Same old JFW.......but something NEW!!


Ok, Jurassic Fact of the Week time...the knowledge of champions, people.

So, I have said a little bit about becoming more teacher-friendly in our presentations.....well, we are going above and beyond!  I have the SoCal Public Schools Science Content Guidelines, and I personally have gone over each grade and created a list of necessary "add-ins" for the presenters to use in their talks.

If we book an educational presentation, I will email the teacher to find out what grade, and if there are any topics that need to be focused on.  That way, there are no worries as to the educational quality of the event that you book for your students. 

PLUS, I have been working on our own group of "worksheets" for each grade, that we can give to the teacher for after the presentation.  They are everything from coloring sheets of the reptiles we bring, all the way up to in depth anatomy of a certain animal.  We sometimes even do college or university we are getting prepared for everything from kindergarten on up!

We know children will take these home to their parents...its just another way of getting our name out there to make more of your events unforgettable!  We have SO many people come in and say they had NO idea about this we are going full steam with the effort to get the word out!  

We are Prehistoric Pets Inc.......hear us ROAR!

I am very excited about this...I love education...and to be able to say that we are fully in-line with your lesson plans is a great thing!  So, teachers of SoCal:  call, email, or stop by Prehistoric Pets today to book your JURASSIC PARTY!!  Its alllllways a hit with the kids!



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ATTENTION: SoCal Teachers!

Our presenters are now equipped with the Core Curriculum Guidelines for California Public Schools! We have K through 12 Content Standards from the California State Board of Education, and are incorporating them into our presentations...especially for Classroom and Assembly packages.

We now have the ability to determine what needs to be covered for each age group and grade, so that the information correlates to what the teachers require. Also, at booking, you can even enter extra information for what you would like to be focused on, and what group it will be for. We will do our very best to cater to whatever style and focus that you need.

We take great pride in our work and enjoy the educational aspect a great deal. It's an incredible experience for children to be able to touch, hold, and learn about reptiles in their OWN classrooms. They learn that these creatures can be friendly and beautiful in this type of setting, but we always stress the caution to take when not accompanied by a professional.

So, if you are an educator, looking for an awesome presentation for your "earth sciences month"....or even your "reptile week"....look no further!! Your students will learn a ton of cool facts, maybe get over some fears, and definitely be talking about this one for years to come.


(jurassic parties tab at top of page for more info)

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Educating Old Fashioned Fun with Jurassic Parties


Hey All Prehistoric and Jurassic fans Andrew here.

Today I hosted my first Educational Party for the Boys and Girls Club at Lawrence Elementary School. For our classroom parties I like to provide a fine balance between education, hands-on interaction, and pure old fashioned fun, creating an experience that educators and students alike will not forget. We had a great time learning about all the animals and every student seemed to have a lot of great questions and comments.  

At the end of the presentation all the kids lined up for a group picture with one of our 12 foot Burmese pythons and got to handle a few of our animals for pictures and some up close and personal interaction.One student in particular, Marco, was especially fascinated with tarantulas and was the very first volunteer to hold our Chilean Rose Haired tarantula named Fuzzy. He stood up in front of his class, and let Fuzzy crawl all over his head. Way to go Marco for being so brave!!

Overall the kids had a great time and all agreed to come visit us at The Reptile Zoo!!!


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