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October may be over, but the excitement is just beginning!

Our newely finished alligator exhibit is up and running, with our 5-foot gator as well as an Alligator Snapping Turtle enjoying the abundant water.  We are still working on getting an even larger gator (fingers crossed) to inhabit the super cool enclosure, but until then, take part in our contest to name the one we have!  Come in to the zoo anytime and find the "naming table" by the photobooth/animal handling area.  There are bright green slips of paper, enter your alligator name idea, YOUR name, address, and email for a chance to win a 1-year pass to the Zoo!  Drop them in the blue bucket and at the end of December we will sort through them all, put the best ones on our Facebook page and let our fans decide!!  (So check back for that portion of the contest and get your friends to vote!)


Make sure to not only check out the gator and snapping turtles...but also the Softshell Turtles, Red-eared Sliders, and the Pacu (a South American freshwater fish related to the Piranha).  They used to be in the pond up front, but in this exhibit you really see how HUGE they are!


The Caiman Lizard enclosure turned out so awesome!  If you haven't seen the finished product come check it out!  They are so happy swimming around with the turtles and fish.  This particular enclosure again provides a GREAT view of one of the sneakier fish in the front pond...the Red-tail Catfish! (come and see if you can find him!)


Our new wing next door is being worked on everyday...I hear talk of a new presentation area, new zoo exhibits, and even a new incubation room with a window for guests!  How cool does that sound?!?!?!  I can't wait to see what happens....

Our Water Monitor Breeding Group is honeymooning in the gator exhibit for right now, and it seems to be working its magic...we will most likely have a few clutches on the way VERY soon!!

ALSO, this is a big month for us because of Black Friday!!  Yayyyyyy!  There are going to be some SWEET deals happening, and I will keep you informed...possibly another party as well??  We'll see.....


As for the Zoo itself, we are still the same AWESOME place to come hang out, look around, bring the kids, and PARTY!  Plus, we are getting new additions to the zoo or retail area almost every week, so there is always something new to see! 


See you soon herpers!!


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7 Clutches in 2 days!

Hey Guys, This is going to be by far the hardest and longest blog I've ever written. Ok, maybe not the longest but definately the most technical blog I've ever written!!!! So, yesterday we pulled 5 clutches and 2 Clutches today!!!!!!!!!!! I saw we, but I really mean Jay, Tim and Garrett! That is a record I think anywhere, in the whole entire world! Unless there is some multi-faced snake growing factory way out in the middle of nowhere that I've never heard of in the world! In any case, we have more eggs here than than a big ol' chicken coop! And we are ever grateful! Here are the clutches we pulled Yesterday!!!! So many words to name each it's like ordering a fancy coffee drink! Clutch 1 (Retics) tiger double het albino titanium + suntiger double het albino titanium = Possible Results = --Sunfire Titaniums --Suntiger Titaniums --Sunfire Plutoniums Clutch 2 (Ball Pythons) pastel + bumble bee Clutch 3 (Ball Pythons) Normal + Fire Clutch 4 (Ball Pythons) Normal + Fire Spider Clutch 5 (Ball Pythons) Normal + Ivory And here are the clutches we pulled today! Clutch 1 (Ball Pythons) Normal + Lesser Clutch 2 (Ball Pythons) Normal + Lesser

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