Best in Class 'Pearl'

Hey there Herpers!

It's hotter than beans outside now that summer is coming to a unwanted conclusion. However, no amount of summer sun is as hot as the new Burmese morph we have to show you! Thanks to Garrett and his high quality camera, we were able to snap a few shots of this beautiful new comer. Just barely produced THIS year, the Hypo Albino "Pearl" Burmese morph has some of the cutest babies, and owners have shared their interest in just what exactly an adult will come to look like.

Curious? SO ARE WE!!! Follow us on Facebook to keep updated on new photos and fun facts. ;) Let us know your feedback!


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A Tidalwave of Tortoises

If you are looking for a cool pet...outside the norm of cats and dogs...quieter than birds...slower than rabbits and hamsters...and not quiet as intimidating as a lizard or snake...

Look no further than a TORTOISE! These awesome reptiles make for an exotic, but quite easy, new pet. Great with kids, pretty low-maintenance (for a reptile), and totally vegetarian! You can't miss!

Here at Prehistoric Pets, we just received a couple new groups of Sulcatta hatchlings! They are the cutest little guys...barely bigger than a golfball when they first hatch. One group is still a bit too small to sell...but the other is ready to go, at $149.99 each. Sulcatta Tortoises (AKA African Spur-thigh) can grow to be 150 years old, and 200 pounds! They love leafy greens, carrots, squash, and WATERMELON (among other fruits and veggies....but NO citrus). As long as they get some calcium powder on their food, and daytime in the sun (or UVB) with plenty of heat, they are very happy pets.

Where's Waldo??

At about 10 years old, they are usually big enough to be long as they have a pen, and animals can't get to them (coyotes). But remember, they like to dig! Some folks even have little doghouse-type enclosures for the tortoises to crawl into (with heat) when they are cold or stressed...good idea. Kids love them, because they are different, but not scary. We have larger tortoises as well, ranging from the grapefruit-size juvenile ($249.99), all the way up to the 100-pounders (females $999.99). Prices vary.

However, since these guys DO grow to be pretty huge, you may want to try something that stays pretty small. We have two Russian Tortoises left...they are pretty popular as well because they usually grow no larger than a head of lettuce. So, if you are looking for something a bit smaller, come in for one (at $159.99) before they are gone!

Remember, you can always call or email us with your questions!

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Featured YouTube Video!

This week, we are bringing you another new of a gorgeous momma snake! She is a BIG beautiful Tiger Titanium retic that was bred to a Platinum het Titanium. Jay, Tim, and Mike discuss the physical attributes of the eggs, and how you can tell a "slug" (infertile egg) from a good egg.

Each clutch is its own genetics lesson...with complicated ratios and possible outcomes. This clutch was predicted to produce not only Tiger Titaniums and the coveted Platinum Titaniums ("Silver Surfers"), but also Tiger Titanium Platinums. Hmmmmmm....

Tiger Titanium Example:

After removing all of the eggs, Jay shows his technique for checking the snake for more eggs. This is his way of palpating (examining by touch) the mother to ensure nothing was missed and she can be fed.

So, these eggs have hatched now, and I heard that we received "some of the nicest" Silver Surfers that our guys have seen. If you are interested in seeing the "baby pictures" and possibly purchasing one of your own, just check out our website: (or the PP tab at the top)

and email for more information. They are awesome!!

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Featured YouTube Video

If you are avid Facebook users...which the majority of the planet now is...make sure to check out our pages:

The Reptile Zoo, Prehistoric Pets, Jurassic Parties

We are constantly updating them with new (and old) videos of anything and everything that goes on here at The Zoo. Lately we have had more old videos than new, but that is changing now that we have a better system going. We will have more new videos out to you now!!

So, in "celebration" of this new video excitement, we are featuring one on our blog every so often, just to give you a little more info on what's going on. Today, we are featuring a fun video titled "Jay teaches the kids in the zoo about Ball Python eggs". Pretty self-explanatory right?

Well, these were kids that come in to the zoo frequently and actually owned ball pythons of their own. The owner, Jay, gave them direct advice on how to pull their own clutch of eggs. This day was special because they got to see first-hand how a clutch is pulled, cut, and classified. At the end of the video, Jay even gives several important tips on proper technique and care.

The eggs shown in the video were an amazing and informative GENETICS lesson for the kids...showing how parents with genes such as "pastel" and "lemonblast" can not only produce more pastels and lemonblasts, but also normals and "pinstripes", among others. Jay also teaches the kids the difference between fertile and infertile prevent the unnecessary incubation of infertiles.

With this new knowledge, the excited kids were able to leave, confident they could successfully pull their very own ball python clutch at home. Hope you like the video!

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Two CRAZY clutches...


Good evening reptile fans....time for some awesome news!

I got to be up-close and personal for the pulling of two retic clutches that Jay is SUPER excited about.  It was very cool to witness first hand, not only how dangerous pulling clutches is (with the female striking at your every move), but also how delicate you must be.  Jay took great care to handle the group of eggs all at once and pull them apart very gently.  After counting, they were off to incubation.  Video was taken and will be up for now, enjoy the pics that I took.


The first clutch is from a Platinum and a Tiger Anthrax....



The second is from a Tiger Titanium and a Sunfire Genetic Stripe....


22 eggs in BOTH clutches....and we can't wait to see what is produced!  Check back in 3 months for an update!!!


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Surprise Clutch!!! Always a treat for our guests....


We came in to work this morning and found something we always LOVE to find...a surprise clutch of eggs!  A male Brindle het Albino Retic and a female Normal het Albino Retic decided to get together and surprise us with babies!  So we are very excited for the cool things that are sure to come from it.  Hopefully some of those cool Brindle genes will pull through!

A few of our guests were lucky enough to be visiting when Jay pulled the clutch.  They got front row seats for the "show" and even got to touch the eggs after they were pulled.  How cool!  Check out the awesome action....









Never a dull day down at The Reptile Zoo....

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Vince & Savannah Pull a clutch!

Hey Guys!

The early bird catches the worm and the early employee catches the clutch!

Sometimes the best time to be here is before anyone else is, then you get lucky!  Like his morning for example, Vince and I came in super early because sometimes we like to do extra work and take even better care of all the animals than we already do, and we got to pull a retic clutch!  It was my 1st retic clutch, but Vince is a seasoned professional and Tim was there too so I felt pretty safe.  Mama retics have a lot of spunk when it comes to pulling their eggs, soooooooooooooo Vince did most of the hard work.  All in all it was a beautiful morning and we walked away with about 25 bringht and shiny white and new eggs....

For all of you genetic people all that here is what makes what and whatever

a female genetic stripe + an albino tiger titanium = half a clutch of triple het albino titanium genetic stripes & the other half will be tiger triple het albino titanium genetic stripes

that's a crazy bunch of something

much love

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New Technology!

Hey guys!

We are currently doing renovations and are about to get rid of the very last 25 year old cage in the shop!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  Jay has done so much to turn this place around and make it into The Reptile Zoo!  New cages, lighting, heating, glass, everything around here is almost brand new... even the monitors are new!  We just got a whole bunch of them yesterday!  Pics to come!

Stand by!

Here are some new work photos!

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Jay's Favorite Retic!

Hey Guys,

Today Jay's favortie retic laid some eggs!  He even left church to come straight here and see!  He was so excited watching like a kid in a candy store!  Jay has pics of this retic from the time he was hatched all the way up until now!  Congrats Jay!

he's so excited and he just can't hide it


Here's Jay waving at her! :)

Here's Jay taking her picture!


True Love!




Much love,


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