa! A male will coil its lower body around a tree limb, leaving the top half suspended to fight its adversary, but the species will spend more of its time on the ground than up in a tree, especially the larger adult snakes. The young snakes spend a significant portion of their day in trees and the snake does the majority of its hunting in an arboreal setting, searching for such prey as birds and bats.

Hopefully this little blog made your mouth water with anticipation for your next visit to the Reptile Zoo!! Go hunting to see of you can spot these 'featured creatures' in our Zoo, as well as any other NEW reptiles we may have in store for YOU!!

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Let's Play the NAME Game!

Our locals, and CA visitors get the awesome chance to see our crazy collection of creatures...but for those of you who can't make it out to our zoo, how can we interact with you??

By playing the name game of course!! In this blog we have THREE cool, but nameless reptiles. That is just sad, right? So give us a hand from whereever you are on the planet, and help us name them!

First up, we have the absolutely gorgeous, MALE, Meller's Chameleon. Just look at those bright colors! He needs a good name to go with his unique look.

Next, there is a very handsome, MALE, Australian Water Dragon. He runs really funny, but we love his personality.

Last, but deeeeeeefinitely not least, is our BIG, beautiful, MALE, Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. His buddy Lucifer, is the super-cool Albino Diamondback...but this guy needs a name too!

So, give it a good think...and send your reptile name ideas to:

We will pick the best ones, and the new name tags will be made, along with a tag: "named by..."
So, make sure to include your OWN name (and hometown) as well so everyone will know where these boys got their awesome names!

Let the game begin!!

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Visit your favorite reptile and take home a new friend!

Hey there Herpers! With summer here and everyone out of school and vacationing from work, the streets are busy with cars, bikes, scooters and traveling pedestrians. Can't seem to make time to come in the shop and take a look around for your next perspective pet? Not a problem! We have several avenues of communication and information online as well as in store. For immediate information and details on our current available reptiles, you can always check out and e-mail any questions at! How about all of you parents looking for something cool, new and exciting to do with your kids? Why not stop by the Reptile Zoo and enjoy a hands on experience with some of your kids favorite reptiles?! For just a small donation, you can hold geckos, snakes and more! Come on by the shop and give your new coming classmates a REAL summertime story to tell!


A beautiful Chameleon in our Reptile Zoo (Sorry, He's VIC "Very Important Chameleon" and cant be held!)

Leatherback Bearded Dragon

One of our Pastel Male Ball Pythons (Yup, he's for sale! $149.99!)

A Baby Red Iguana also from our Prehistoric Pet shop, take him home for just $89.99!!

P.S. Don't forget to add your favorite snake, TWINKIE, to your Fan page! Copy and paste the link in your browser to become a Facebook fan of TWINKIE, The worlds LARGEST snake!!/worldslargesttwinkie
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Babies are being hatched, big snakes are getting bigger and bigger... a ton of the teeniest chameleons are walking around like they have been on the planet for years! Hanging upside down, in what looks to be some sort of meditation stance! Just loving the fact that they are alive!!!! I wish sometimes that all of us humans could come out knowing as much as the reptiles do! From the egg the chameleons know when to change colors to blend and adapt and survive. So crazy! I wish I was a chameleon, I mean I think everyone is a little bit but I still havent gotten that blending thing down yet! I guess there's always tomorrow!!!!!!!

Much love!!!!!!!!!



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